• Is it our classroom? • is Peter sitting at the window?

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task 1

  1. Exercise

• Is it our classroom?

• is Peter sitting at the window?
• are Students writing?
• Do we work at the laboratory?
• Does Ali receive a letter?
• Do Teachers have already marked the homework?
• Did we hear a lot of things by the radio?
• Did students of Albert Einstein used to solve difficult problems?

  1. ex

• What is there in our city?

• Where have they never been to?
• Which friends had translated two English books.
• What kind of journal did I ask you to bring me?
• When did the students go to the library?
• Who are doing well in Physics.
• In what for one of us must go?

  1. ex

1) Where was Albert Einstein born?
2) How physicist was he?
3) How many sons does he have?
4) Who In 1905made revolutionary discoveries in science?
5) What doesn’t My friend like ?
6) Whose problem will this diagram help to solve?
7) Where did he present his works to?.
8) What does Mr. Hall do at a technical college?

  1. ex

1) You need a pen. Perhaps Jane has got one. Ask her. Jane, you haven’t got a pen, have you?
2) Jack is just going out. You want him to get you some stamps. Ask him. Jack, you can get some stamps, can’t you?

3) You are looking for Ann. Perhaps Helen knows where she is. Ask her. Helen, you

_know where ann is, don’t you?

4) You need a bicycle pump. Perhaps Helen has got one. Ask her. Helen, you

_have pump, haven’t you?

5) You are looking for your keys. Perhaps Robin has seen them. Ask him. Robin, you

_saw my keys, didn’t you?

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