Agenda Benefits of Cloud-Delivered Video Content Dolby’s Role in Online Video Content

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Benefits of Cloud-Delivered Video Content

Instant, On-demand Accessibility

Convenient Access to Massive Content Library

  • Convenient access to the ‘long tail’ of catalog & niche content.

Search & Discovery

  • Example: VUDU GUI

Recommendations & Information

  • Example: VUDU GUI

Enhance & Complement Physical Media Experience

  • Enhances Blu-ray experience with streaming & downloaded content, such as director’s commentary, exclusive scenes, & other bonus features.

Enhance & Complement Physical Media Experience

  • Market offering cloud-delivered content in conjunction with physical media sales

    • Amazon’s Disc+ On Demand program
    • Walmart & VUDU’s Toy Story 3 promotion
    • (Forthcoming) DECE’s Ultraviolet will enable simpler deployment of combo physical & cloud-delivered media purchases

Integration Path into CE Devices

  • Blu-ray players are an interesting case study

    • Online connectivity & sophisticated media processing originally specified for Blu-ray experience
    • Online service providers, IC providers, & CE OEMs quickly realized Blu-ray technical platform was also ideal for online applications
      • VUDU, Netflix, CinemaNow, etc.

Benefits to CE OEMs

  • Market products as connected digital media players

    • Ex: Leading CEs have been very successful marketing Blu-ray players as online media players
  • Extend a handshake between the consumer & manufacturer

  • Leverage technology already going into core CE products for new applications

    • Example: utilize existing audio & video decoders
      • Already implemented & tested

Dolby’s Role in Online Video Content

Achieving Convenience & an Authentic HD Experience

  • Consumer want the convenience of online content & an authentic HD experience

    • Cinema, HD broadcast, Blu-ray, etc. feature HD video & surround sound – why not online?
  • Online delivery presented multiple challenges

  • Surround audio solution required that:

    • Scales for cinema content (up to 7.1ch)
    • Works with leading online delivery containers & formats
    • Highly bandwidth efficient
    • Playback compatibility on a wide range of consumer devices
      • Blu-ray players, game consoles, TVs, mobile, etc.

Simplified Example of Online Video Delivery

Enabling the Online Ecosystem for Cinematic Audio

Dolby & VUDU

  • VUDU selected Dolby Digital Plus exclusively for delivery of surround content to connected devices

    • VUDU launched service with Dolby Digital Plus in 2008 on its own set-top box
    • VUDU now deployed directly on various connected devices with Dolby Digital Plus from Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Vizio and others

Dolby & Netflix

  • Netflix selected Dolby Digital Plus exclusively for delivery of surround content to connected devices

    • Netflix leveraging Dolby Digital Plus efficiency to ensure optimal experience and save bandwidth
    • Netflix can freely utilize existing Dolby Digital Plus decoders on the tens of millions of connected DTVs, Blu-ray players, and PS3s
    • First Dolby Digital Plus content delivered to PlayStation 3 in Oct ‘10
    • Additional connected devices to follow…

New Developments

New Developments in Cloud Entertainment Applications

  • Interactive ‘Blu-ray’ like experience for online content

  • Deployment of DECE’s Ultraviolet

  • Cloud-based game applications a hotbed of innovation

    • OnLive announced for Vizio TVs & Blu-ray players
      • Blu-ray players -> Digital Media Players -> Game Consoles?

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