Artist in the wilderness application

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Name _____________________________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________

Phone (______)_________________________ (______)_________________________
Email ___________________________________________________________________________
Artistic Medium _________________________________________________________________________
Website / Blog __________________________________________________________________________
Have you applied for a VOTW residency before?_____ Have been selected for a VOTW residency? ______
Where did you hear about Voices of the Wilderness? _____________________________________________
Below, please check the residencies that you are interested in (you can select as many wilderness areas as you wish). Final dates for residency will be discussed when artists are selected in mid-April.

____ Kootznoowoo Wilderness, Tongass National Forest

____ Misty Fiords National Monument Wilderness, Tongass National Forest
____ Nellie Juan-College Fiord Wilderness Study Area (western Prince William Sound), Chugach NF
____ Sitka Ranger District Wilderness Areas: (South Baranof Wilderness or West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness), Tongass NF
____ Tracy Arm-Ford’s Terror Wilderness, Tongass National Forest
____ Tebenkof Bay Wilderness Area, Tongass National Forest
____ Arctic Wilderness, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
____ Aleutian Islands Wilderness, Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
____ Innoko Wilderness, Innoko National Wildlife Refuge
____ Selawik Wilderness, Selawik National Wildlife Refuge
____ Togiak Wilderness, Togiak National Wildlife Refuge
Which wilderness area is your first choice?___________________________________________________
Which wilderness area is your second choice?________________________________________________
Which wilderness area is your third choice?___________________________________________________
(You may be selected to participate in any residency that you checked off above-not just your first, second and third preferences.)
Recommendations: List two people who can speak to why you are an exceptional candidate for this residency. Please do not include written references.



________I agree that:

-I will donate an original piece of artwork resulting from this residency, framed & matted, or otherwise prepared for hanging/display

-I will provide a high resolution, professional quality digital image of this completed artwork.

-I will submit a summary of my community extension and projects/outreach associated with my residency.

-I will complete my donated artwork and community extension within six months of completing my residency.

-I am willing to sign over publishing and reproduction rights for my donated artwork to the US Government.
1. Statement of Purpose: We are seeking artists interested in promoting and celebrating our Alaskan wilderness areas and creating dialogue about the challenges we face in a changing environment. In 4,000 characters or less, address the following:
-Today’s wilderness managers work on a variety of fronts, educating the public, monitoring visitor trends, addressing invasive weeds, even responding to the global challenges of climate change and ocean acidification. As an artist in residence, you may work on projects connected to any of these issues.  Why is this stewardship-based residency appealing to you? How do you see potential for your artwork and community extension to create dialogue about the issues facing our public lands?
Insert your typed essay below (up to 4,000 characters):
2. Artwork Donation and Extension Description: In 4,000 characters or less, please provide a detailed description of your donated project and community extension; multiple ideas for both may be proposed.

-Describe your idea/s for donated artwork with as many details as possible, from concept to medium/s to how it will be finished (matted, framed, etc.) and viewed. Additionally, let us know if you’re willing to work with agencies to develop an educational/promotional concept they’re working on, and describe any ideas on how your artwork donation could be utilized as an educational/promotional resource.
-The extension is to be a presentation in a community of your choice where you would share the experiences of your residency, as well as highlight the importance of public lands. You would also discuss how the wilderness and your work with wilderness specialists inspired you as an artist and share your creations, both field work and finished products. It may be a public talk/slideshow, a workshop, an art opening, etc. Collaborative projects and programs that coordinate with local schools and organizations are encouraged. The sky is the limit!
Insert your typed essay below (up to 4,000 characters):
3. A description of your physical condition, including any experience camping/traveling in a remote, harsh environment such as Alaska.
Insert your typed essay below (up to 2,000 characters):
4. Is there anything else you’d like to share? Here’s your opportunity!
Insert your typed essay below (up to 2,000 characters):
5. Include one artistic sample of your art on this application that best highlights your work:

-Insert your image on a full page into this electronic application

-This should be a copy from one of your six artistic samples (#2 on the checklist below); this should not be a seventh example

-Include a caption (Title, medium, size)

-Do not include multiple samples, even if you work with multiple mediums

-For writers—include no more than a page of text

-For artists submitting a collaborative application—include one sample if you have a collaborative piece, or two samples if you only have individual works of art.
Please refer to “2018 Information” document to see complete instructions for submitting electronic application.

Checklist for 2018 VOTW submission:
Label subject of email: “Your Last Name - Your Medium”
There should be three attachments included in your email:

  1. This filled out 2018 application

-Save as “Application_Your Last Name”

-Save as “.pdf or .docx” formatting

  1. Six artistic samples in a single document, 5 MB maximum

-One sample per page, not to exceed six pages

-Save as “Samples_Your Last Name”

-Save as “.pdf or .docx” formatting

  1. Resume of no more than two pages, in a single document

-Save as “Resume_Your Last Name”

-Save as “.pdf or .docx” formatting

Applications due by 11:59 Alaska time March 1, 2018
All applicants will be notified by email of final selections by mid-April. Good luck!

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