A presentation on congress of vienna: 1814-1815 {The Concert of Europe: Vienna System}

Map of Europe BEFORE the French Revolution 1790

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Map of Europe BEFORE the French Revolution 1790


The rulers of Europe were very nervous about the legacy of the French revolution. They worried that the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity might encourage revolution elsewhere. Late in 1815 Czar Alexander I, Emperor Francis I of Austria, and King Frederick William III of Prussia to sign an agreement called HOLY ALLIANCE. In it, they pledged to base their relations with other nations on Christian principles in order to combat the forces of revolution. Finally, a series of alliance devised by Metternich, called the concert of Europe ensured that nations would help one another if any revolutions broke out.

Across Europe, conservatives held firm control of the governments, but they could not contain the ideas that had emerged during the French revolution. France after 1815 was deeply divided politically. Conservatives were happy with the monarchy of Louis XVIII and were determined to make it last.

Liberals, however, wanted the king to share more power with the legislature. And many people in the lower classes remained committed to the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

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