06 December 2011 : Ilyas Babayev, Ethnographer and Scholar, Visits Khazar

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06 December 2011 : Ilyas Babayev, Ethnographer and Scholar, 

Visits Khazar

Ilyas Babayev, Correspondent Member of ANAS, met with students majoring in history from the Khazar 

University School of Education. Ilyas Babayev has made more than 30 archeological excavations in Azerbaijan

and he has performed research in Azerbaijan?s ancient seals, coins, city culture, class society, problems in the na

tion?s foundation and international relations, and political history based on his numerous archeological discoveries an

d written sources. He is the author of more than 170 scholarly works, 8 books and 47 scientific articles that were 

published in foreign countries.

At the event, the cultural monuments discovered as a result of his archeological excavations in Gabala and 

Caucasian Albania were discussed. I. Babayev also answered students? questions. Then photos were taken. 

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