A new look into maintenance management

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A new look into maintenance management

Project Note

Summer Student: Karlos Kazinakis

Supervisor: Ramon Folch

CERN 2013


The current report summarizes the 2-months work for the EN/STI/TCD Section. Its main subject is the maintenance management project. The structure consists of 4 points: building background on Reliability Centered Maintenance, exploring the CERN existing solutions and tools, figuring out what are the specific needs of TCD Section and applying this knowledge to a solid outcome, which is the development of TCD official website.

Project Note


Spending 2 months at CERN for a project concerning maintenance management of TCD Section was way too short. This activity required close collaboration with people within the TCD members and also from other EN Department Groups. Time was organized according to a roadmap which is outlined as follows:

1. Building theoretical background of Reliability Centrered Maintenance (RCM) by studying pertinent material

2. Exploring what is available at CERN conserving of existing frameworks, software tools, and databases and searching nearby Sections in order to find out their solutions to maintenance management problems

3. Investigating the exact requirements and constraints by performing interviews with TCD team and conducting a questionnaire survey.

4. Capitalizing all this potential, the creation of TCD official website was considered necessary which integrates not only maintenance management information but includes all major aspects of the Section.

1. RCM: Reliability Centrered Maintenance

Before starting a project it is of vital importance to study relevant bibliography. For this reason the book "Reliability Centered Maintenance" by Moubray J. M. (1997) was examined. Its value was to change the ordinary view of maintenance management and to suggest generic ways that the maintenance problems can be addressed. Another critical subject that arose within RCM was the risk analysis. Thus the book “Fundamentals of Risk Management” by Haupkin P. was reviewed. Last but not least a lot of contemporary practical information about maintenance management came from a variety of electronic sources, such as corporations’ maintenance brochures and web journals.

2. CERN existing solutions

To become specific the existing solutions at CERN were discovered. In fact it was found out there is a whole framework dedicated to maintenance issues at CERN: the Modular Maintenance Management Framework (3MF). We immediately began communicating with 3MF by organizing several meetings on which our probable cooperation was considered. InforEAM, a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), was found to be the software tool that CERN has already purchased. Along with another Section member, we were trained by 3MF experts to use this tool to a certain level. Unfortunately though, 3MF and InforEAM are not yet ready to serve the needs of TCD Section. This was also confirmed by ECE, a nearby Section, which uses its own database driven website for maintenance management purposes. A last discovery was a past student project sharepoint database which regards TCD equipment management but it was never filled with any maintenance information.

3. In quest of our needs

Understanding the needs was not an easy task. It took more than a week to perform the preliminary interviews with Section members and to analyse the results. Afterwards, a survey was conducted by submitting the Maintenance Fitness Questionnaire. Both the survey and the interviews were built in such a way to facilitate the communication between TCD and 3MF. The survey was made in order to assess where the Section currently is and the interviews what it requires in the future. For more details one can refer to the project presentation (EDMS: 1309207). The final result reveals that the current state of maintenance management project is on average 22% of its power and needs to rise to 73%.

4. Outcome: https://en-sti-tcd.web.cern.ch/en-sti-tcd/

Taking all these facts into consideration the development of a TCD official website was recognised as a necessary mean to satisfy Section’s requirements. Therefore its contribution was to create a place where reliable information is quickly accessible by everyone. This project offered something more than organizing maintenance. It provided the tools and the guidelines to all of TCD activities. It is fully functional website in terms of structure (html), styles (css) and applications (js). As long as the team believes that there is value in that effort, thus feeding it with content, it will continue to be living organism and fulfil its duty. Thankfully, it is encouraging that one Section member voluntarily accepted to be the next webmaster.


At this point I would like to deeply express my gratitude to all of TCD team and especially to my supervisor. Without their comments, advises and answers this project would never be achieved. Concluding, I believe that this 2-months period was spend meaningfully for me and the outcome will perhaps contribute to CERN’s vision about science and technology.
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