Attendees: Shelley Lankford, Audrey, Jerry Borchert, Dan Ayres, Greg Doucette, Nick Adams, Jen Runyan, Neil Harrington, Nick Adams, Vera Trainer

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MERHAB: Lipophilic toxin project meeting

Long Beach, WA

Attendees: Shelley Lankford, Audrey, Jerry Borchert, Dan Ayres, Greg Doucette, Nick Adams, Jen Runyan, Neil Harrington, Nick Adams, Vera Trainer
Training goals:

1. Shellfish analysis methods training - To complete walk through of shellfish analysis method for DSP and AZA that DOH uses with the NWFSC team. Whitney from DOH may be able to attend if she has enough advanced notice. Targeted date is the 3rd week of January 2016). Two injections are needed for shellfish: AZA (non-hydrolyzed) and DSPs (hydrolyzed).

2. SPATT analysis methods training - To have Greg and Xihong (NOS, Charleston) visit to teach the research method to the NWFSC LC/MS team. Targeted date is sometime in March 2016.
Action items:

  • Confirm 3rd week of January for DSP/AZA walk through with DOH Shoreline as they have an EU audit during the 1st week of January. Coordinate with Gina Ylitalo, Denis, Catherine Sloan, BT Eberhart, Penelope Xian, Avi and Shelley Lankford. Whitney from FDA may be able to join the group if she has enough notice. THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED FOR THURSDAY, JAN 21. WHITNEY STUTTS WILL WORK WITH DENIS DASILVA AND CATHERINE SLOAN ON WED, JAN 20.

  • Get Irish AZA samples or send SPATT to Kevin James and Joe Silke as positive controls for the project.

  • Get MeOH extracts and profiles that Jon Deeds sent to Andy James. These potentially contain some unusual AZAs. Jon can send additional description/LC-MS profiles if needed. Contact Berndt Krock to see how these samples may be shipped to him in Germany. Are these samples stabile lyophilized?

  • Contact Chris Miles to see if he can run ELISA. Have Bengt send the samples to Chris if Bengt sees AZAs in the SPATT samples that are sent from us.

  • Jerry check with Crowell residence to see if it’s ok to place SPATT there.

  • BT contact Elena Domingues (Spain) for PP2a kits. Jon said that Abraxis used old data that did not follow ISSC standards and ZEU doesn’t want to do all the validation. So they are waiting for data. Jon thinks that Elena will give us kits in exchange for data. The PP2a extraction method used to be different from the regulatory method. It has now been changed and the regulatory method is used for extraction.

  • Neil asked if we want more frozen DSP samples (yes).

  • Round robin training in January 2016 (including Jon Deeds, Allison from Maine, Matt Forester from AK, Greg Doucette and NWFSC. Shelley Lankford’s team will distribute samples to all labs.

  • Jen Runyan and Nick Adams will coordinate the SPATT and mussel sample collection

  • Sediment samples from Cheryl Greengrove cruises in January 2016. Vera will contact Cheryl to determine sites for sediment sampling.


EU is working on combining DA in the LC/MS method. In the future, it may be possible to analyzed DSPs (need hydrolysis) under negative mode and AZA plus DA under positive mode.

WDOH concentrates samples because of lower sensitivity of their LC/MS. If levels don’t match with others during the round robin, be careful of messaging. The WDOH method currently is protecting public health.

Jon noted that DTX-1 enhances signal due to matrix effects while DTX-2 and OA are suppressed by matrix. This is why DOH doesn’t always pass calibration (standards don’t match).

NWFSC needs to get Azadinium into culture. Brian and Hoo-Jin Kim (visiting scientist from Korea) will work on getting cells to hatch from sediment.

Sampling details and personnel:

Week of June 6 - September 30, 2016

1. Sequim (Crowell residence) - Neil: SPATT (weekly), caged mussels (weekly), other shellfish (twice monthly)

2. Quartermaster Harbor – Karlista Rickerson/Jen Runyan: SPATT and mussels (weekly)

3. Shilshole – Nick and team: SPATT and mussels (weekly)

4. Jarrell Cove- Jen Runyan: SPATT and mussels (weekly)

5. Twin Harbors – Zach Forster: SPATT and mussels (weekly)
Below is the proposed sampling strategy from the proposal that we suggested would be modified as needed. I suggest that we sample more frequently at key sites this year rather than try to sample all sites in the original proposal.

nwclm01691745:users:vera.l.trainer:desktop:screen shot 2015-11-29 at 4.32.01 pm.png

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