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Interview project

Another way to raise students’ awareness of the role of spoken grammar in authentic speech is to ask them to complete a project where they interview and record an advanced or native speaker of English and then tran- scribe the conversation. After identifying the elements of spoken grammar that were taught in class, students give a presentation in which they play the recording, highlight the charac- teristics of spoken grammar in their transcript, and discuss with the class. Again, this type of project helps students apply what they learned in class to real, authentic speech and highlights the role of spoken grammar in everyday conversation. As an example of this project, Table 8 contains a short excerpt from an English podcast (video and transcript can be found at Luke’s English Podcast, http://

Instructions: Put the following phrases into the appropriate column of the chart below. Then add two more phrases for each category.

1. by the way 2. sort of 3. a bit 4. speaking of 5. a little bit 6. you know 7. stuff like that

8. kind of 9. I mean 10. as I was saying 11. or something 12. quite a lot of 13. plenty of

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