Afinion as100 Analyzer Quiz

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Afinion AS100 Analyzer Quiz

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1. What is the operating temperature for the Afinion AS100 Analyzer?

a. 25 – 50 F

b. 49 – 79 F

c. 59 – 89 F

d. 65 – 95 F
2. True or False: The lid should always be manually closed? _____________
3. How to properly open the lid:

a. Manually lift open the lid



d. b and c only

e. All of the above

4. How often must the Afinion AS 100 Analyzer be cleaned?

a. Daily

b. Weekly

c. Monthly

d. Never
5. Which icon would you select to run a patient test?




6. When can a patient or control ID be entered?

a. Before testing

b. During testing

c. After testing

d. All of the above
7. True or False: Control testing mode is the default mode? _____________
8. Which icon would you select to run a control test?




d. All the above

9. When an operator ID is entered it remains in use until:

a. Another ID is entered

b. It is manually deleted

c. Analyzer is powered off

d. All the above

10. What are the proper steps to perform prior to moving the Afinion AS100 Analyzer?

a. Unplug and move

b. Power down, unplug and move

c. Move during the analysis of a test

d. Never move the Afinion analyzer

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