Access ftp with FileZilla

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FileZilla for Mac - Instructions

1. Open FileZilla

You will notice four main window panes. The panes on the left are for browsing your local computer. The two on the panes on the right are for browsing the ftp site.


. Enter the information needed to access your ftp account.



3. Click on “quickconnect”

You should now see a similar screen to this. The ftp side might be empty depending on what is stored on the account you are logged into.

Creating a directory:
Hold the Control button and click somewhere on the ftp side (you can also right-click if you have two mouse buttons). Now click on “create directory”. This will prompt you to type in a name for the folder. “new folder” will be highlighted. Change the highlighted text to the name you want for the folder.

Uploading a file to the ftp site:
Drag and drop the file you want from the left side (your computer) to the right side (ftp server) where you want it to be uploaded to.

Downloading a file from the ftp site:
Drag and drop the file you want from the right side (ftp server) to the left side (your computer) where you want it to be downloaded to.

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