An Apple of Discord a humorous performance made by

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An Apple of Discord

  • A humorous performance made by

  • the pupils of Irida School

The task :

  • developing communicative skills

  • Aims :

  • developing creative activities

  • improving language skills

  • forming sustained motivation to study English

  • enriching knowledge of English literature

1. Zeus 7. Poseidon 2. Hera 8. Hermes 3. Erida 9. Cupid 4. Apollo 10. Paris 5. Afina 11. Dionis 6. Afrodita 12 - 13 Muses

  • Hera : Where have you been ? How could you fly without me? Erida has done such bad things ! Oh, such a naughty girl ! In a word, she is the Goddess of squabbles. And nobody can stand up for me.

  • Zeus : My dear Hera. Will you yield to anyone in quarrels ? I wouldn`t be Zeus if there were anyone on Earth better than you in quarrels.

  • Hera : What do you want to say ? Am I a gossip? You are walking days and nights. And I`m alone without you.

  • Zeus : Oh, my dear Hera, stop shouting.

  • Hera : No, let all the

  • people hear ! I`ll not be

  • silent any more.

Apollo : What is the matter, Dad ? Is my mother quarrelling again ?

  • Apollo : What is the matter, Dad ? Is my mother quarrelling again ?

  • Zeus : Oh, that`s only an idle talk. Let her do it.

  • Afrodita : Have you heard ? Have you heard ? We are all invited to the wedding party. The King of the Earth is getting married to a goddess. My arrows still shoot very well.

  • Hera : Hush ! Why are you talking so loudly ? If this naughty girl hears, you will have much trouble.

  • Apollo : She is a really such a girl.

  • Zeus: Children ! Come here !

ALL : What ? What has happened ? A wedding party ? We`ll have a lot of fun. Afrodita, you are really a good girl. Erida: They think that I am either deaf or silly. Hera, we`ll see who will laugh the last. And without the results.

Hermes : What`s this ? How did this apple appear here ? Oh, but there is something written on it. The…, the…best… the most beautiful. All the Goddesses : It`s for me ! It`s for me ! Afina : I am the most beautiful. Hera : No, my dear daughter. I`m the most beautiful. I`m the most important woman on the Olympus. I`m your father`s wife. That`s why the apple is mine, isn`t it , my dear ? Zeus : But I..I..I

Hera : What I ? What I ? Tell me please : Who is the best and the most beautiful ?

  • Hera : What I ? What I ? Tell me please : Who is the best and the most beautiful ?

  • Zeus : Something is wrong with my eyes. I don`t see anything.

  • Hera : Uh, a coward.

  • Erida : It serves you right. It serves you right.

  • Muse 1. Look here, Erato ! It`s a pity that Melpomena and Taliya didn`t go with us because there will be both a comedy and tragedy here now.

  • Muse 2 : Yes, I see. If goddesses quarrel, I`ll not be singing songs about love and you, Terpsichore, will not be dancing any more.

  • Muse 1. Yes, Erato. When Gods quarrel, it`s better for us, nymphs, to hide ourselves, Appolo, may we go away ?

Muse 2. But why ? We shall yield to none in our beauty, shan`t we ? Zeus : Oh, Apollo! You are God, the appreciator of beauty. You must judge. Apollo : Me ? Well, you see, Father, I`m not keen on woman`s beauty. I`m keen on poetry. May be it`spossible for my uncle Poseidon ? Poseidon : I`m keen only on nymphs and mermaids. Let Hermes do it ! Hermes : No, no. Thank you for such trust. But I`m only keen on trade.

Dionis : May I treat you some to some wine ?What are you talking about ?

  • Dionis : May I treat you some to some wine ?What are you talking about ?

  • ALL : About the most beautiful lady.

  • Dionis : About the most beautiful lady ? Oh, you take a great responsibility for doing it. You can`t do it. A detached on – looker can do it.

  • ALL : But who ?

  • Dionis : The person who comes the first.

Erida : Everything has failed. You, you, winemaker, with all you goats, you`ll see. You`ll know what`s what. Eurika , Paris ! I`ll give you a lesson. Hold on, winemaker ! Hera : Look here, young man ! Do you want to be a King, a Lord, a clever ruler ? Afina : Paris, if you give me this apple, you will never be defeated in the battle. Afrodita : Paris, choose me please. Why do you ant all these things ? Choose me, please, anf the most beautiful woman in the world will love you. ( Cupid eats the apple)

Erida : Oh, my God ! What have you done ? What have you done ? All : No…. Cupidon : It was so tasty ! Erida : And who will rewrite the story again ?

To be continued…..

Yüklə 445 b.

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