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1 Allen, Leslie C. Word Biblical Commentary: Ezekiel 1-19 Standard loan (1) 224.4 ALL

2 Allen, Leslie C. Word Biblical Commentary: Ezekiel 20-48 Standard loan (1) 224.4 ALL

3 Assmann, Hugo; Cardenal, Ernesto; Gutiérrez, Gustavo; Burns, Paul Practical theology of liberation Standard loan (1) 230.046 ASS

4 Atchley, Robert C. Spirituality and aging Standard loan (1) 248.85 ATC

5 Biggam, John Succeeding with your master's dissertation: a step-by-step handbook Standard loan (1) 378.242 BIG

6 Boerma, Coenraad The poor side of Europe: the church and the (new) poor of Western Europe. Standard loan (1) 261.83 BOE

7 Boisvert, Donald L.; Daniel-Hughes, Carly The Bloomsbury reader in religion, sexuality, and gender Standard loan (1) 291.178344 BOI

8 Bornkamm, Günther; Barth, Gerhard; Held, Heinz Joachim; Scott, Percy Tradition and interpretation in Matthew Standard loan (1) 226.2 BOR

9 Brierley, Peter Sub-Saharan African Christianity Reference only (1) 276.7 BRI

10 Brierley, Peter UK Church statistics no. 3 Reference only (1) 314.2 BRI

11 Brueggemann, Walter Money and Possessions Standard loan (1) 220.83324 BRU

12 Child Poverty Action Group; Marsh, Alan; Barker, Karen; Ayrton, Carla; Treanor, Morag; Haddad, Moussa Poverty: the facts Standard loan (1) 362.5 CPA

13 Clarke, Martin V. British Methodist hymnody: theology, heritage, and experience Standard loan (1) 264.2 CLA

14 Colebrook, Erna; Colebrook, Michael Earthsong: a green anthology of poetry, readings and prayers Standard loan (1) 264.1 COL

15 Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood; Piper, John; Grudem, Wayne Recovering biblical manhood and womanhood: a response to evangelical feminism Standard loan (1) 261.8343 PIP

16 Crouch, Andy Culture making: recovering our creative calling Standard loan (1) 261.0973 CRO

17 Dale, Ronald W. Windows on Luke: an anthology to amplify the gospel readings for year C of the lectionary Standard loan (1) 264.34 DAL

18 de Santa Ana, Julio Good news to the poor: the challenge of the poor in the history of the Church Standard loan (1) 261.8325 DES

19 Eastman, Susan Grove Paul and the person: reframing Paul's anthropology Standard loan (1) 227.09 EAS

20 Fawcett, Nick A common worship year A miscellany: a bumper resource for the principal seasons Standard loan (1) 263.9 FAW

21 Fawcett, Nick A common worship year B miscellany: a bumper resource for the principal seasons Standard loan (1) 263.9 FAW

22 Fawcett, Nick A common worship year C miscellany: a bumper resource for the principle seasons Standard loan (1) 263.9 FAW

23 Fawcett, Nick How to pray Standard loan (1) 264.1 FAW

24 Fawcett, Nick Resourcing the Christian seasons: book two Standard loan (1) 263.9 FAW

25 Fisk, Anna Sex, sin, and our selves: encounters in feminist theology and contemporary women's literature Standard loan (1) 230.082 FIS

26 Foster-Fulton, Sally Hope was heard singing: resources for Advent Standard loan (1) 242.33 FOS

27 Gibbs, Peter Pilgrimage today: a spiritual quest Reference only (1) 248.463 GIB

28 Giles, Gordon The Cambridge Carol Book Reference only (1) 264.2 GIL

29 Glahn, Sandra Vindicating the vixens: revisiting sexualized, vilified, and marginalized women of the Bible Standard loan (1) 220.6082 GLA

30 Goodrick, Edward W.; Kohlenberger, John R., III. New International Bible concordance Reference only (1) 220.5208 GOO

31 Guccione, Kay; Wellington, J. J. Taking control of writing your thesis: a guide to get you to the end Standard loan (1) 378.242 GUC

32 Hannam, James God's philosophers: how the medieval world laid the foundations of modern science Standard loan (1) 940.1 HAN

33 Harvey, Anthony Asylum in Britain: a question of conscience Standard loan (1) 362.87 HAR

34 Hooper, Tom The Danish Girl One week loan (1) 306.768 HOO

35 Hunter, Graham Discipline and desire: embracing charismatic liturgical worship Reference only (1) 264.03 HUN

36 Indapañño, Bhikkhu Buddhadasa Christianity and Buddhism: Sinclaire Thompson memorial lecture Standard loan (1) 294.3372 IND

37 Jeffrey, David Lyle In the beauty of holiness: art and the Bible in Western Culture Standard loan (1) 704.9482 JEF

38 King, Peter Dark night spirituality: Thomas Merton, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Etty Hillesum: contemplation and the new paradigm Standard loan (1) 248.34 KIN

39 Lings, George Reproducing churches Standard loan (2) 254.5 LIN

40 Mason, Steve Josephus and the New Testament Standard loan (1) 933.05 MAS

41 McComiskey, Thomas Edward The covenants of promise: a theology of the Old Testament covenants Standard loan (1) 231.76 MCC

42 Mitchell, Jolyon Media violence and Christian ethics Standard loan (1) 241.651 MIT

43 Paynter, Neil We bring you everything, and tip it out in front of you: new prayers from the Iona Community Standard loan (1) 242.8 ION

44 Peterson, Robert A. Calvin and the atonement Standard loan (1) 234.5 PET

45 Pierce, Ronald W.; Groothuis, Rebecca Merrill; Fee, Gordon D. Discovering biblical equality: complementarity without hierarchy Standard loan (1) 220.83053 PIE

46 Priest, Robert J.; Barine, A. Kirimi African Christian leadership: realities, opportunities, and impact Standard loan (1) 262.1096 PRI

47 Pugh, Ben SCM Studyguide to theology in the contemporary world Standard loan (2) 230.0905 PUG

48 Rogers, Carl R.; Kirschenbaum, Howard; Henderson, Valerie Land Carl Rogers: dialogues: conversations with Martin Buber, Paul Tillich, B. F. Skinner, Gregory Bateson, Michael Polanyi, Rollo May, and others Standard loan (1) 131.322 ROG

49 Runneymede Trust Reframing Racism: explaining ethnic inequalities in the UK labour market Reference only (1) 331.133 RUN

50 Salinas, Daniel Prosperity theology and the gospel: good news or bad news for the poor? Standard loan (1) 230.046 SAL

51 Schaller, Lyle E. Growing plans Standard loan (1) 254.5 SCH

52 Slee, Nicola; Porter, Fran; Phillips, Anne Researching female faith: qualitative research methods Standard loan (1) 248.843072 SLE

53 Steele, Hannah New world, new church?: theology and the emerging church Standard loan (1) 262.0017 STE

54 Stålsett, Sturla J. Discovering Jesus in our place: contextual Christologies in a globalised world Standard loan (1) 232.09 STA

55 The General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches Directory 2017-2018 Reference only (1) 289.142 GEN

56 The Runneymede Trust; Elahi, Farah; Khan, Omar Islamophobia: still a challenge for us all Reference only (1) 297.197 RUN

57 Tomlinson, Ian; Percy, Martyn Clergy, culture and ministry: the dynamics of roles and relations in church and society Standard loan (1) 262.14342 TOM

58 Walls, Andrew F.; Gornik, Mark R. Crossing cultural frontiers: studies in the history of world Christianity Standard loan (1) 266.009 WAL

59 Wells, David F. Reformed theology in America: a history of its modern development Standard loan (1) 230.5709 WEL

60 Wells, Samuel A Nazareth manifesto: being with God Standard loan (1) 261.8 WEL

61 Witkin, Stanley L Narrating social work through autoethnography Standard loan (1) 361.301 WIT

62 Wren, Brian A. Piece together praise: a theological journey Standard loan (1) 264.2 WRE

63 Wright, Nigel Lord and giver of life: an introduction to the person and work of the Holy Spirit Standard loan (1) 231.3 WRI

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