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Qatar Rail Guinness Record

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Ali Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Arena


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DO-ers Act in AKTOR

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Europe’s Largest MBT Plant

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SEPTEMBER 2015    ISSUE 02   








•  DO-ers Act in AKTOR

•  New Workers' Village


•  Doha Metro: a Gold Line in the 

Heart of Doha


•  Ali Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Arena, 

a State of the Art Project


•  AKTOR Qatar FM Team: 

Meet the Reds


•  Mechanical Biological 

Treatment Plant of Sofia


•  International Distinctions for 


•  Egnatia Odos Motorway; 

Connecting the Past to the 



AKTOR is its People, every one and all of them. A Community of skilled, inspired, 

creative, innovative DO-ers. 

Ali Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Arena, Gold Line Doha Metro, the Hamad International 

Airport, the brand new Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plant in Bulgaria, 

are state-of-the-art achievements.

Exceptional know-how, precious experience, hands-on hard-work, commitment 

to excel, respect to ELLAKTOR, AKTOR SA, & AKTOR Qatar path of successful 

deliverables, sound aspiration, motivate and galvanize this multinational and 

multicultural Team.


My dear Colleagues, the publication 

of our second Newsletter coincides 

with the celebration of the 2nd de-

cade of AKTOR activities in the Ara-

bian Peninsula (United Arab Emir-

ates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar).

During  the  first  decade,  AKTOR  en-

hanced its presence, having deliv-

ered remarkable, large scale quality 

Projects with respect to the require-

ments and expectations of its distin-

guished clients.

At the same time, AKTOR continues 

to improve its internal structure, 

management procedures, and con-

trol systems, to strict terms and 

specifications that shape the actual

competitive environment in Con-


Moreover, AKTOR enriched its Human 

Capital with exceptional multi-na-

tional Professionals, apt and eager 

to accomplish arduous and complex 


Today, AKTOR as heir and vector of 

salient experience in the region, is 

considered as a key Construction 

player,  efficient,  creative,  and  re-

sponsive to every challenge.

Furthermore, AKTOR’s leading role 

in the design and build of the Gold 

Line Metro in Doha, unveiled new 

perspectives in its dynamic pres-

ence and activity in Qatar as well as 

in the entire Gulf Region.

However, our efforts, our dreams, 

our Projects are not limited to these 


We are, You all are, adroit, confident,

resourceful, talented, avid to reach 

new peaks, and attain noble profes-

sional goals. 

Today and during our challenging, 

promising and rewarding future.

Konstantinos Mathiopoulos 

AKTOR S.A. Executive Director

AKTOR People: 

Our Cornerstone


International acknowledgement is a fact: according to Deloitte’s European Powers 

of Construction report 2014, ELLAKTOR SA rank 42 among all European counter-

parts, 3 places higher than 2013. 

In addition, ELLAKTOR ranks 140 among 250 International Contractors, accord-

ing to prestigious ENR 2015 report (156 in 2014).

Our adventurous journey to outstanding results, already count several decades. 

For each one of us in AKTOR, every day, every Project, every new assignment is a 

call to action, a constantly renewed starting line, a peak to conquer. 





And we go on!


The Gold Line Metro Project is one of AKTOR major Projects, 

perhaps the most demanding. 

Leader of ALYSJ Joint Venture, a unique team of dependable, 

experienced, devoted professionals, we share our vision of 

quality deliverables and success, actively participating in 

the fulfilment of Qatar National Vision 2030.

At the end of August, ALYSJ Joint Venture marked two re-

markable achievements:

•  TBM S920 entered Joaan Station, the first Gold Line

station in Doha.

•  Qatar Rail received a Guinness World Record for the 

simultaneous operation of 21 TBMs in a single Project.

During the 4th Transport Conference in Qatar (14-16/9), Qatar 

Rail Managing Director Eng. Abdulla Abdulaziz T. al Subaie 

stated that “the country and the rail company have achieved 

a major milestone by breaking the Guinness World Record for 

the largest number of tunnel boring machines (TBMs) oper-

ating simultaneously in 21 locations in the same city (…) 50 

percent of the 113-kilometer long tunneling works for Doha 

Metro has been completed”, he said, and concluded “I would 

like to thank all the concerned parties and stakeholders who 

continuously seek to overcome the obstacles and difficulties

for the success of the Doha Metro project”. 

ALYSJ Joint Venture operates 6 of the 21 TBMs and this rare 

international recognition is a stunning achievement for all 

Partners. A compelling peak we reached, our next personal 

and collective Citius, Altius, Fortius.

Nevertheless, this Guinness Record is not detached from a 

canvas of ALYSJ JV achievements. 

Due to this tremendous collective effort, TBM S920 entered 

Joaan Station on the 30th of August. 


A Gold Line in the Heart of Doha


Qatar Rail entered 

Guinness World 

Records Book 

for the simultaneous 

operation of 21 TBMs 

in a single Project.


It was a stirring moment for all and every one of us in AK-

TOR: committed to success, respectful to the State and So-

ciety of Qatar, we confirmed our competence to design and

build on-time.

Within this process, high quality and safety standards are 

applied to every operation; hence ALYSJ JV has more than 

10.000.000 man hours worked without a reportable incident. 

And this KPI is the most important than any other, under-

lining ALYSJ JV efforts to guarantee employee safety, re-iter-

ate its duty to offer secure working conditions to the entire 

workforce, and instill a common safety culture throughout 

the Project, even under tight deadlines and tough weather 


“What we have achieved during the last months in Gold line is 

magnificent. But it is just a benchmark attained, due to clear

goals, confidence in our human capital, pioneer engineering,

solid management, transparent, though consistent, organiza-

tion, artistry and respect to our contractual responsibilities”, 

says John Tsimekis Tunnel Construction Manager.

“No, I am not an Engineer. I am a mineralogist, a lyrics writer, 

a composer, a father, a teammate, a comrade in every battle, 

laborious works, complex Projects, grueling deliverables”, 

he adds.

“I have spent my entire career in tunnels. Seeking the light at 

every end, because every tunnel has an end and it’s bright. 

But I am not alone when working underground. My people, 

my team, friends who are more than colleagues, mark world 

records and remain humble. Those meticulous women and 

men, coming from different countries and cultures, share 

the same vision, and deserve appreciation but never ask for 

it, re-affirm teamwork in every stage and stake of our work,

and keep rolling!

And this is what matters; this is what makes me proud of 

that team; this is my breath in the heart of each tunnel, an 

inspiration to go deeper. For them. With them.”

Top Right Image   Qatar Rail Managing Director Eng. Abdulla Abdulaziz 

T. al Subaie (center) with Qatar Rail’s Management Team receiving the 

Guinness World Records certificate

Below Top Right Image   Demina Masoula, PhD, Communications 

Manager, welcomes Minister of Transport H. E. Jassim Saif Ahmed Al 


"…though I never stop, until I fade away. 

Because life is a dream, and I restart 

to make new dreams from every beginning" 

– “don’t commiserate the eagle”, 

lyrics by John Tsimekis, 2013

left Image   John Tsimekis, Tunnel Construction Manager with 

members of the Tunnel dream-Team.

 gOld lInE FAcTS  September 2015


 of the full tunnel length 

is complete

59.48 m


mining & ring building in 24h 

from a single TBM

Monthly output, August 2015: 


 rings production


The total plot area for the Project site is approximately 

45,000 m². The Project site consists of three buildings, (1) 

Main Arena Building with two Warm Up Halls, (2) Microwave 

Tower, and (3) Cooling Tower; two number of storm water 

tanks, site landscaping (soft and hardscape), internal roads 

around the building and shell retail outlets. 

One of the major challenges in such fast track project was to 

make sure that the rest of the building construction activities 

like the masonry and MEP works as well the façade installa-

tion will not be affected by the steel structure erection.

The optimum erection sequence was selected for the erec-

tion  of  the  main  bridge  of  the  steel  roof.  Specifically,  the

truss was assembled at ground level and then strand jacked 

in order to avoid the construction of a working platform at 

35m high and this in the purpose to increase the safety of 

the site workers and to achieve the required construction 

quality with respect to the construction schedule.

The weight of the main truss is around 500 tons, in order to 

expedite the erection it was dived into three elements:

•  Middle truss of Main Bridge with a weight of 260 tons, 

assembled on GF inside the arena, lifted in position 

with the hydraulic jacks, once lifted the main truss was 

bolted/welded to the supporting structure. 

•  South and North elements of Main Bridge with a weight 

of 145 tons each, erected on place with the use of cranes 

at the fifth floor level of the building, prior of the center

truss erection.

The main bridge structure had to be lifted at a height of 

approximately 35mtr using a set of heavy duty hydraulic 

Jacks mounted over jacking beams supported onto the two 

set of lifting towers. 

During this lifting, the main bridge had to pass through areas 

where the permanent structure, levels #1 to #3 were partially 

constructed, where relatively large box outs were left. This 

resulted to the extensive use of heavy duty back-propping 

at those slabs to withstand the loss in concrete mass and in-

crease the building structure against the enforced stressing 

as resulted the main truss erection.  

The construction of the remaining concrete slabs commenced 

as soon as the main bridge was lifted and secured into place.

Secondary steel members’ erection activities have sequen-

tially commenced from the moment that bridge truss was 

secured and locked in place, secondary steel trusses erec-

tion, steel purlins and cantilever steel.

The VSL strand lifting jacks are installed on temporary lift-

ing frame on the towers and higher than the final level of

the Steel trusses. The truss was lifted from 4 points, 2 per 

each side. The operator was able to activate all the 4 points 

simultaneously as well as a single point based on the load 

distribution and the conditions during the lift-off operation.


Ali Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Arena, 

a State of the Art Project 



Leveling sensors were installed along the truss in order to 

control the horizontality during entire lifting operation.

During the lift off, the truss was initially lifted off from the 

temporary ground supports by around 20 cm only in order 

to check the system. 

Top Image   Tania Agiasmati, Procurement Manager / John Kontakiotis, 

Technical Office Manager / Athanassios Peidis, QA/QC Manager /

Vassilis Karagkounakis, Project Manager / Georgia Liakopoulou, MEP 

Manager / Faidon Vaklavas, Construction Manager

“It was a real challenge for my team and me”, says Vas-

silis Karagkounakis, Ali Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Arena  

Multipurpose Hall Project Manager.

Having spent most of his career path in the Middle 

East, he considers Ali Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Arena as 

a major integrated Project, designed, built and deliv-

ered by AKTOR. As a PADI Certified Open Water Diver,

Vassilis knew that Qatari desert would be his unchar-

tered deep waters to discover and tame. Certified with

GSAS 4stars, Ali Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Arena is one of 

the Projects he is proud of: “the entire range of trades 

were applied, though many services and works were 

fully customized, for a demanding and sometimes, un-

predictable though respectful, Client. What I want to 

do next: a hospital”, he says. 

“Because medical equipment is very delicate to treat, 

but mostly, because it is extremely subtle and complex 

to match Construction to Health, exciting and tough to 

guarantee a better quality of life to people, men, wom-

en, children that suffer pain”.

Average lifting speed 

5 to 6 m/h


global World Stadium


congress 2015

MEEd construction Building


of the year 2014

The lift was performed 


8 hours


on the rainy 19th January, 2015


John neratzis, chief Foreman – Electrical

He is up everyday at 4. Because he wants to be at “his” site 

before all. To prepare job allocations and tasks. To check 

proper functionality, safety, infrastructure of the site. To say 

good morning to the People of the Site. 

John Neratzis, 64, believes that good work needs to be 

worked, without watching your watch, with respect to every 

man and woman, regardless of their nationality, age, de-

grees. “Everything is a matter of respect. If you seek respect, 

you must show and feel respect in the first place. And re-

spect is not only kind words. Respect is to be on Site be-

fore everyone else. To show you care, you control, you are 

fully aware of every stage of development, every aspect of 

professional concern. Close enough to support and inspire, 

to be a paradigm. But distanced to stress the line between 

personal and professional”.

When he first joined AKTOR, back in 1988, John Neratzis had

already acquired a 13-years stormy experience in the Sea. 

He was aware of difficulties, incompatible characters, and

wavy conditions.

Perseverant and hard-working, he was part of AKTOR Proj-

ects in Ioannina, Evros, Crete, Pylos, Patras, Thessaloniki, 

before moving to Qatar 5 years ago.

“I am satisfied”, he says, “because my work is appreciated

and I feel respected. From AKTOR, from European colleagues 

but also, and sometimes mostly, for non-European co-work-

ers: from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka. I feel 

them and treat them like my children, as my three daughters 

are in Greece!

What disappoints me is when people in Construction do not 

understand the importance of working in the Sites, of being 

there early in the morning, before going to the Office.

What upsets me, is that some believe that Construction 

happens on paper between 8.00 - 18.00 every day. No, Con-

struction is in the office but also outside, in every Site. Con-

struction is design and build. It is understand and see. And 

sometimes Engineers seem to lack of their dual ID. It is easi-

er to work in an air-conditioned office, but trust me, mount-

ing a building, is priceless. And that applies to all, from Man-

agement to junior Engineers. Staff of every rank, should be a 

paradigm, lead the process, inspire and motivate all.

Learn, trust, respect, is my motto. Whoever wants to learn, 

can be taught. Whoever wants to go higher must trust time 

and effort. Whoever seeks respect, must offer respect. To all, 

despite of skin color, gender, nationality, age, diplomas”.

livi Varghese, Senior Administration


Living in the Gulf Region for almost 12 years, Livi is a key 

person within AKTOR Qatar Administration Department, for 

the last 6+ years.

Studied and worked as a teacher in his homeland India, Livi 

joined AKTOR as a personal officer and now he is a Senior

Administration Officer.

“AKTOR is rapidly growing in Qatar during the last 2-3 years”, 

he says, “and I like being part of this evolution”.

What he misses more? 

“My family: my wife and two kids that I only see on a com-

puter screen. It is difficult to live without them. I will try to

bring them here permanently, as our life is here, in Qatar, as 

my life is within AKTOR. My second family.” 

But can a Company be a second family?

“I spend most of my day at work”, he says, “dealing with 

practical enquiries and needs from people who live away 

from home, in a foreign Country of unique Culture, laws and 

traditions. They need support, they ask for solutions. More-


DO-ers Act in AKTOR

“I am satisfied because my work 

is appreciated and I feel respected. 

From AKTOR, from European colleagues 

but also, and sometimes mostly, 

for non-European co-workers..." 

– John Neratzis, Chief Foreman – Electrical


over, they need to feel that someone cares for their minor or 

major issues. That’s why some call me Livi भाई

We are a team who strive to provide solutions. Sometimes it 

turns out that we also offer the solace that someone is here 

to assist, to act. And this is not a professional obligation. It is 

our human responsibility. I am a teacher and I might inspire 

that feeling. But I believe it is also because AKTOR is an an-

thropocentric Company, who embraces every employee, and 

does not let you down”

What I appreciate in AKTOR? 

“The working atmosphere, the team spirit. That you ac-

quire valuable experience, and there are opportunities to 

go higher”. 

What I would improve? 

“Listen, I believe that we can never offer enough to people 

working in extreme weather conditions. 

Construction is a stony industry, and apart from the onerous 

work of designers, architects, engineers, project managers, 

we must also consider those employees who transform a 

design into a real structure, a building, a metro tunnel, a 

hangar, a plant. Those who turn an agreement into deliver-

able. And for those, I strongly believe, that all of us should 

constantly do more”.

“Working in a Greek company is not an easy task. It is inter-

esting and sometimes complicated and delicate: Greeks are 

open-hearted but tempered. Sociable but solitary. Eager to 

ascribe a single eventual mistake for long, hard on prais-

ing the effort or numerous positive outcomes. But if you 

take the time to hark them, you will discover kind, curious, 

self-confident, edgy, assiduous co-workers”.

dora Mintzia, civil Engineer

Dora Mintzia is 28 years old. With an exceptional academ-

ic background and excellent grades from National Techni-

cal University of Athens and the Imperial College in UK, she 

joined AKTOR last year, after having worked in a reputed 

Consulting Company in Athens.

Mathematics  amateur,  she  prefers  police  fiction  novels,

loves the Match Point movie, and could play Cluedo for 

hours, fascinated by the idea of discovering the murderer, 

the weapon used and the crime scene!

A curious mind, a smiling face, a descent personality, she 


“I came to Doha because I wanted to work on my field, in a

growing region under construction, excited to start tracing 

my Civil Engineer path in the Middle East, within AKTOR. 

It is not easy to get used to Qatar, the way of life, the culture. 

It is difficult sometimes being a woman in Qatar, the dress

code, local customs, and various restrictions are strange to 


But I like being part of a multi-ethnic mosaic, a blueprint 

where different cultures mingle, constructing from scratch, 

a country in the heart of the Gulf region.”

“I miss the deep blue Greek sea, colorful landscapes, the 

taste of ingredients. But I know and cherish that life offered 

me an adventure, a wave to sail in, my career journey within 


Yes, I’m here, I stay, I learn, I experience, I work. And I’m mov-

ing ahead. Every day.”

Working in a Greek company is not 

an easy task. It is interesting and sometimes 

complicated and delicate: Greeks are 

open-hearted but tempered. 

– Livi Varghese, Senior Administration Officer

“I came to Doha because I wanted to work 

on my field, in a growing region 

under construction, excited to start 

tracing my Civil Engineer path in 

the Middle East, within AKTOR. 

– Dora Mintzia, Civil Engineer


“It was (for me at least) a very warm early November day 

when I landed in Doha to start what was to be today’s FM. 

The company had a 12 month Facilities Maintenance obli-

gation for one of their construction contracts and needed 

someone to set it up for them and here I was!

I remember seeing the building already imposing and 

intimidating even with half its roof erected and thinking 

“you’ve got to be kidding me”. Create an asset data base for 

that monster and then establish a maintenance regime? 

Impossible!  Well  yes  it  was  for  the  Aircraft  Maintenance

Hangar, the largest free span Hangar in the world, and yes 

it was after all possible…

It took a lot of hard work from an amazing group of pro-

fessionals to get to where we are today both from the 

construction team as well as others who were eventual-

ly brought here to help build this dream. Initially we were 

looked at with suspicion and doubt: ’What on earth is FM? 

A radio station?’ Then it was … ‘ah yes cleaning’!

I think even today our construction colleagues look at us 

coming to work in office attire or in the red uniform and

wonder,  what  do  they  do  the  whole  day?  Yes,  definitely

loads of cleaning, and loads of maintenance; preventive, 

predictive,  conditional,  corrective,  we  do  studies  to  find

the root cause of faults, we collect temperatures, pres-

sures, monitor power consumption, we analyze data and 

make reports for our clients on the status of their facili-

ties…and we work WITH our Client to supply a service de-

livery that offers them value for money. How?  We support 

our Client in their day to day core business which is either 

to maintain aircraft, or to run the Duty Free Warehouse, to 

carry out events in a state of the art stadium, we support 

them through our service delivery in never failing or delay-

ing their operation, and this is on a 24/7/365 basis. 

If we have ever had any incidents?  It was the 14th of July 

2015, around 09:50am. The chilled water main supply head-

er pipe in the mezzanine floor of hangar C ruptured at a

grooved coupling joint. As result, 50-70m³ of water was re-

leased over the roof floor and managed to seep through

the HVAC duct of the foam room and the mechanical room. 

As a result the Fire Detection, HVAC, PCA systems were all 

disabled… To lose the cooling systems in the middle of July 

could grind the airlines operations to a halt, furthermore 

the fire detection/prevention systems being disabled thus

leaving aircraft and equipment worth billions of dollars ex-

posed to great risks.

But, AKTOR Facility Management team worked nonstop 

without food or water in a very warm and uncomfortable 

environment to reinstate the cooling in the building, for 

more than 21 hours in a row, regardless of the Holy Rama-

dan timings and other personal obligations.

Naturally the story of FM goes hand in hand with the story 

of AKTOR in Qatar, and we as FM are extremely proud to be-

long to this great AKTOR family, to share its achievements 

with our Clients and our potential Clients. AKTOR has a 60 

year history in construction and it is upon that history that 

FM is built. AKTOR is one of the very few companies globally 

that is able to follow through the life of a building from de-

sign stage, to construction, to T&C and finally to FM. Hence

the support required to solve technical issues on site that 

FM receives from Construction is invaluable.

What is our limit? We want to become a leader in FM in the 

Middle East, we want our staff to remain with us for many 

years and to grow with us so that the dream will continue…”

Maria Kourieos, FM Projects Manager


AKTOR Qatar FM Team: 

Meet the Reds


Al Riffa VIllage

All works for the Gold Line Underground Project are conducted, 

following the highest standards. Top priority is given to Health, 

Safety, Environment and Accommodation provisions, while 

sustainable design is further highlighted with the application 

of Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS), which is 

about a specialized methodology, just suited for the unique 

Gulf environment. As JV’s housing strategy, two Workers 

Villages (MLPA Al Riffa and MLPA South) have been built in 

order to serve the needs of the project while providing people 

staying within the best possible living conditions. 

Following the above both villages have been constructed 

according to the highest workmen accommodation 

standards which are recognized by the state of Qatar and 

which are Qatar Foundation Standards. The particular 

standards combines Qatari Labour Law with international 

best practice and is based upon a holistic and principled 

approach that looks to safeguard the rights of workers from 

the moment they are recruited until they return to their home 

countries. Key element of Qatar Foundation Standards plans 

to enhance its migrant workers’ quality of life by launching a 

new welfare initiative that has been designed to curb unfair 

employment practices.

AKTOR SA as a leader of the particular JV is the pioneer of this 

effort and very proud to present the opening of such a great 

Workers Village in Al Riffa an area which is based 15km after 

Villagio shopping mall. A village which will be managed by a 

very experienced team, a welfare manager and several senior 

welfare officers. Many services will be provided like communal

recreational facilities, outdoor sports facilities, retail services 

including grocery, barber and bike repair. Satellite channels in 

all the apartments and internet room will be also available. 

In  addition  to  these  services  you  can  find  in  an  equipped

gymnasium with ventilation and cooling in accordance with 

ASHRAE Codes and Standards.   

We should not forget our medical care facilities which 

are extremely important for our people so in the village 

a designated doctor and a medical isolation unit will be 

provided together with the resident nurses. Last but not least 

we have to mention the provision of laundry services and off 

course the mosque. The first impressions of our client (Qatar

Rail) are extremely good and we are sure that they are also 

proud of the particular facilities.   

Outdoor facilities include Cricket Pitch, Basketball & Volley-

ball courts. Furthermore, laundry services are provided on 

weekly basis. 

Respectful to the Laws of the State of Qatar, as well as to Reli-

gious Faith, a Mosque is available in the Village for all Muslims.

We sincerely believe that we have created excellent living 

conditions for our employees and as we have already 

transferred 950 employees to MLPA Al Riffa anyone can 

recognize it from the smile on their faces!


Shahaniya VIllage

Our long-waited Workers’ Village has finally opened its doors

for AKTOR Employees. First reactions have been positive. 

Thankfully, everything went smoothly during the moving of 

the Employees, and they all started living in a modern, green, 

spacious Village offering various facilities.

Among them, a new mini-market where they can buy fresh 

fruits, snacks and beverages, personal hygiene items, clothes 

and shoes.

The all-new cafeteria has been equipped with latest technol-

ogy LED television sets offering to the Employees the oppor-

tunity to relish movies, TV shows and documentaries in their 

native language, and relax while having lunch, dinner or just 

spending their free time. Moreover, photos of Works construct-

ed by AKTOR employees, as well as landscapes and landmarks 

from their home Countries ornament the cafeteria walls, as a 

Corporate appreciation and respect to the hard-working Men 

that give life to AKTOR designs and Projects.

Last but not least, it is just a matter of weeks for a dedi-

cated telecommunication station to be placed in the new 

Shahaniya Village. After its installation, all Employees will 

be enjoying ultra-fast internet speeds in their smartphones 

or at the specially designated computer areas, giving them 

the privilege to communicate with their families and friends 

and navigate the web.


New Workers’ Villages


Implementation of the Project has been a very significant

achievement, since Design, obtaining building permits, con-

struction-installations and commissioning of the Plant has 

been completed at a period of only 20 months!

The MBT plant is constructed on a site of 106.204 m2 and the 

total built-up area of the buildings reaches 29.700m



The plant has the capacity to treat municipal solid waste 

(MSW), received as mixed waste at an annual rate of 410.000 

t/a., which is approximately 1 300 t/day. The reception area 

is designed in such a way to receive maximum of 1 500 t/day.

The treatment process is based on the reputed Biodrying 

- Herhof technology (Herhof is a German subsidiary of HEL-

LECTOR group) and consists of the following steps:

Reception and pre-sorting: separation of hazardous and 

large-sized materials suitable either for disposal or recycling;

Mechanical treatment: for the recovery of recyclable ma-

terials (up to approx. 40.000 tons/annum) and for the pro-

duction of high quality secondary fuel - RDF (up to approx. 

180.000 tons/annum) ;

Biological treatment: for the production of dry material (end 

up as high quality RDF) applying patented biological drying 

process and for stabilization and production of CLO.

Air emissions are absolutely controlled by integrated de-

dusting and anti odour systems. Waste water is treated in 

separate waste water reclaim plant.

The modern equipment delivered by the leading European 

producers incorporated in the plant allows treatment of the 

waste in compliance with the best available waste treat-

ment techniques.


Mechanical Biological Treatment 

Plant of Sofia Municipality

AKTOR – HELECTOR, both members of ELLAKTOR group, delivered the biggest and most advanced 

Waste Management facility in the Balkan region and one of the most advanced in Europe, being 

compliant with the strictest specifications of the European environmental legislation.


ENR (Engineering News Record) is a weekly magazine that 

provides news analysis data and opinion for the construc-

tion industry worldwide, issued in the USA. 

As one of the most reputable global publications for the 

construction industry, ENR annually ranks the construction 

and design firms internationally.

ΕLLAKTOR is being ranked for the last six years and been

gaining competitive placements.

There are two rankings for contractors:

•  The Top 250 ‘International’ Contractors list ranks the 

largest construction contractors based on their revenue 

derived from construction contracts performed outside 

their home countries.

•  The Top 250 ‘Global’ Contractors list ranks contractors by 

total construction contracting revenue. 

In 2015 ELLAKTOR was ranked as 140th in the International 

Contractors’ List and 139th in the Global Contractors’ List.

The corresponding rankings for 2014 were 156th in the Inter-

national Contractors’ List and 157th in the Global Contrac-

tors’ List.

The group will continue participating in prestigious inter-

national surveys and rankings such as the ENR, aiming at 

higher scores and international accreditation, that reflects

the group’s overall efforts in all relative fields of the group’s


Furthermore, according to the prestigious Deloitte’s Europe-

an Powers of Construction report 2014, ELLAKTOR SA rank 42 

among all European counterparts, 3 places higher than 2013. 


International Distinctions 


In 2015 ELLAKTOR was ranked 

140th in the International Contractors’ List 

and 139th in the Global Contractors’ List. 

The corresponding rankings for 2014 

were 156th in the International Contractors’ 

List and 157th in the Global Contractors’ List.


Egnatia Odos Motorway serves Thesprotia, Ioannina, Greve-

na, Kozani, Imathia, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Xanthi and Rodopi. 

It connects the port of Igoumenitsa (where there is regular 

ferry connection to Italy), to Kipi in Evros, the Greek-Turkish 

border. Pan-European Transport Corridors IV (Berlin - So-

fia- Thessaloniki), IX (Helsinki, ending at Alexandroupoli), X

(Vienna - Belgrade – Thessaloniki) all end at Egnatia Odos 

Motorway. What is more, this road has been used since ro-

man times. More specifically, via Egnatia was one of the two

most important streets ending at Rome, the great capital of 

the Roman Empire. It is then about a project that connects 

diverse areas in space and time, adding a flair of the past to

one of the most modern motorways in Europe today.

AKTOR focused primarily to achieving the highest possible 

speed records, making sure at the same time that the motor-

way complies with the most advanced safety measures. To 

that purpose, there were utilized, as a rule, only high quality 

materials. Once the motorway was finished, the traffic ac-

cidents percentage decreased by 70%, comparable only to 

the greatest European Motorways. In addition, sophisticated 

systems, are applied to ensure that there is not only quick 

response but also prevention of such incidents. 

Furthermore, the overall effectiveness of the motorway is 

not a mere result of its modern construction but especial-

ly of all regular maintenance and operation works. AKTOR 

employees facilitate the travelers’ journey and make the 

experience most enjoyable, making sure the road is always 

clear, the signs are visible without tags, there are no ad-

vertising signs, there is full vertical and horizontal signing 

(road marking), the drainage system works properly, as well 

as daily maintenance of green spaces, buildings and bridges 

and all Electrical and Electromechanical equipment.

Last but not least, specialized and trained AKTOR employees 

are on the road 24/7, ready to intervene or assist Traffic Po-

lice, Fire Services, National First Aid Centre, Roadside Assis-

tance, etc. whenever appropriate. The overall quality of their 

work is what makes AKTOR proud of our people, as this was 

also praised by our contractor, Egnatia Odos SA.


Egnatia Odos Motorway; 

Connecting the past to the future

AKTOR is responsible for operation and maintenance works of Egnatia Odos Motorway 

and its vertical axis, i.e. the road connecting Greece’s western to eastern gateways, covering 

a total of 840 km.

AKTOR focused primarily to achieving 

the highest possible speed records, 

making sure at the same time that 

the motorway complies with the most 

advanced safety measures.



























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