1 By suggesting that women have equal rights with men in every situation

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How to protect Woman rights

How to protect Woman rights

1)) By suggesting that women have equal rights with men in every situation:

A) Reminding women and men of their rights:

i. to be sounded in the waiting rooms

B) Teach children in schools from an early age that women and men have equal rights (as a lesson):

i.Teachers will be sent by XXXX organization

ii. Teachers salaries will be covered by the UN

2))By eliminating income inequality :

A) We propose to create an organization to eliminate income inequality

İ.This organization will send its representatives to work places and salaries will be applied according to the level of difficulty of employees

ii:The organization will be established by the ILO

3)) By punishing the violators of women's rights properly:

i. Increasing the number of objective representatives in the court

ii:increasing the punishment of the aggressors

iii: The judiciary of the Republic of Chile will take care of this

4))By creating more opportunities in the field of work

A) Establishing the criterion that half of the representatives in the parliament and public positions are women and half are men(To emphasize that neither is superior to each other)

İ: will be determined by a special list of employees
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