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The actuality of the research. At all stages of the development of human society, economic growth has come to the fore in the risk of managers, entrepreneurs and investors. An entrepreneur and leader who does not make risky decisions in the market economy is considered a person who is in desperation and is in control.

Purpose and Objectives of the Research. The purpose of the research is to investigate the rules of managing economic risks and methods of improving currency and banking risk management. Implementation of this task can be carried out at the expense of the following tasks:


Research information base. Creates textbooks and tutorials on identification of economic risks, their calculation and measurement methods of economic and currency risks on the basis of the research database.

Research Restrictions. An investigation of the economic risk management and the importance of risk analysis in banks' activities is based on research restrictions.

The conclusion of the research. As a result of our analysis, it has been established that in the market economy, it is necessary to make decisions that form an integral part of the theoretical and practical management of the risk assessment process.

The Scientific and Practical Importance of the Conclusion. The fundamental scientific innovation of the research is as follows:

  • Currency risk is a type of economic risk;

  • Methods of measurement of economic and currency risks were investigated.

Key words: Currency, Bank, Credit, Economy
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