Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies

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Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies Comparative Table

Animal Farm


Lord of the Flies


  • Napoleon does not show loyalty to the animals that work for him. Only thinking about ways to benefit himself. Impact on others didn’t matters.

  • Squealer is loyal to Napoleon. Doesn’t want to get on Napoleon’s bad side. Motivated by self-preservation and privileges. Attracted to power and Napoleon has that power.

  • Animals are loyal to Napoleon as the leader. They excuse things that have changed because they assume that Napoleon is right. They also believe in Napoleon because they don’t want to go back to the way things were with Mr Jones.

  • Moses is loyal to Mr Jones. Omnipresent observer.

  • Piggy is loyal to Ralph because Ralph shows him kindness.

  • Each ‘gang’ has loyalty to their leader but that loyalty changes as Jack’s tribe becomes more powerful.

  • Ralph was loyal to his belief and refused to join Jack. Ralph not corrupted by power. He has a strong sense of right and wrong.

  • Twins are loyal to each other. Sam and Eric (Samneric)

  • Jack’s confidence encourages loyalty. The boys are scared and are looking for a leader. Jack is more authoritative. He promises short term benefits. Ralph was more interested in longer term benefits.


  • Pigs change the rules and behave like the humans that they initially despised.

  • The Commandments are changed over time to benefit the pigs. These changes are explained to the animals as always existing.

  • Boys innocence is corrupted. Their childlike innocence is lost the longer that they are alone. Morals are corrupted.

  • Jack use power for personal gain rather than the benefit of the group.


  • Napoleon, Old Major, Snowball, Boxer (?). Strength leads to them taking on the role of leaders.

  • Assumed that the pigs would take control. Pigs were considered smarter than the other animals. They used this to their benefit.

  • Old Major left the speech for the other animals to follow.

  • Ralph was voted as leader originally and everyone supported that decision. Vote by acclamation.

  • Jack challenges Ralph’s leadership over the priorities on the Island.

  • Jack’s leadership thrived because he was addressing the immediate needs of the boys.

  • Ralph is a better leader but Jack is more aggressive. Being stranded, the aggression was more attractive.


  • Power is abused by those who have it, starting with Mr Jones and his neglect of the animals and lack of consequences. Napoleon abuses his power by manipulating the pigs and other animals.

  • Jack’s power comes from the majority of support of the boys.

  • Power can change morals and logic. Killing of Piggy.

  • Lack of consequences leads to an abuse of power.

  • Jack demonstrate power by inviting the others to come for food.


  • Animals try to help Boxer. Boer is values for his hard work.

  • Fear of not surviving leads to the animals following the pigs. They think that they need the pigs to survive.

  • Napoleon using Boxer. He works for Napoleon and that is the reason that he survives.

  • Kids turn to killing in order to survive which is against their normal behaviour.

  • Survival is not dependent on killing. Ralph survives without compromising his morals.


  • Mollie doesn’t have a sense of belonging on the farm.

  • Being led by one of their own gave them a greater sense of belonging.

  • Piggy’s sense of belonging is limited to Ralph. He is easily victimised by the others.

  • Piggy is sacrificed so that the others can maintain a sense of belonging.

  • Ralph and Piggy are excluded from Jack’s group.


  • Pigs take more than they are giving to the other animals.

  • Greed of power.

  • Piggy’s classes are taken because of the desire for fire.


  • Animals are naive when they blindly obey Napoleon and don’t see the corruption that is taking place.

  • Fear drives the boys to kill Simon.

  • Piggy believes that doing things the way the grown ups would have done it was sufficient.

Lord of the Flies Quotes

“We’ve just got to work together.”

“It doesn’t matter who is in charge.”

“my gang”

“The chief has spoken.”

“It wasn’t our fault.”

“There was nothing we could do. There were too many of them.”

“We did everything just the way the grownups would have. Why didn’t it work?”

“You’re just another one of his slaves.”

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