Ahmet Alkan

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Ahmet Alkan


Professor of Economics

Sabanci University

Tuzla 34956 Istanbul, Turkey



Birth Citizenship Istanbul 1947; Turkish

Education PhD 1975 MS 1973 U.C. Berkeley, BA 1969 Brown University

Interests Economic Theory, Game Theory, Matching Markets

Awards Turkish Academy of Sciences Membership (2000); Operations Research Society of Turkey Best Research Award (1985); Boğaziзi Foundation Best Research Award (1984); Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi Membership (1969); Robert College Albert Long Award (1966)

Previous Positions Sabanci University (1999- ); Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Department of Management, Boğaziзi University (1979-99); Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Department of Operations Research and Statistics, Middle East Technical University (1976-79); Research Fellow, Operations Research Center, University of California, Berkeley (1974-75); Assistant, Department of Mathematics, Middle East Technical University (1969-71)

Visiting Positions Paris School of Economics (2009, 2010), CORE Louvain (1991-92), Universite Libre de Brussels (1991-92), Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (1990), Universite de Paris I (1990), Laboratoire d'Econometrie Ecole Polytechnique (1982, 1984, 1990)

Other Positions Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sabanci University (2001-08); Council Member, Turkish Academy of Sciences (2001-06); European Science Foundation Social Sciences Standing Committee Member (2002-06) Editorial Activity Economic Theory (1998-2003), Review of Economic Design (1995- )


"Stable schedule matching under revealed preference" (with D. Gale), Journal of Economic Theory, 2003, (285-306)

"A class of multipartner matching models with a strong lattice structure", Economic Theory, 2002, (737-46)

"On preferences over subsets and the lattice structure of stable matchings", Review of Economic Design, 2001, (99-111)

"On the properties of stable many-to-many matchings under responsive preferences” Current Trends in Economics: Theory and Applications, edited by A. Alkan, C.D. Aliprantis , N.C.Yannelis, Springer Verlag, 1999

"Price rule and volatility in auctions with resale markets", Game Theoretical Applications to Economics and OR, edited by T.Parthasarathy, B.Dutta, J.A.M.Potters, D.Ray and T.E.S.Raghavan, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997

"A model of treasury bill auctions", Development of Financial Markets in the Arab Countries, Irean and Turkey, Proceedings of the Economic Research Forum Conference on Financial Market Development, Beirut, 1994, Economic Research Forum Publications, Cairo, 1995

"Monotonicity and envyfree assignments", Economic Theory, 1994, (605 -16)

"Equilibrium in a matching market with general preferences”, Equilibrium and Dynamics. Essays in Honour of David Gale, edited by M. Majumdar, The MacMillan Press Ltd, London, 1992, (1-16)

"Fair allocation of indivisible goods and criteria of justice" ( with G. Demange and D. Gale), Econometrica, 1991, (1023-39)

"Existence and computation of matching equilibria", European Journal of Political Economy, 1989, (285-96)

"Pretend-but-perform mechanism in sharecropping", (with M. R. Sertel), European Journal of Political Economy, 1989, (397-423)

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"Efficient programs for polyhedral technologies are competitive, Review of Economic Studies, 1980, (465-71)

"The efficient paths to infinity in closed Leontief models", Journal of Mathematical Economics, 1979, (75-83)

Volumes Edited

Mathematical Theories of Allocation of Discrete Resources, Equilibria, Matchings, Mechanisms, (with H. Moulin), Mathematical Social Sciences Special Issue, vol 46, 2003, (101-241)

Current Trends in Economics: Theory and Applications, (with C.D. Aliprantis , N.C.Yannelis), Proceedings of the Conference on Economic Theory and Applications, Antalya, 1997, Springer Verlag, 1999

Applied Research and Reports

‘Value Added in Secondary Education in Turkey 2001-05”, (with A. Carkoglu, A. Filiztekin, F. Inceoglu), Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Institute, 2008

“Turkish Treasury Bill Auctions 1986-89: Study of the structure of demand and competitiveness of behaviour based on analysis of individual bids and a participants survey”, The Turkish Republic Central Bank, 1989

“System for Internal Pricing of Bonds as Incentives to Bank Branches”, International Industry and Commerce Bank, Istanbul, 1985

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