Appel user account and user rights management

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APPEL user account and user rights management







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1. Introduction 3

1.1. Scope 3

2. APPEL Authentication system 3

2.1. Overview 3

2.2. Create your ECAS user account 4

2.3. Activation of your ECAS user account – username/password creation 7

3. Apply to the FPA - NOT ECHO Partners 8

4. Access APPEL for ECHO Partners 8

4.1. Connect to APPEL 8

4.2. Request for APPEL user rights 10

5. Managing user rights for your organisation 11

5.1. Manage received requests for user rights 11

5.2. Create a user 12

6. Troubleshouting 13

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APPEL is the application for electronic exchange of information between DG ECHO and its partners (NGOs, International Organizations, and United Nations Organizations). It is used by DG ECHO partners to update data relating to their organisation and to manage projects through the e-SingleForm. APPEL is also used by NGOs willing to become a DG ECHO partner to submit an application for partnership. The usage of APPEL is protected by a two level system: authentication and authorisation. The authentication system implemented for connecting to APPEL is based on the “European Commission Authentication System” (ECAS) which aims at facilitating the communication between the European Commission and external organisations. It allows these organisations to access and manage safely different protected databases of the European Commission with a unique username and password per person. The authorisation system then allows each partner to manage its own users regarding the access to the data and the actions each user can perform in APPEL.


This document provides guidelines for the creation of a user account (authentication) and the management of user rights (authorisation) for the use of APPEL.

2.APPEL Authentication system


The APPEL authentication system is based on ECAS, the European Commission Authentication System.

For accessing APPEL you need an ECAS user account. An ECAS user account is in fact a username and a password (login). To create an ECAS user account, you just need to have your own email address and follow the steps described bellow under chapter 2.2. An ECAS user account is always linked to an email address. In case your email addresses changes, you'll have to update your ECAS account accordingly.

Users already having an ECAS user account, which they might have created before to access another European Commission information system, do not need to create a new one. They are invited to step over to chapter 3.

2.2.Create your ECAS user account

Go to the APPEL homepage ( and click on "Register in ECAS"

Check the domain. It should be external. If not, change the domain by using the link "change it" at the bottom of the connexion screen.

Click on "Sign up for ECAS"

Introduce the data that identifies you in the User Registration Form and submit it

If not provided, your username will be created using part of your First name and Last name.

You will receive an activation email at the email address you have just provided while completing the user registration form. Follow the email instructions to finalise the activation of your ECAS user account.

Please note that you are given a limited period of time (currently set to 1H30) to activate your ECAS user account. The email is sent out immediately after you have submitted the User Registration Form. Depending on your internet provider, it may happen that the activation email is delayed before being delivered in your mail box. Therefore, we recommend you check up regularly your mailbox during one and a half hour following your registration as ECAS user.

2.3.Activation of your ECAS user account – username/password creation

Check the email account that you provided previously as your personal "email" on the ECAS user registration form (see chapter .)

Read the email with the subject "Your password/Votre mot de passe" (check your spambox as well)

Click on "this link" in order to obtain your username and create your password

Write down your username, create your password and click on "Submit"

Your ECAS user account is now activated. You can access APPEL but your user rights still need to be defined for APPEL.

If your organisation is currently an ECHO partner, go to chapter 4 to learn how to get your APPEL user rights.

If your organisation is not an ECHO partner and wants to apply to the FPA (Framework Partnership Agreement), go to chapter 3.

If you do not manage to activate your ECAS user account in time, you will get the following message.

3.Apply to the FPA - NOT ECHO Partners

Your organisation is not an ECHO partner and has not already started to complete the FPA questionnaire. You already have an ECAS user account. (If you don't, see chapter 2).

Go to the APPEL homepage ( and click on "Connect to APPEL"

Check the domain. It should be external. If not, change the domain by using the link "change it" at the bottom of the connexion screen. (see )

Enter your ECAS username/password and click on Submit

You are connected to APPEL, Click on the link "Register your organisation to become candidate to the FPA" and complete the registration form.

4.Access APPEL for ECHO Partners

As an ECHO partner, you should have created an ECAS user account. If not, please see chapter 2.

4.1.Connect to APPEL

Your organisation is signatory of the FPA. You already have an ECAS username and password.

Go to the APPEL homepage ( and click on "Connect to APPEL"

Check the domain. It should be external. If not, change the domain by using the link "change it" at the bottom of the connexion screen.

Enter your ECAS username/password and click on Submit

If you already have been granted user rights for APPEL by your organisation's user rights administrator, you will immediately have access to the APPEL menu according to these user rights.

If the user rights administrator for your organisation did not already grant you your user rights, you first need to request their activation for APPEL in order to be allowed to enter/consult data. (see chapter 4.2)

If you already requested for APPEL user rights but your user rights administrator did not yet validate your user rights, you will get the following screen where you can see that you have requested for user rights for the listed organisation(s).

4.2. Request for APPEL user rights

Click on "Request for APPEL user rights".

Choose a search criterion. If you search by Organisation's name, enter your organisation's full name or part of the name and click on "Request". You can select another search criterion in the dropdown list "Search by".

Confirm your choice.

If you will act as user rights administrator for your organisation, please check "yes". The user rights administrator is responsible for managing the user rights of the organisation's staff: creation, modification and deletion. DG ECHO is in charge of the management of the User Rights Administrators for all partners, based on validated documents provided by the partners.

In order for ECHO to activate your access as User Rights Administrator, your organisation will have to provide DG ECHO with the following documents:

  • A declaration related to the User Rights Administrator(s) signed by the legal representative of the organisation and by the User Rights Administrators, authorising DG ECHO to create or delete usernames with this role,

  • A Charter establishing the rights and obligations of the APPEL Users signed by each of the User Rights Administrators to be created.

The User Rights Administrator will be informed through an email on the receipt of his/her charter and on the activation of his/her user rights.

5.Managing user rights for your organisation

Each organisation is responsible for the management of its own staff user rights. This is done by a limited set of persons nominated by ECHO for that activity after being proposed by their organisation. They are known as APPEL user rights administrators.

As such, they will have access to an additional functionality through the "Manage user rights" hyperlink.

The user rights administrator has two ways for managing user rights. Either he/she waits until a user requests some user rights for using APPEL, or he/she gives proactively user rights to some staff members of the organisation.

5.1.Manage received requests for user rights

You received an email with subject "Appel – New user rights request" telling that Mr X has asked for APPEL user rights, connect to APPEL and click on "Manage user rights".

      1. Check for the name of the person (here Paul-emanuel)

      1. If you allow the requester the use of APPEL, check the appropriate roles among the following ones (you can check more than one):

  • The Administrative role is needed to be authorized to modify the organisation's administrative data. With the administrative role, you cannot manage E-SingleForms.

  • The reader role only allows the user to consult information in APPEL. The user cannot encode, modify or send data to ECHO. It is possible to consult E-SingleForms.

  • The Encoder role grants the right to encode or modify E-SingleForms in APPEL in addition to the consultation of all available information.

  • The Sender role makes it possible to send E-SingleForms to ECHO. It also includes the same capability as the Encoder role.

Save the data, an email will be automatically sent to the requester informing him of the outcome of his request.

      1. If you refuse the request, click on "Reject" in front of the name. You are asked to give a justification for the refusal. An email will inform the requester of your decision.

Click on Reject to send the email.

5.2.Create a user

You want to grant user rights to someone in your organisation who did not yet make a request for user rights , click on here

      1. Complete the three fields bellow,

You need to know the email address of that person.

Make sure the email address is valid, belongs to that user and that the user will use this email address to create his ECAS user account.

Click on CREATE

Check the appropriate role for that person (see 1.1.1). That person will be informed by email that she was granted new user rights for APPEL.


In case you forgot your password, did not activate your ECAS user account in time, or never received the ECAS confirmation email, please follow the link "Having problems registering or logging in for the first time" and follow the instructions.

Remember that the selected domain for accessing APPEL should always be "EXTERNAL"

In case nothing helps, please contact our IT Support:

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