A great plate in 3 steps Iya M. Domen Shana T. Nagaue Christy Pascua Stacey Snee

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A GREAT PLATE in 3 steps

  • Iya M. Domen

  • Shana T. Nagaue

  • Christy Pascua

  • Stacey Snee

  • Katie R. Thomas

  • FSHN 452 ‘Concepts in Nutrition Education’

  • Spring 2006

Project Development

  • Worked with American Diabetes Association (ADA) last semester

  • Learned about the plate method from Naomi Kanehiro

  • Determined target audience

  • Came up with several forums for nutrition education of families of people with diabetes (Type 2)

Project Development

  • Selected health fair at ADA’s Walk for Diabetes as forum

  • ADA also asked us to participate in Alert Day health fair at the State Capitol

  • Needed to come up with simple and fast explanation of the plate method

  • Created 3 easy steps to follow when making a “Great Plate”

Project Development

  • Evaluation tool developed

  • Walk for Diabetes – March 18, 2006

  • Refined evaluation tool

  • Alert Day – March 28, 2006

Walk for Diabetes

  • Fundraiser at Kapiolani Park

  • “Trial Run”

  • Mostly female, many ages, variety ethnicities

Alert Day

Alert Day

Lessons Learned

  • Know your stuff

    • Many questions Anticipate questions
  • Know your target audience

    • Setting/Location,
    • event promotion
    • Age, ethnicity, health status, etc.
    • Language, literacy
  • KISS

    • General message
    • Evaluation format
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel!

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