April Cook: Executive Director Dr. David Cook

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2012 Annual Report February 2012

Lake Norman Community Health Clinic

Message from the Chairman

April Cook: Executive Director

Dr. David Cook: Medical Director

Ileana Rivera: Receptionist/ Referral Specialist

Marilyn Smith: Nurse Practitioner

Sabrina McCluskey: Nurse Practitioner

Kim Smith: CMA

Nancy Hutton: Registered Nurse

Terisita Gaiton: Registered Nurse


Board members

April Cook


Liz Thomason

Vice President

Robin Hecht


Beth Zuhosky


Grace Murray

Alex Bishop

Dr. John Black

Tanya Blackmon

Sylvia Warren

Tami Guerrier

Pat Campbell

Laure Griswell

Gino Francovig

Lucy Sidenspinner

Change, uncertainty, and not having enough time to deal with either one can cause great stress and anxiety; however, they can also create excitement, newness, and even allow for improvements. Parts of the Affordable Care Act have been implemented with full implementation occurring in 2014. We are continuing monitoring these changes and the impacts that these changes are having on our patients. Because our state did not expand Medicaid, our medical services continue to be in great demand. We provided over 7200 patient appointments in 2012, which was a 8% increase in appointments from 2011. These appointments were provided to1500 individual patients; 547 of these were brand new patients to the clinic.

As we move forward in 2013, we will be expanding our services to include group chronic disease visits as well as group nutrition classes for pre-diabetics. Our chronic disease program continues to be one of our most successful programs. We now have over 300 individuals enrolled in the program which includes: diabetic education, nutrition classes, cooking classes, and a minimum of four appointments with a medical provider. Blood pressure and A1c outcomes of these individuals are being tracked to show overall improvements in patient health!
Lastly, we still need volunteers and donor dollars to continue caring for the uninsured in our community. Our success has been directly attributed to individuals and organizations in this community that believe in our mission. To those individuals, we say Thank You! With all the changes coming in 2013/14, we know we are still the most comprehensive medical safety net provider in North Mecklenburg County and it will take all of us working together to make a difference in the lives of our uninsured neighbors.
On a personal note, I will be stepping down as the Chairman of the Board. I am truly grateful for all the support that has been given to me during these past 13 years of service. This past decade, we have grown from our humble beginnings seeing patients in the back of a grocery store, to the basement of First Baptist Church to a beautiful free standing facility. This change will enable me to serve as the Executive Director in a full time capacity. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Alex Bishop will be taking over this position with great passion for our mission and tremendous leadership skills to address all these new changes in healthcare.

April Cook


to provide high quality medical care to uninsured and underinsured families and individuals in a manner that is professional, timely and respectful. We strive to empower each of our volunteers to make a positive and healthful impact on the lives of those we treat; thereby helping to create hope for a healthier and happier life.

Quick Facts:

  • In 2011, nearly 50 million people in America under the age of 65 were uninsured (Kaiser Family Foundation)

  • As indicated by healthcare.org, North Carolina has seen a 5 % increase in the amount of uninsured over the last 5 years.

  • There are nearly 1.6 million people in North Carolina that are uninsured. These residents come from every socioeconomic background, region, and education level. (Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina)

  • According to countyhealthrankings.org, 21 % of residents in Mecklenburg County are without health insurance in 2011.

  • The uninsured receive less preventative care and screening than those with insurance. (KFF)

  • More than three-quarters of the uninsured come from working families—61% are from families with at least one full-time employee and 16% are from families with part-time employees. (KFF)

  • Those without insurance are 4.5 times more likely to have diabetes, have 30% more likely to have high blood pressure, and 50 % more likely to have high cholesterol. (BCBSNC)

  • Nearly 75% of the uninsured did not seek medical care in the last year due to the cost. (KFF)

  • As stated by the North Carolina Institute of Medicine, Latinos adults are disproportionately more likely to go without healthcare (54%). This statistic is in line with the services rendered at our clinic with 40% of our clients being Latino.

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has cited some of the leading causes of illness and death among Hispanics, these include heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. These chronic conditions can be caught early and even prevented with proper healthcare access.

2012: A year in review

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Primary Care Clinic

Onsite Lab

Orthopedic Clinic

Women’s Clinic

Diabetic Counseling

Nutrition Classes

Breast Self-Exam Classes

Spanish Interpreters

Specialty Referrals

Physical Therapy

Chiropractic Services

2012 Achievements

The total estimated dollar value of services/procedures provided by LNCHC in 2012 is $1,379,948! This number was determined using UCR Common Code Values, the average wholesale price of prescribed medications dispensed through a third party pharmacy and the estimated value of ancillary services provided.

LNCHC offer 7200 patient appointments in 2011

Through a partnership with MedAssist, LNCHC provided over $235,649 of prescription medication to patients at no cost!

The Peninsula Foundation awarded LNCHC with a donation of $25,000

The Rotary Club of Lake Norman Wine Spectacular raised $15,000 for the clinic!

Volunteers provided over 5190 hours of service.

Federal Tort Claims Act continues to provide malpractice coverage for the clinic.

LNCHC continues to hold the Level 3 Accreditation status awarded by the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics.

2012 Statistics

To the Lake Norman Community Health Clinic,
I would like to say how much of a God send you all have been to me. About two years ago, I was in need of healthcare and I did not have health insurance. I happened to watch Dr. OZ one day and he was saying how people do not have to suffer in silence by not having health insurance. Dr. Oz really stressed how there are Clinic's in each state and community where you can go to get the help you need. I did my research and realized Lake Norman Community Health Clinic was close to my house and so I called immediately. The staff treated me so kindly and I felt like I was in a private health care office. My health needs were treated by awesome physicians and since then I have been telling others. Times are hard these days, but a person's health should not be compromised.

Patient Visits



Acute Care



Chronic Care



Women’s Clinic



Orthopedic Appointments



Physical Therapy



Follow Up






Diabetic Education/ Nutrition Classes






Total Patient Visits



Volunteer Hours



Lake Norman Community Health Clinic | 14230 Hunters Rd. Huntersville NC 28078 | phone 704.947.6858 | fax 704.947.6859

Goals for 2013

  • Implement EPIC, an electronic medical record system.

  • Evaluate a Hybrid Model to potentially become a Medicaid site as well as continue offering care for the uninsured.

  • To offer a 6 month education class to pre-diabetics to prevent the onset of diabetes.

  • Renovate lobby by adding 2 additional offices.

The Lake Norman Community Health Clinic is grateful for the support we have received from local hospital systems, primary care providers, specialist and other medical professionals that provide services to our patients. In particular we would like to thank Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville, Solstice Labs and Charlotte Medical Center-University for the support they have provided in the past year. We would also like to recognize Novo Nordisk for providing over $63,534 worth of insulin for our diabetic patients in 2012! Partnerships like these are what make LNCHC’s mission possible.

Financial Position

Total income for 2012 was $873,091 of which $769,898 was utilized. Figure 1displays each category of income and the percent of total income each category consists of. This is the first year we have taken into account the value of medical services, procedures, medicines, and labs that are donated by individuals, hospitals, and physicians. This amount is marked as Contributed Services and accounts for the majority of our budget. These services are directly responsible for our continued success.

Figure 2: 2012 Income Compared to 2010 Income

Figure 2 displays categories of income Lake Norman Community Health received and how those levels have changed from 2011. Again, contributed services were not being measured before 2011. There was a decrease in all levels of income in 2012, especially in grant income. This trend is happening across the board to the majority of nonprofits. Grantors are cutting back on maintaining sustainability and are funding primarily new programs or expansions. Sustainability has to come from the community. We have been very fortunate to have always met our obligations while providing quality care to our patients. We will continue to look for new funding sources as well as new business models for sustainability.

Figure 3 displays how income was distributed within our organization. For every dollar donated, over $4 went directly into patient care. Because we paid off the mortgage on our facility in 2010, our overhead remains quite low. The majority of our expenses pay for salaries. However, by increasing our staff, we were able to grow our practice by two-thirds; thereby, increasing the number of patients from 500 to over 1500 individuals served in 2012!

Donors and grantors

Donors and Grantors

Ginger Anklin

Joe and Linda Bandieramonte

Bank of America

Emory Bass

Terri Lynn Bennett

Jennifer Black

Tanya Blackmon

Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Cherlene Swords Boob

Lynn Brittain

Juanita Broome

Carolinas Medical Center

Christen Marie Csuy

Jan Daubener

Davidson United Methodist Church

The Duffys

Ed Stubbs Foundation

Clare Erickson

Linda Erickson

Terry Fair

First Baptist Church Huntersville

Chris and Maria Friscia

David Garrett

Grace Covenant Church

Laurie Griswell

Nancy Gunn

Barbara Harding

Diane Hamilton

Carolyn Hart

Eva Hartman

Jim Hicks

Lakeside Family Physicians, Cornelius

Lakeside Family Physicians, Rosedale

Julie and Shawn Lemond

McColluch England

Meadowlake Presbyterian Church

Metrolina Greenhouses

Scott Moore

Neils Pharmacy

NC Association of Free Clinics

Office of Rural Health

Stephen Oliver

Peninsula Foundation

Peninsula Yacht Club

Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville

Todd and Leesa Sluder

St. Mark Catholic Church

Michael Schell

Cynthia Sminchalc

Carolyn Smith

Susan G Komen

Tom and Sandra Turner

Sylvia Warren

Dr. Larrry Weems

Kristen Wohlford


Natalia Acosta-Rosario

Dr. Aram Alexanian

Nancy Aragon

Linda Baker

Dr. Loveleen Barringer

Dr. Beaver

Alex Bishop

John Black

Tanya Blackmon

Angel Blackburn

Nancy Bondurant

Diane Braswell

Bernice Breeden

Lynn Brooke

Kathy Brooks

Sandra Brown

Kathleen Burkinshaw

Sara Burkinshaw

Mary Kay Caccese

Pat Campbell

Dr. R Henry Capps

Stephanie Cherry

Aaron Cook

April Cook

Dr. David Cook

Rachel Cook

Jan Daubener

Phillip Deal

Ankita Desai

Dr. Brain Devine

Marie Dexter

Dr. Ken Edel

Jane Edminston

Dr. Bryan Edwards

Brenda Fay

Dr. Mike Finlon

Connie Fisher

Dr. Dane Floberg

Gino Francovig

Teresita Gaiton

Dr. Joe Garcia

Zuny Gonzalez

Dr. Sara Goodman

Marilia Gray

Laurie Griswell

Tami Guerrier

Nancy Gunn

Pat Harder

Valerie Havas

Robin Hecht

Ana Herrera

Carolyn Hill

Dick Hill

Hilda Hind

Jim Hooper

Nancy Hutton

Hina Khatri

Dr. Jess Kirby

Leena Koshy

Cindy Ledbetter

Adriana Lever

Valerie Lewis

Dr. Gina LiCause

Don Liebner

Julie Lienghot

Liliana Lindgren

Alan Maness

Ginger Maness

Douglas Martin

Judy Martin

Alice McClain

Bolanle Metika

John and Kim Matuska

Dr. Barbara Meyer

Tiffany Miller

Grace Murray

Stephen Myers

Nelson Naviaz

Antoinette Olson

Dr. Rebecca Panuski

Amy Parker

Priya Patel

Dr. Mary Anne Patti

Belinda Post

Marcela Preciado

Amy Randolph

Gina Ricca

Isabel Rivera

Jacob Rivera

Lucy Seidenspinner

Dr. M. Sherrill

Dr. William Sherrill

Dr. Schrader

Chanique Smith

Garrett Smith

Dr. Scott Smith

Jo Stone

Brenda Stubbs

Dennis Swanick

Iris Swanick

Bruce Terrill

Dr. Mike Thomas

Liz Thomason

Daphne Townsley

Sonia Trembly

Gladys Truesdell

Midge Vanderbilt

Dr. Ricardo Vargas

Sylvia Warren

Maria Wilson

Amy Williams

Dr. Chris Wolff

Dr. Chris Zagar

Beth Zuhosky

Dr. Joe Zuhosky

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Lake Norman Community Health Clinic | 14230 Hunters Rd. Huntersville NC 28078 | phone 704.947.6858 | fax 704.947.6859

Lake Norman Community Health Clinic | 14230 Hunters Rd. Huntersville NC 28078 | phone 704.947.6858 | fax 704.947.6859

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