Achievement Certificates awarded this week to … Gouree Fantastic singing with Lauren Sara

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Achievement Certificates awarded this week to …

Gouree Fantastic singing with Lauren

Sara Completing independent transfers and lovely manners when out shopping

Eliza Using her hands and eyes to tell adults she wants to play

Staff Achievements …

Tamarah and Denise have completed a 5 day training course and are now Manual Handling trainers for our school.

Every Achievement Counts”

Newsletter –23rd February 2018


It’s the beginning of a new half term and we have new pupils and staff to welcome. We say a very big welcome to Oliver and Roberto and their families. Oliver is in Titan class and Roberto has joined Mercury class. We sadly said good-bye to Jenny McGuckian (physio) on Monday but want to welcome Jackie Lee to Greenmead. Jackie is a locum working for St. George’s hospital and will be at Greenmead full time whilst we wait for a permanent physio to start. We are also very pleased to welcome Roxanne as our new deputy headteacher who has a very personal relationship with our school; her brother attended Greenmead a number of years ago and Roxanne started her SEN career as a support assistant at Greenmead. Roxanne is also a former pupil of Ronald Ross so is definitely returning to a familiar community.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Pupils enjoyed a day of Chinese New Year Celebrations on 9th February. Thank you to Beccy for organising this and to Wendy Dawson for sending in lots of delicious foods to taste.

1st March – World Book Day

Come dressed as your favourite book character and receive a token to spend on books at your favourite book shop.

Diary Dates

Every Friday 10-11.00am

Yoga for parents

Thursday 1st March

World Book Day (dress as your favourite character)

Friday 23rd March (2.00pm)

Greenmead and Ronald Ross Opening Celebration

Monday 26th March (3.45-6.00pm)

Spring Parents’ Evening (FOG will be there with a table and be around for a chat over tea and coffee)

Thursday 29th March

Easter WOW Morning

End of term (2pm finish for pupils)

Monday 16th April

School starts for the Summer Term

FOG Events

Friday 2nd March (9.30-11.00am)

FOG Coffee and Meeting Morning

Thursday 8th March (9.30-12.00pm)

Mothers’ Day Pamper Morning

Friday 16th March

Funny Hair Day £1 donation to FOG

Friday 20th April (9.30-11.00am)

FOG Coffee and Meeting Morning

Professionals’ Open Day

Greenmead once again hosted an Open Day for Professionals in Wandsworth and our surrounding local authorities. The aim of this day is to promote our school to those professionals who provide services and provision to families who may have a child with complex needs. Those attended came mostly from our Early Years partners and we were very proud to show them around our new building and for them to see us in class learning. The professionals enjoyed the Q&A session provided by pupils in Jupiter class.

Mothers’ Day Pamper Morning

FOG are organising a Pamper morning on March 8th 2018

Are you a beauty therapist? Do you know a hairdresser? Is your best friend a nail technician? Would they be willing to offer their services complimentary for a few hours on March 8th?

Who do you know? Massage, Nails, Eyelashes, Make up, Hair, Reflexology, Threading, etc.

Please do get in touch with us if you know anyone. Email or

Harrodian School Quiz Night 2018

Harrodian School in Barnes have kindly chosen to donate all profits raised from their school quiz night in March to Friends of Greenmead. A huge thank you to Nicholas’s family!

Saturn Class Outing

Saturn Class enjoyed a day of ‘Elements Festival’ at Linden Lodge on Thursday. They took part in a sensory day with pupils from Linden Lodge and Swiss Cottage and enjoyed dance and music workshops as well as taking part in adaptive sports.

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