Agribusiness Applied Research Initiatives Support Program

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Agribusiness Applied Research
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Agribusiness Applied Research
Initiatives Support Program

USAID Agribusiness Development Activity
Call for Applications
Deadline: April 1, 2022

Project Overview

The USAID Agribusiness Development Activity (hereinafter “Project”) is a five-year (July 2020 – June 2025) project that follows a market systems development approach to: (1) increase the competitiveness of agribusinesses by introducing new value added technologies and management practices in the production, postharvest handling, processing, and marketing of agricultural commodities; (2) empower women and youth with the skills and knowledge to secure skilled positions within local businesses and startup their own businesses; (3) link academia with the private sector to improve curricula and target academic research to meet the needs of agribusinesses; (4) strengthen and diversify agriculture extension services; and (5) design and improve policies to promote the growth and development of Uzbekistan’s agricultural sector.

Yüklə 42,97 Kb.

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