As of 05 April, 2017(ver. 20) Opening Ceremony of the uw-tu: aos

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As of 05 April, 2017(ver.20)

Opening Ceremony of the UW-TU: AOS

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Memorial Workshop on Next Generation Transport Aircraft: April 12-13, 2017

Memorial Symposium: 3:00-5:00 April 13, 2017

Signing Ceremony of AOS and Reception: April 14, 2017

Reception: 2:00-4:00 April 13, 2017

April 12 (Wed.)

13.00 - 17.00

HUB Room-250, UW



Memorial Workshop on Next Generation Transport Aircraft

  • Numerical simulation and analysis for cost effective aircraft design

  • Opening remarks

Takuma Takahashi

(Deputy Director of Aerospace and Defense Industry Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan) (5min)

  • Title: Introduction of “Development of Numerical Simulation Methods for Cost-Effective Aircraft Design”

Speaker: Shigeru Obayashi

(Director, Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University) (25min)

  • Title: High-fidelity numerical simulation of airfoil flows at non-cruise high Reynolds number conditions

Speaker: Soshi Kawai

(Associate Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering /, Co-director, Next Generation (Jisedai) Aircraft Research Center Tohoku University) (25min)

  • Title: Experimental testing and optimization of tow-steered composites

Speaker: Ryosuke Matsuzaki

(Junior Associate Professor, Department Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo University of Science) (25min)

  • Title: Analytical evaluation of impact damage in circular laminates

Speaker: Hiroshi Suemasu

(Professor, Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Sophia University)

Break (15 min)

  • Composite Materials

  • Title: Effects of the Manufacturing Process on AFP composites

Speakers: Dr. Paul Davidson

( University of Washington)

Nobuo Arai or Don Lee

(Toray Composite Materials America, Inc.) (60min)

Speaker: Mark Tuttle

(Director, AMTAS

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington) (30min)

  • Title: Opportunities and Challenges for Polymer Matrix Composites in Aerospace”

Speaker: Tia Benson Tolle

(Director, Materials and Fabrication

Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Product Development) (30min)

17.00 - 19.00

HUB Room-250, UW

Poster Session on Composite Materials for Aircraft and Aero Space Engineering

Title: Determination of the Elastic Constants of CFRP Using Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy

Presenter: Go Yamamoto

(Associate Professor, Tohoku University)

Title: Continuum damage mechanics modeling of PMC laminates including

transverse cracks

Presenter: Sota Onodera

(Graduate student, Tohoku University)

Title: An attempt to extend skew-symmetric forms to modal discontinuous

Galerkin schemes

Presenter: Hiroyuki Asada

(Graduate student, Tohoku University)

Title: Multiscale Modeling for Evaluation of Free-Surface Effect on Crack Formation in Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Composites Presenter: Yuta Kumagai (Graduate student, Tohoku University)

Title: Multiscale Plasticity Modeling on Mechanical Anisotropy of Advanced Materials Presenter: Yoshiteru Aoyagi (Associate Professor, Tohoku University)

Title: Curved fiber laminating device for processing of tow-steered composites Presenter: Atsushi Shinoda (Graduate student, Tokyo University of Science)

- Title: Some Novel Approach for Strength Improvement of Composite T-Joints Presenter: Shinsaku Hisada (Graduate Student, The University of Tokyo)

April 13 (Thu.)

09.00 – 12:00

HUB Room-250, UW


Memorial Workshop on Composite Materials for Aircraft and Aero Space Engineering

  • Cross - ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) : Innovative Materials for Structure Program

  • Title: Further Development of High Rate Production Innovative Aircraft CFRP and Quality Assurance Technology                   Speakers: Nobuo Takeda and Akira Hamamoto

(TJCC, The University of Tokyo) (30min)

  • Title: Motivation, Status and challenges - Tough and high volume

production-ability CFRP development

Speaker: Toshio Abe

(Churyo Engineering Co., Ltd.) (30min)

  • Title: Multiscale Simulation of CFRP Considering Geometrical Imperfection

Speaker: Akinori Yoshimura

(JAXA) (30min)


  • Title: Optical Fiber Based Intelligent Process Monitoring and Modeling of CFRP Structures

Speakers: Nobuo Takeda and Shu Minakuchi

(TJCC, The University of Tokyo) (30min)

  • Title: Impact Damage Simulations on Composite Laminates

Speakers: Anthony Waas and Solver Thorsson

(William E Boeing Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Washington)(30min)

12.00 – 13:00



15:00 – 17:15

HUB Room-250, UW


Prof. Ohuchi

TOTAL 125~135min

UW-TU:AOS Opening Memorial Symposium

(First Half-Total 54 min talk: 57+3=60 min)

  • Welcome Address

- Prof. Susumu Satomi, President, Tohoku University (3 min)

- Dean of College of Engineering, Michael Bragg, University of

Washington (3 min)

- Dean of College of Engineering, Hirotsugu Takizawa, Tohoku

University (3 min)

- Toray Composite Materials America, Inc. Vice President,

Nobuyuki Odagiri (3min)

  • TU Globalization and collaboration with US

- Prof. Toshiya Ueki, Executive Vice President, Tohoku University (5 min)

  • Goals and Roles of UW-TU:AOS

- Prof. Fumio Ohuchi, Interim Chair of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington (10 min)

  • Keynote Speech:

Japan’s National Project “Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation

Promotion Program” and UW-TU:AOS

  • Prof. Nobuo Takeda, International Initiatives Organization, Tohoku

University / Director, TJCC, the University of Tokyo and Masahiro

Takemura, SIP Director, Structural materials for Innovation, Japan Science

and Technology Agency (JST) (30 min)

(Second Half-Total 56 min talk: 56+9=65 min)

  • UW-TU:AOS’s Strategic Development in Education and Research

Education and Information Exchange

Research Matching in Energy Systems for Transportation

  • Prof. Shigeru Obayashi, Director, Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University (8 min)

  • Prof. Dan Schwartz, Clean Energy Institute, Director, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Washington (8min)

Research Matching in Next Generation Airplane and Space Technology

  • Prof. Anthony Waas, Aerospace and Astronautics Department, University of Washington (8 min)

  • Prof. Kristi Morgansen, Space Research Center, Aerospace and Astronautics Department, University of Washington (8 min)

Research Matching in Natural Hazard and Disaster Engineering

  • Prof. Yamaguchi, Tohoku University, representing Int. Res. Inst. of Disaster Science (IRIDeS) (8min)

  • Prof. Laura L Lowes, University of Washington, Natural Hazard Engineering (8 min)

VIP dinner

April 14 (Fri.)

10.00 – 10:30

Gerberding Hall Conference room

No Public

UW-TU: AOS Signing ceremony

  • Address

  • Prof. Ana Mari Cauce, President of UW

  • Prof. Susumu Satomi, President of TU

  • Mr. Masahiro Omura, Consul General of Japan in Seattle

  • Prof. Toru Tamiya, Director of JSPS San Francisco Office

  • MOU signing

  • Gift Exchange

  • Group photo

*Moderator: Vice Provost Jeffrey Riedinger , UW

- Walk in the campus and visit AOS

- Lunch at the Faculty Club

- Transfer to the Official Residence of Consul General of Japan

14.00 - 16.00

Official residence of Consul General of Japan


23 Highland Drive

Seattle, WA 98109

UW-TU:AOS Reception

Official residence of Consulate General of Japan in Queen Ann.

  • Address

  • Mr. Masahiro Omura, Consul General of Japan in Seattle

  • Prof. Susumu Satomi, President of TU

  • VIP invited by Consulate General of Japan in Seattle

  • Toast

- VIP (Toray would be preferable) invited by TU

  • AOS introduction

  • Prof. Fumio Ohuchi, UW

*Moderator: Associate Executive Vice President Masahiro Yamaguchi , TU

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