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API - Subcommittee on Aboveground Storage Tanks


Fall Refining Meeting – San Francisco

October 30, 2006 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM
MEETING MINUTES (amended 11/8/2006)

Chairman Intro – Aims for this meeting

  • Continued progress on right TG personnel

  • Confirm decisions made Oct 5 (since there were a number of persons at this mtg that were not at Oct 5 meeting).

  • Discuss recommendation & plan to CRE for this TG to continue and to prepare a new std.

  • Review and continue progress on organization and contents of the API “RT” document


The following individuals attended:

Doug Miller (chairman) CB&I

Jack Blanchard CB&I

Larry Hiner CB&I

Tom Lorentz AEC Engineering

Steve Braune Tank Industry Consultants

Masaki Takahashi IHI

John Farrell BP

Kah-Kan Chan Matrix

David Nasab KBR

Dave Roepke TIW

Bhana Mistry TIW

Randy Kissell TGB

Jiping Qui ExxonMobil

Ramesh Gandhi ExxonMobil

Jack Mooney consultant

Richard Whipple Fluor

Review of July-Aug 2006 discussions on Standardization Needs

  • D Miller conducted this review. Refer to Oct 5 minutes

Reports of Developments in Related Standards

  • NFPA59A

  • ACI 376 - 2007 completion, 2008 pass & publish

  • EN14620 – Sept 2006 issue

  • EEMUA – planning to write a std to include concrete primary containers.

Relationship between American LT&C Standards and Organization of API LT&C Standards

  • D Miller reviewed discussion held at Oct 5 meeting

  • Chart D which selected at Oct 5 meeting was confirmed at this meeting

Review scope of coverage in API “RT” and needed changes within API 620

  • Mostly D Miller reported on first cut list from Oct 5 mtg

  • A few changes were made based on discussion.

  • Blast discussed at length. It was decided that blast would not be specifically named.

  • Attached are lists as of conclusion of mtg.

Review of API “RT” draft outline

  • Time did not permit much progress on this.

  • Only change from Oct 5 result was to change to standard section numbering as in other API tank stds, i.e.1-scope, 2-references, 3-definitions)

Review intended schedule for TG work.

  • Attached is schedule handout.

  • Conclusion is that this schedule is aggressive but possible.

Recommendation to CRE

  • Recommendation made to API Committee on Refinery Equipment (CRE) to create new standard according to org structure D. (Approval was received later in the San Francisco mtgs.)

Schedule of Next Meetings

January 25, 2007 at Bechtel – Houston (all day)

April 16, 2007 API S06 meeting in Seattle
Action Items

All task group members need to give careful review to the draft lists and outline produced to date. We need all suggestions for additions and changes submitted to the chairman before end of 2006 so that we can agree on a near-final outline at the Jan 24 meeting.

  1. Review/comment on the draft scope of coverage

  2. Review/comment on the draft “RT” outline

  3. Review/comment on the draft list of API 620 changes

  4. Indicate sections or topics in the “RT” document that you could draft.

  5. Indicate sections or topics in API 620 that you could revise.

  6. Distribute compendium of suggested changes to lists and outline to be discussed on Jan 25.

All TG members

All TG members

All TG members

All TG members

All TG members
Doug Miller

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