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  1. What types of words have been omitted?

  2. Why do you think these words have been omitted?

Answer key: (words not heard are in parentheses) Interviewer: So, uh, how long have you been in London? Interviewee: (I have been in London) two weeks.

Interviewer: (Is that) really (true)? So what do you do?

Interviewee: (I study) graphic design (at) Camberwell School of the Arts. Interviewer: So, (this is) your first two weeks?

Interviewee: (Yes, this is my) first two weeks. It’s quite a big impact. (London is) very big, (there are) lots of people, and it’s quite expensive as well.

Discussion questions (possible answers):

  1. Subjects (nouns) and main verbs have been omitted.

  2. The meaning is clear from the context. The people are speaking casually.

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