A level Chemistry b (Salters) Lesson Element Teachers' Instructions

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Student Worksheets: 19th Century Texts

Dual Identity/Appearance

Activity 1

a) Read the Jane Eyre extract and/or The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde extract.
Find the quotations that relate to the mental and physical states of Jane Eyre, Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll and write them in the table below.


Mental state

Physical state

Jane Eyre

Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll

Which quotations are examples of antithesis?

Why is it difficult to separate the descriptions of Mr Hyde’s mental and physical states?

b) Can you find the similes and metaphors in the Jane Eyre extract? Fill in the table below.



What does Jane compare herself and Rochester to?

What does Rochester compare Jane and himself to?

The figurative language Rochester uses is an example of an __ X __ __ __ __ __ D METAPHOR

c) Can you find the following literary devices in The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde extract?

Literary device






d) Now follow the hyperlinks in the extracts.

What themes do the images, the Jane Eyre extract and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde extract have in common?

Do any of the views expressed by Charlotte Brontë in the Jane Eyre extract agree with those expressed by Stevenson in The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde extract?
Remove the hyperlinks from the texts and add your own. Find images in film, on YouTube or in literature that relate to the themes in the extracts.

Activity 2

a) Read the article by Cesare Lombroso.
What do you think of the views expressed? Fill in the table below.

Your feelings about the views expressed



Old fashioned





These views appeared in print around the time that The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was published. Does this surprise you?

b) How does Lombroso persuade the reader that someone’s character is related to their physical appearance?

Method of persuasion


c) Look again at the extracts from Jane Eyre and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and highlight the phrases that are similar/different to Lombroso’s views.



Which text contains more ideas that are similar to Lombroso’s views?

Extension Activity

Add hyperlinks to the Cesare Lombroso extract, linking the words or phrases to images, excerpts from films or literature that you find on the internet.
The links can either contrast with or be similar to the themes in the extract.

Activity 3

Read the Guardian interview with Adam Pearson:


Answer the following questions.

In what ways do people judge him by his appearance?

How has this changed recently?

Do you think Adam Pearson’s arguments are persuasive? Why?

Can you think of examples in films and books where the villain has a deformity of some kind?

Writing Activity

Imagine that you are Charlotte Brontë and you have travelled through time to deliver a speech at The Oscars.
What would you have to say about the way villains are depicted with deformities in films? Would you be shocked at this, so long after you wrote Jane Eyre? Did you attempt to rubbish this notion in your novel?
You might like to:

use different modes of persuasion

support your opinions with facts

quote from the relevant parts of Jane Eyre

explain what you were trying to do when you wrote Jane Eyre.

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