• Our approach to solve the social backlog is like the one we have for

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• Our  approach  to  solve  the  social  backlog  is  like  the  one  we  have  for

entrepreneurial  activity.  First,  identify  and  find  the  right  solutions.  Second,

contribute all the resources required to solve the problem. This approach is

different from the first one; that is, to provide resources and then see how

they are used.

• Modern  society  is  supported  in  the  wellbeing  of  others  and  thus  the  best

investment is to fight poverty.

• Many  of  the  social  problems  are  more  effectively  taken  care  of  when  the

foundations have the support of the companies’ infrastructure.

• Businessmen are temporary managers of wealth. Their function is to manage

it efficiently, create jobs and pay taxes; all of them have an impact on the

economy of its society.

• Use the expertise and entrepreneurial talent to solve society’s problems. We

are used to make important decisions, generate new ideas, solve problems

and take risks.

• Charity helps and attenuates poverty, but does not solve it.


“Poverty is fought with health,

 education and, above all, employment

 and more employment”.


carlos slim Helú




Early Childhood Development

2’330,593 beneficiaries.

Help Me Get There

292,964 bicycles given away.

See Well to Learn Better

127,750 glasses given away.

Digital Education and Culture

More than 3,500 TELMEX 

Casas, Classrooms and Digital Libraries.

118,556 computer equipment.

2’500,000 students, teachers and parents benefited.

Digital Scholarship

53,120 Scholarships granted.

TELMEX Foundation Scholarship

244,620 Scholarships granted.

Mexico 21


 Century Scholarship Holders Annual Encounters

More than 90,000 participating scholarship holders.

Académica. Digital Research and Innovation Community

171 agreements with Higher Education and Innovation Institutions and Companies.


Amanece (Maternal and Child Health Care)

26 networks of mother and child care in 12 states in the country.

2,564 specialized medical equipment in 359 clinics and hospitals.

716,549 medical services provided with equipment donated by TELMEX.

453,686 pregnant women and their newborn children beneficiaries.

1,606 professionals took Post Graduate Health Course.

Cirugía Extramuros (Surgery outside the hospital walls)

793,590 beneficiaries.

Kidney Health and Transplants

7,107 transplants.

Wheel Chairs

55,125 wheel chairs given away.

Best Buddies

6,553 participants.


4,000 persons trained in the 607 Centers.

300 Mutual Health re-engineering centers.

150,000 beneficiaries.

Palliative Care

353 beneficiary patients and relatives.

33 health professionals trained.

Casalud (Integrated First Health Care Contact)

28 health centers.

309,154 beneficiaries.

1,605 professionals took Post Graduate Health Course.

Healthy Household

17,391 beneficiaries.

Communication and Education in Health:  

Clikisalud Portal and Your Health Manuals

1’480,000 clicks on the portal.

30,535 sets of manuals delivered.

Mesoamerican Health 2015

USD $142’000,000 Investment.

Benefits close to 1’000,000 women in reproductive age and 646,149 children of less than 5 years old.

Carlos Slim Scholarships

8,217 Scholarship holders.

Carlos Slim Health Awards

10 awards.

Slim Initiative in Genomic Medicine

USD $65’000,000 Investment.

Network of 14 national institutions that allow multiplying the genomic research capacity.

2 world class scientific publications.

5 workshops, 1 symposium and 2 conferences with more than 1,500 participants.

15 trained national researchers.

Slim Initiative for the Development of Vaccines against Tropical Diseases

200 Scholarship holders in the Vaccinology Latin American Post Graduate Course designed and 

financed by the Carlos Slim Health Institute.

State of the Art Research for the development of vaccines against Leishmaniosis and Chagas disease.

Nutritious Candy

12’383,000 bags of 1 kg. of nutritious candy.



social JUsTice

Social Bonds

91,059 bonds given.

Re-Education Therapeutic Community

602 rehabilitated young offenders.


Soumaya Museum

More than 1’000,000 domestic and foreign visitors.

Carso History of Mexico Studies Center

80,000 books and more than 500,000 manuscript documents.

40 scholarships granted.

HUman develoPmenT

ASUME, A.C. (The Growth and Development for Mexico Association)

11,017 persons trained that have formed 14,795 multiplying groups.

509,753 persons who have taken the course in more than 609 institutions.

TELMEX Social Wellbeing

42,288 activities in 170 locations in the country.

9’064,722 beneficiaries.

TELMEX Volunteers Network

4,375 volunteers performed 373,213 labor hours nationwide.

aid in naTUral disasTers

28,758.59 tons of humanitarian aid.

5’055,042 litters of treated drinking water.

94 contingencies supported with drinking water treatment plants.

economic develoPmenT

Mexico City Historical Downtown area Foundation

More than 7’000,000 beneficiaries.

Alliance Carlos Slim Foundation and Grameen Trust

24,500 social micro-credits granted.

ProTecTion and conservaTion of THe environmenT

Alliance WWF - Carlos Slim Foundation

USD $100,000,000 in support for 6 regions of the country that include the 18 priority areas: Gulf of 

California, Chihuahua Desert, Biosphere Reserve for the Monarch Butterfly, Oaxaca, Chiapas and the 

Mesoamerican Reef.

Bicentennial Garden City Sports Center

600,000 m


 of surface.

Sports facilities for 10 disciplines, 1 stadium for 3,650 persons, 4 lagoons to capture 5’000,000 litters 

of water a year, green areas, children playground, parking lot and heliport.

Mexican Nature Collection

5 Volumes.

The Mexican Jaguar in the 21



6 national symposia and 1 international symposium.

sUPPorTed PUblic and PrivaTe insTiTUTions

1,691 institutions.

sUPPorT in laTin america and sisTer naTions

Clinton-Giustra-Slim Fund to support Haiti.

Clinton-Giustra-Slim Sustainable Growth Initiative.

Mesoamerican Health 2015.

Carlos Slim Scholarships.

Carlos Slim Health Awards.

Slim Initiative in Genomic Medicine.

Slim Initiative for the Development of Vaccines against Tropical Diseases.



sUPPorT To sPorTs

TELMEX Car Racing Team (Escudería TELMEX)

Sergio “Checo” Pérez, 1


 Mexican driver to reach F1 and 2


 driver to get 2 podiums in this category.

Guillermo Rojas, 1


 Latin American to conquer the tri-championship of the Grand Am.

Esteban Gutiérrez, 1


 GP3 champ and current GP2 driver.

4 triumphs in the 24 hours of Daytona.

The sub champion of the GP2.

2 championships in the F3 British National.

4 championships in Nascar México.

More than 220 triumphs in the most emblematic races in the world.

TELMEX Soccer Cup

In 2011 it obtained for the 5


 consecutive year the Guinness Record with the participation of 209,677 

players in 12,341 teams.


Supports 23 boxers.

Pensions to 22 Mexican former champions of the world.

TELMEX Najera League

169,222 players integrated in 14,101 teams.

Bicycle Tour Mexico TELMEX

632 cyclists and 79 teams of several countries in the world.

Taekwondo TELMEX Cup

3,036 participants in 2011.

Scholarships to Mexican Olympic Medal winners

Guillermo Pérez.

Rosario Espinoza.

Paola Espinosa.

Tatiana Ortiz.

From the Street to the Field with TELMEX

25,568 players integrated in 3,525 teams.

sUmmary of resUlTs

sUmmary of resUlTs

sUmmary of resUlTs

With social and high impact programs, focused on the most

vulnerable population,

carlos slim foUndaTion

has directly benefited more than



29.7 million


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