2017 usd(AT&L) David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award Please read the following information carefully before completing and submitting the nomination package

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2017 USD(AT&L) David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award
Please read the following information carefully before completing and submitting the nomination package.
Background: The David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award, sponsored by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (USD(AT&L)), recognizes Department of Defense (DoD) civilian and military teams who have, in their approach to program management, demonstrated innovation and technical excellence in the acquisition of products and services to achieve more cost effective acquisition outcomes for the Warfighter and the taxpayer.
Eligibility: All Component and DoD organizations, to include the Defense Agencies, are eligible to compete for the Packard Awards, with the exception of other (non-Agency) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD(AT&L)) staff organizations. Questions concerning eligibility should be directed to the award coordinator at 703-693-8342 or packard_sc.award@dau.mil. The award for 2017 will be granted for contributions made or completed within the 12-month period from July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017. Given that many developments result from an organization’s efforts and contributions cumulatively over a period of time, initiatives that began before the 12-month window may be reported, but the culmination of the work must be within the window that is specified above. Multiple teams may receive the award based on merit.
Evaluation Criteria: Nominations will be evaluated on the quality of specific actions taken by program or service acquisition teams, and on the exceptional nature of the problems overcome, or the outcomes produced by those actions. Successful applications will describe the acquisition initiatives undertaken, the tools and principles that were applied, and how these led to the exceptional outcomes. Use of innovative acquisition techniques, local adaptation, and tailoring of acquisition processes should be highlighted. The outcomes described should be quantified and verifiable. The application should describe lessons learned in the subject acquisition, and how these might be applied to other programs or service acquisition efforts.
Examples of elements that teams might highlight include any initiatives that:

    1. Achieved significant cost savings in any or all parts of the acquisition lifecycle;

    2. Reduced technical risks, streamlined requirements/enabled requirement trades with engineering design and cost, and/or provided best value options for the Government;

    3. Enabled greater productivity and innovation from industry through, for example (but not limited to), the effective use of contracting incentives, commercial contracting approaches, public-private partnership agreements and practices, cost-sharing arrangements, the leveraging of commercial best practices, prototyping, open systems architectures, and commercial technology insertion/research and development;

    4. Promoted more effective market competition in contracts, to include small business participation and global market outreach;

Note: the list above is not meant to be all inclusive, nor is it necessary to address them all. Rather, teams should describe in detail any initiative(s) that is/are applicable and clearly describe and substantiate what was done, as well as the quantifiable impacts that were produced. Teams should use the Challenge-Context-Action-Result model.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Each Military Department may nominate up to five teams, and other Components may nominate two teams each. Contractors are not permitted to be listed as members of the team. Nomination packages must be submitted through the appropriate Acquisition Executive and accompanied by an endorsement letter to the USD(AT&L).

All awards must be completed using the award application form herein and submitted, via e-mail in Microsoft Word, to the award coordinator at packard_sc.award@dau.mil.
Applications must include:

  1. The administrative information on the following page.

  2. A narrative describing the team’s accomplishment(s) not to exceed two pages.

  3. A citation award abstract summarizing your narrative not to exceed 300 words.

  4. A high resolution organizational logo (at least 2 inches by 2 inches at 300 dots per inch) in either JPG or TIFF format, attached with your e-mail submission.

  1. Applications must be submitted by August 1, 2017. Unless authorized in advance, late submissions cannot be considered due to schedule constraints.

  2. The award coordinator will acknowledge all applications received. If the point of contact has not received a confirmation e-mail within two business days after submission, please contact the award coordinator at 703-693-8342. Award applications will not be considered complete until you have received a confirmation e-mail.

  3. The USD(AT&L) will oversee the awards process and will appoint a chair for the Packard Award Board, which will be composed of up to 10 Senior Executive Service panel members within OUSD(AT&L). The Board Chair will be responsible for selecting the other panel members to review and evaluate the nominations. Once the Board has completed the review process, the Board Chair will present the recommendations to the USD(AT&L), who is the final approval authority.

  4. Presentation of the 2017 Packard Award to the winning team(s) will take place in the late 2017/early 2018 timeframe at a formal awards ceremony.

  5. All travel costs associated with an awards presentation will be borne by the nominating organization. The winning organizations will be notified several weeks in advance in order to facilitate travel reservations. Because of limited space at the awards ceremony, winning teams are typically limited to five representatives each.

  6. OUSD(AT&L) will ensure the winning organizations are announced in various communication media.

  7. Questions regarding the 2017 Packard Awards or the application process should be addressed to the award coordinator at 703-693-8342 or packard_sc.award@dau.mil. Additional information can be found on the awards website at www.dau.mil/acqawards.

Administrative Information

Award coordinator POC:




Organization, Group, or Team


Mailing Address:

Address (continued):

City: State: Zip:

Primary Organization Point of Contact (POC)





Alternate Organization POC





Current Number of Employees:

Your organization, group, or team’s mission statement:

Brief description of your organizational structure:

Chain of command to whom your organization, group, or team reports:

Names and position titles of individual(s) contributing to organization, group, or team:

Award Narrative

(Two pages maximum, 12-point Times New Roman, based on criteria described herein)

Award Citation Abstract

(Maximum 300 word summary that will be placed in the award program for the winning teams)


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