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IW3C2 Copyright Release Form

TITLE OF WORK _________________________________________________________________


DESCRIPTION OF MATERIAL ______________________________________________________

TITLE OF ACM PUBLICATION ______________________________________________________

I hereby assign to the International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee (IW3C2) the copyright of this Work for the full period of copyright and all renewals, extensions, revisions and revivals together with all accrued rights of action throughout the world in any form, including as part of IW3C2 and the Conference Web site, on CD-ROM and in translation, or on videocassette, broadcast, cablecast, laserdisc, multimedia or any other media format now or hereafter known. (Not all forms of media will be utilized.) I also accept that IW3C2 will allow the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to distribute or sell this Material as part of the above-named publication in print and in the ACM Digital Library. Notwithstanding the above, I retain all proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent and trademark rights, as well as the rights to publish the work on my personal or corporate Web site. For details, see the Appendix below.

In the event that any elements used in the Material contain the work of third-party individuals, I understand that it is my responsibility to secure any necessary permissions and/or licenses and will provide it in writing to IW3C2. If the copyright holder requires a citation to a copyrighted work, I have obtained the correct wording and have included it in the designated space in the text.
I hereby release and discharge IW3C2 and other publication sponsors and organizers from any and all liability arising out of my inclusion in the publication, or in connection with the performance of any of the activities described in this document as permitted herein. This includes, but is not limited to, my right of privacy or publicity, copyright, patent rights, trade secret rights, moral rights or trademark rights.
All permissions and releases granted by me herein shall be effective in perpetuity and throughout the universe, and extend and apply to the IW3C2 and its assigns, contractors, sublicensed distributors, successors and agents.
The following statement of copyright ownership will be displayed with the Material, unless otherwise specified:

"Copyright is held by the International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee (IW3C2)." IW3C2 reserve the right to provide a hyperlink to the author's site if the Material is used in electronic media.
Please Return This Form To:
___I have not used third-party material.

____I have the necessary permission to use third-party



SIGNATURE (author/owner)



In addition to the rights stated above the author shall retain the following rights:

(a) The right, after publication by IW3C2 and ACM, to use all or part of the Article and abstract, without revision or modification, in personal compilations or other publications of the author's own works, and to make copies of all or part of such materials for the author's use for lecture or classroom purposes (excluding the preparation of course pack material for onward sale by libraries and institutions), provided that the first page of such use or copy prominently displays the bibliographic data and the following copyright notice: '© [year] International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee’.

(b) Prior to publication, the author may share with colleagues print or electronic 'preprints' of the unpublished Article, in form and content as accepted by IW3C2. Such preprints may be posted as electronic files on the author's own website for personal or professional use, or on the author's internal university, college or corporate networks/intranet, or secure external website at the author's institution, but not for commercial sale or for any systematic external distribution by a third party (e.g. a list-server or database connected to a public access server). Prior to publication, the author must include the following notice on the preprint. 'This is a preprint of an Article accepted for publication in [ACM Publication Title] © [year] International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee’.

(c) After publication of the Work by ACM and IW3C2, the preprint notice shall be amended to read as follows: 'This is an electronic version of an Article published in [include the complete citation information for the final version of the Work as published in the print edition of the Proceedings] © [year] International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee’. The author has the right to update or replace the preprint with the published version of the Work, provided that the same notice is included.

Applicable Law

The law governing this Agreement is the law of Switzerland. Any dispute concerning this Agreement shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Switzerland.

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