Attending: Ken, Anna, Pam, Becky, Tamara, Ruth, Jean, Julie

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AZ AER Full Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Tamara at 4:00 P.M.

Attending: Ken, Anna, Pam, Becky, Tamara, Ruth, Jean, Julie

Not Attending: Jenny, Sunggye

Review of board minutes from last meeting: It was brought up that the name of the fund raising organization that Pam is connected with was indicated with the wrong name. Anna stated she would correct it and send out the minutes to be voted on.


Tamara indicated that if board members use different emails during the summer time, they need to get in contact with Penny Rosenblum to provide this information so they can continue to receive board emails.

Spring workshop:

Anna indicated that the continuing education certificates are continuing to going out and that they should be done today or tomorrow.

Fall conference:

Tamara sent out an email reminding everyone about the fall conference and also included a reminder about the call for papers. Additionally, she will also ask Mary Bean to add a bio and photo on to the conference page for the keynote speaker. She also stated that the keynote speaker asked if she needs to be at the conference for one or two days, and after discussion, the board agreed that she only needs to come one day. Tamara indicated that the keynote speaker would like to have a table where individuals could come talk to her after her keynote address on a one on one basis, and the board agreed that this would be fine.

Changes to continuing education certificate distribution: Becky indicated that she had checked with AER national, and they said we can fill in the number of credits people receive by hand as long as it is on an official certificate.

Keynote speaker fundraising grant: Pam indicated she has not applied for the grant yet. However, she has ideas about what to buy in order to include in a raffle at the fall conference (e.g. fire pit, jewelry). Additionally, she stated that she has a nice hummingbird statue and that she has some other nice door prizes. Tamara indicated that everyone should continue brainstorming about door and raffle prizes. Ruth brought up the idea of whether or not AER national would provide us with a certificate for an AER yearly membership. Tamara indicated she would look into it.

Newsletter: Jean indicated she is going to talk to Diane Shuffled this week about the process she undertook to sell advertising space in the newsletter as a fund raising idea.

Secretary: Anna indicated that she had sent out a list of meeting dates for the full board meetings and program committee meetings.


Advocacy Committee: It was brought to the board members’ attention that Joanne is having difficulty getting in touch with AER national by email in order to set up a chorus call for this committee to meet. Therefore, it was suggested that she or the members of this committee call Mary Bean to set up the time as this is an easier way to get ahold of her.

Membership Committee: Tamara indicated that she gave Jean information about what to send to non-members regarding the benefits of AER membership, and that she had also let her know how to see who is not a member based on the last fall and spring conference registrations. Sunggye will also assist in writing an email to these individuals.

Nominations Committee: Tamara indicated that the call for nominations will go out at end of July or beginning of august for the available board positions that are ending this November.

Awards Committee: Becky indicated that she has sent out emails looking for nominations for the different awards and that information is also on the chapter website.

Memorial committee: Tamara indicated that Rajiv had forwarded an email about sending information regarding AER members who have passed away to national. Becky said she can get the information about Maryjoe Martinez and send it to Julie who will then send it to national. Tamara will look into anyone else who has passed on.

Website: Ken indicated that he had sent the updated policies and procedures to AER national to be placed on the website and also stated that we should take down the space camp information from 2015 because it is not relevant. Ruth indicated that ASDB is training each coop to update their own website and wondered why AER chapters could not do the same?

Adjournment: Tamara made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Jean seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 PM.

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