Agnes Waters qld, Australia Sansara's environment is unrivalled. Located behind a

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Newtown Developments


Agnes Waters QLD, Australia

Sansara's environment is unrivalled. Located behind a

rocky headland on the edge of Queensland's

northern-most surf beach, this proposed five star

beach front luxury resort celebrates Australia’s

tropical lifestyle. Fringed with palm trees, native

Casuarinas and Pandanus trees, the site links the

small township to the beach. Visitors can relax in five

star accommodation surrounded by crystal clear

waters, a barrier reef abundant with marine life and a

variety of unspoilt beaches set amidst coastal national

parks. In preparing the resort site plan McGregor

Coxall ensured each villa captures spectacular ocean

views. A full range of facilities is provided including

pools, restaurants, tropical gardens, cabanas,

boutique cinema and resort shopping. The design is

elegant and understated with an emphasis on stone

and timber materials to blend with the natural



Landscape Architecture

Total Site Area

4 ha


Concept Design

Design Development

Construction Documents


Mijo Developments

Gallagher Jeffs Consulting

Watermark Design

Bonacci Group

Medlands Metropolis (Australia)

Warren Smith & Partners

Philip Chun and Associates

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