47. Rebellion Against the Russian Colonial Oppression in Northern Azerbaijan in the 1830s

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47.Rebellion Against the Russian Colonial Oppression in Northern Azerbaijan in the 1830s.

In the case of the system management the provinces of Azerbaijan commandant in Jar-Balakan communities still remained internal autonomy. But this was not coincide tsar colonial system in Caucasus. February in 1830 here had been deploying troops. Passes of mountain closed by snow therefore Nothern Caucasian rebels were not able to come to the help of the people. Packhevich informed people those provinces will be managed “Under new rules”. The temporary administration should manage its chief. The first chief of the department was appointed Bekhovich Cherkassi. The new rules were included İlisu sultanate also. On 3 March 1830 Russian troops entered the Jar. According to new rules were created a temporary department. Jar-Balakan internal autonomy had been put an end. The first rebellion against tsarist in Azerbaijan had happened in Jar-Balakan. One of the muridism leader’s Sheyk Shaban has spread the appeal to the population of the province. On 21 June the first battle happened around the Zagatala tower. The result of battle for the rebels were unsuccessful. The first half part of September in Dagestan one of the most influential leaders of muridism Gamzat bay entered the Jar. On 15 October at the decisive battle under the lead of Gamzat bay rebels had won and owned the Jar province. Russian troops had been defeted. But russians could take con-trol Sheykh Shaban and Gamzat bay. They took back his tro-ops. The forces of unity rebels disintegrated. At the same year in December in Balakan happened rebellion again. But nobody helped them. Russian troops again had prevented this rebellion. The main difference between other places in the province of Lankaran on the contrary it was the lack of available land. The main reason for this is extremely intolerant of colonial oppression in Lankaran – the commandant of province Major Ilyinski. His limits of corruption and brutality had exceeded. Men gathered in the Alar village could set up a contact with Mir Hasan khan. They had called him as a head to the rebellion in Lankaran. On 5 March 1831 Mir Hasan khan had reached 10 kilometers of Lankaran. The reason of khan’s men to increase confidence in victory the main part of Russian troops had been involved in war with daglı (Mauntainies) warriors. On 12 March had been attacked on Russian troops. But Lankaran organized gangs of militia volunteers helped the Russians. So, the first attack to the tower was overcome. On 22 April Russian troops attacked the last refuge of Amburan. In May Mir Hasan khan reduced numbers of rebels were forced run to Iran. The Lankaran rebellion also had resulted unsuccessful. Most part of people stood for the colonist’s side and protected them.Bays, naibs, clergies and other representatives of the ruling class for protecting of his property were betrayed. They entered into negotiations with officials. Mir Hasan khan could not used to his opportunities. In crucial moments had delayed. He gradually lost the trust of the people. The rebels could not be armed enough. For these reasons rebellion was failed. İn 30 years in Azerbaijan against the tsarist regime within the riots the strongest was a Guba rebellion. On the eve of rebel-lion the commandant of the province colonel Gimbut more than several times collected the tax. One of the reasons dissatisfaction of villagers in the province was the introduction of the obligation. The collection of taxes were given obligation to different men. Obligation has to collected more money from people. At the beginning of 1837 in Warsaw the pretext on the collection of horsemen Muslim regiment was uprising. Except for the reduction of obligations other requests had been fulfilled. In the months of August, September 1837 villagers of Yukharibash mahali kept in touch with Sheykh Shamil. On 20 August 1837 bays and kandkhudas applauded the letter of Sheikh Shamil. They decided to begin to the rebellion. Haji Muhammadi was elected the leader of rebellion. Yaraly appointed his assistant. The numbers of rebels were reaching 12 thousands. So far, none of the rebellions did not take part so many people. In order to prepare a plan of attack created a Military council. Rebels on the night of September from 4 to 5 attacked to Quba. Fighters were faced with a heavy artillery fire therefore they couldn’t rise up on the tower walls. On 10 September Russian troops attacked in opposite. The defeat has created distrust in rebels. Villages and bays got rid of Haji Muhammad. His former friend Gazikumukh Muhammad Mirza khan betrayed him. And he was delivered to the government with his son. By a court judgment 37 people were seriously punished. In 1838 with leadership of Yarely and government troops in Ajiakhur place has happened a battle. Rebels again were defeated. Yarely sweared will remain in loyal to Russia and paid tribute to the treasure. In spite of the defeat of Quba revolt its influence in 40s held a number of administrative, judicial and agrarian reforms. In 1838 Shaki started a rebellion against colonialism. During the khanate of the taxes and obligations there were no one in the province to kept as Shaki. In 1837 the son of Salim khan Mashadi Muhammad by the order of Haji khan came to Shaki. In summer 1838 he came to Dagestan and met Rutullu Agha bay. By his support he had collected 5 thausands men. 1838 end of the August rebels entered to the Shaki province. Agha bay by trusting the mood of people approached to the Shaki with Mashadi Muhammad troops. İn early of September to Shaki from other provinces additional Russian troops. On 3 September rebels left to Shaki. Rutullu agha bay to Dagestan, Mashadi Muhammad went to Iran. The Shaki rebellion was defeated.

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