330 – group Safarov Faridun Personal letters

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330 – group Safarov Faridun personal letters

330 – group Safarov Faridun
Personal letters

Personal letters
A personal letter is a type of letter (or informal composition) that usually concerns personal matters (rather than professional concerns) and is sent from one individual to another. It's longer than a dashed-off note or invitation and is often handwritten and sent through the mail.
A personal letter takes longer to write than the few abrupt sentences you bang out without proofreading before you click on 'send'; it takes longer to read than the blink-and-delete blitz that helps you purge your inbox; and it digs deeper than the brief handwritten note that you drop in the mail," write authors Margaret Shepherd with Sharon Hogan, who are passionate about the diminishing art form in "The Art of the Personal Letter: A Guide to Connecting Through the Written Word."
They go on to explain: 
A letter deals with issues that deserve more than a minute of attention. It aims to strengthen a relationship, not just react to a situation. A letter isn't limited to a specific message like 'Can you come over?' or 'Thank you for the birthday check.' Rather, it can take both the writer and the reader on an excursion that sets off from a home base of mutual trust: 'I know you'll be interested in what I think' or 'I'd like to hear your ideas on this.' Whether it comes into your life onscreen or through the mail slot, the well-thought-out personal letter is irresistible to read aloud, mull over, respond to, read again, and save.

"Good letter writing feels much like a good conversation, and it has the same power to nourish a relationship."

History of Letter Writing ntil just a few decades ago, personal letters (alongside diaries and autobiographies) had been the common form of written personal communication since the 18th century. It really took off then because of mass-produced paper becoming widely available, a large rise in literacy rates, the advent of systematic message delivery, and the establishment of the postal system. However, the earliest letters date back to 500 BCE and the ancient Persians.

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