1 July, 2014 Mr John Smith

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123 Anywhere Place 
SW1 6DP 
1 July, 2014 
Mr John Smith 
XYZ Partnership 
10 Utopia Drive 
SW1 1AE 
Dear Mr Smith: 
My former colleague Joan Brown informed me that you are seeking to hire an office 
manager. I worked with Ms Brown at Acme and have 10 years of experience as an 
administrative assistant. I have long admired XYZ Partnership and would be 
honoured to work for your company. 
As you can see from my CV, I have performed many administrative duties in my 
previous positions at Acme and Ajax. At Ajax, I facilitated the company's transition 
from handwritten to digital records. That work paved the way for my move to Acme
where I assisted the director of innovation in tracking the development of new 
products. I helped introduce the company's workflow management system, which 
enabled Acme to cut the average development time of its software upgrades from 18 
weeks to 12 weeks. 
I would be pleased to speak with you to discuss the details of the office manager 
position. Thank you for your consideration of my application. 
Best regards, 
Jane Clark 

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