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ABVI Braille Books by Author

AuthorLast AuthorFirst Title Vols

Eden Dorothy Important Family, An 7

Eden Dorothy Waiting for Willa 2

Edmonds Walter D. Matchlock Gun, The 1

Edmonds Walter D. Two Logs Cross 1

Eliot George Silas Marner 5

Erickson John R. Hank the Cowdog (The Secret Laundry Monster Mystery) 2

Ericson Carol Doctor-Nurse Encounter, A 5

Evanovich Janet Lean Mean Thirteen 6

Evanovich Janet Twelve Sharp 6

Evanovich Janet Visions of Sugar Plums 3

Evans Nicholas Loop, The 12

Evans Nicholas Smoke Jumper, The 13

Evans Richard Paul Christmas Box, The 2

Evans Richard Paul Last Promise, The 7

Evans Richard Paul Perfect Day, A 6

Eyerly Jeannette Seeing Summer, The 2

Fairstein Linda Final Jeopardy 9

Farley Walter Black Stallions and the Girl, The 3

Farley Walter Black Stallion's Courage 4

Farley Walter Black Stallion's Ghost, The 3

Farley Walter Son of the Black Stallion 5

Farr Carolyn Towers of Fear, The 3

Fast Howard April Morning 2

Faulkner Georgene Melindy's Happy Summer 1

Favorite Fairy Tales Alice in Wonderland 1

Favorite Fairy Tales Rapunzel 1

Favorite Fairy Tales Read-to-Me Storybook (Compilation of Stories) 2

Fielding Helen Cause Celeb 9

Finch Phillip Texas Dawn 5

Finder Joseph Company Man 14

Fitzhugh Louise Harriet the Spy 5

Flagg Fannie Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man 7

Flagg Fannie Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café 7

Flake Sharon G. Skin I'm In, The 2

Fleming Thomas Liberty Tavern 5

Fletcher Jessica Murder She Wrote - A Deadly Judgment 6

Fletcher Jessica Murder She Wrote - Brandy and Bullets 6

Fletcher Jessica Murder She Wrote - Martinis and Mayhem 5

Flynn Gillian Gone Girl 13

Foley Rae Death and Mr. Potter 5

Follett Ken Code to Zero 8

Forbes Esther Johnny Tremain 6

Francis Dick Come to Grief 8

Francis Dick Field of Thirteen 7

Francis Dick High Stakes 5

Francis Dick Hot Money 7

Francis Dick Nerve 7

Francis Dick Proof 7

Francis Dick Risk 6

Francis Dick Second Wind 7

Francis Dick Ten Pound Penalty 6

Francis Dick To the Hilt 8

Francis Dick Under Orders 7

Francis Dick Wild Horses 8

Francis Dick & Felix Silks 9

Frank Anne Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl 8

Frank, Editor I. Poems to Read to the Very Young 1

Frazier Charles Cold Mountain 12

Frazier Ian Great Plains 5

Freedman Benedict & Nancy Kathy Little Bird: A Mrs. Mike Novel 8

Freedman Dave Natural Selection 12

Freeman Don Space Witch 1

French Nicci Land of the Living 8

Fulton Reed Rookie Coach 6

Gaffney Patricia Goodbye Summer 11

Gaines Ernest J. Lesson Before Dying, A 5

Gardner Erle Stanley Case of the Calendar Girl, The 5

Gardner Erle Stanley Case of the Daring Divorcee, The 5

Gardner Erle Stanley Case of the Nervous Accomplice 6

Gardner J. J. Quest for Camelot 1

Garner James F. Politically Correct ("Bedtime Stories") 1

Garrett Annie Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground 4

Garwood Julie Heartbreaker 10

Garwood Julie Shadow Dance 7

Gear W. Michael and People of the River 12

Gemmill Jane Joan Wanted a Kitty 1

Genova Lisa Still Alice 7

George Jean C. Red Robin, Fly Up! 1

Gerritsen Tess Harvest 10

Gerritsen Tess Ice Cold 8

Gerson Noel B. T. R. 4

Gibbons Kaye Ellen Foster 3

Gies Miep Anne Frank Remembered 5

Giff Patricia Riley Fish Face 1

Giffin Emily baby proof 8

Giffin Emily Something Blue 7

Gilbreth, Jr. Frank B. Cheaper by the Dozen 5

Gilman Dorothy Amazing Mrs. Pollifax, The 3

Gilman Dorothy Elusive Mrs. Pollifax, The 5

Gilman Dorothy Kaleidoscope 6

Gilman Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle 4

Gilman Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax and the Second Thief 4

Gilman Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish 4

Gilman Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax on Safari 3

Gilman Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station 3

Gilman Dorothy Mrs. Pollifax, Innocent Tourist 4

Gilman Dorothy Palm for Mrs. Pollifax, A 3

Gilman Dorothy Thale's Folly 5

Gilman Dorothy Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax, The 3

Givens George F. Hired Man's Christmas, The 2

Godden Rumer Coromandel Sea Change 5

Goins Ellen Big Diamond's Boy 3

Golden Book Humpty Dumpty Book, The 1

Golden Book Tootle 1

Goodridge Harry F. Seal Called Andre, A 2

Gorman Edward F. Rough Cut 3

Grafton Sue G is for Gumshoe 2

Grafton Sue L is for Lawless 10

Grafton Sue M is for Malice 8

Grafton Sue N is for Noose 7

Grafton Sue O is for Outlaw 7

Grafton Sue P is for Peril 9

Grafton Sue Q is for Quarry 11

Grafton Sue U is for Undertow 9

Graham Kenneth Wind in the Willows, The 5

Gramatky Hardie Sparky 1

Greenberg Martin H. Cat Crimes I, II and III 24

Grey Zane Rainbow Trail, The 7

Grey Zane Stairs of Sand 7

Grey Zane Wolf Tracker, The 5

Grimes Martha Biting the Moon 8

Grisham John Appeal, The 9

Grisham John Associate, The 9

Grisham John Brethren, The 9

Grisham John Gray Mountain 11

Grisham John King of Torts, The 9

Grisham John Playing for Pizza 6

Grisham John Skipping Christmas 3

Grisham John Street Lawyer, The 9

Grisham John Summons, The 6

Grisham John Sycamore Row 14

Grisham John Testament, The 10

Grogan John Marley & Me - life and love with the world's worst dog 7

Guterson David Snow Falling on Cedars 9

Hammett Dashiell Woman in the Dark 2

Hamner Earl Homecoming, The 1

Handler David Women Who Fell from Grace, The 6

Hannah Kristen Angel Falls 7

Hannah Kristin Summer Island 8

Harlow Joan Hiatt Star in the Storm 3

Harper Karen Shaker Run 8

Harrington William Murder at the President's Door 4

Hattersley Roy Buster's Diaries: The True Story of a Dog and His Man 3

Hawthorne Nathaniel Scarlet Letter, The 3

Haywood Carolyn Eddie, The Dog Holder 2

Haywood Gar Anthony Going Nowhere Fast 4

Heggan Christiane Where Truth Lies 6

Hemingway Ernest Old Man and the Sea, The 1

Herriot James Cat Stories 2

Herriot James Christmas Day Kitten 1

Herriot James Moses the Kitten 1

Herriot James Only One Woof 1

Herriot James Yorkshire 3

Higgins George V. Wonderful Years, Wonderful Years 7

Higgins Jack Bad Company 5

Higgins Jack Darker Place, A 7

Higgins Jack Drink With the Devil 7

Higgins Jack Edge of Danger 5

Higgins Jack Killing Ground, The 8

Higgins Jack Midnight Runner 7

Higgins Jack Night of the Fox 6

Higgins Jack White House Connection, The 7

Hillerman Tony First Eagle, The 6

Hillerman Tony Fly on the Wall, The 5

Hillerman Tony Hunting Badger 4

Hillerman Tony People of Darkness 5

Hillerman Tony Thief of Time, A 5

Hillert Margaret Friend For Dear Dragon, A 1

Hinton S. E. Outsiders, The 3

Hinton S. E. Tex 4

Hobbs Will Bearstone 4

Hoff Syd Sammy the Seal 1

Hoff Syd Who Will Be My Friends 1

Hogan Ray Solitude's Lawman 4

Holman Felice Cricket Winter 1

Holt Victoria Mistress of Mellyn 3

Holt Victoria Seven for a Secret 9

Houston James Running West 8

Howard Katherine Little Bunny Follows His Nose 1

Huntington Geoffrey Sorcerers of the Nightwing (Ravenscliff Series #1) 8

Isaacs Susan Red, White & Blue 13

Jackson Shirley Haunting of Hill House, The 3

Jacobs Kate Knit Two (The Friday Night Knitting Club) 8

Jakes John Savannah 6

James P. D. Murder Room, The 11

James P. D. Unnatural Causes 6

Jance J. A.. Day of the Dead 8

Johansen Iris Dead Aim 7

Johansen Iris On The Run 8

Johansen Iris Search, The 7

Johnson Crocket Blue Ribbon Puppies, The 1

Jokes Camp Good Days' Joke Book for Silly Kids of All Ages 1

Jordan Penny Northern Sunset 4

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