Audible Listen and learn: Lesson 12 Family affairs (2)

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Audible - Listen and learn: Lesson 12 - Family affairs (2)

Conversation 1

Dave: So, I hear Sam’s getting married.

Ted: No! Really? Is he? Oh, that’s great news!

Dave: Yeah, he met a girl in America, where he’s been living for the past ten years.

Ted: So, when’s the wedding?

Dave: Well, it will probably next year.

Ted: And is it going to be a big white wedding in church?

Dave: I don’t know. Sam’s not very religious. It might be a smaller, civil service.

Ted: Oh, well that’s great to hear, anyway. Danny and Tricia got married last month, actually.

Dave: Is that your cousin Danny?

Ted: Yeah. That’s right. I went to the wedding. It was a theme wedding.

Dave: What’s a theme wedding?

Ted: Well, everyone was dressed up like characters from Batman. It was a Batman theme.

Dave: What do you mean?

Ted: Well, Danny, the groom, he was Batman. His bride, Tricia, she was Catwoman. The best man was Robin. And the other guests were the Joker, Penguin, the Riddler and the other characters. And Danny’s Dad was Commissioner Gordon.

Dave: Well, that was original! What did you go as?

Ted: Well, I was a New York cop.

Dave: Cool!

Conversation 2

Steve: Have you heard the news? Kelly’s had a baby.

June: Oh, wow! Really? Oh, that’s fantastic! What is it – a boy or a girl?

Steve: It’s a girl, actually. She’s called Tina.

June: Oh, that’s a nice name. Oh, God! I’m so happy for her! I should get a present for the baby.

Steve: Oh, that’s a good idea. What are you going to get?

June: Well, maybe a romper suit.

Steve: Yeah, that would be good.

June: Wow! A baby! I should give her a ring and congratulate her.

Steve: Yeah. And Mike.

June: Of course, yeah, Kelly and Mike. They’re a nice couple.

Steve: Yeah, they’re great, aren’t they? … So, what about you and Neil? Are you going to have kids?

June: Oh, that’s a good question. Well, I’d definitely like one, but Neil wants to wait a bit.

Steve: What for?

June: You know, until we’re more financially secure.

Steve: Yeah, I suppose having a baby is a big responsibility, isn’t it?

June: It certainly is.

Conversation 3

Gary: Hey, mate, what’s the matter? You look really sad.

Bill: Oh, hi mate. I’ve had some bad news.

Gary: What happened?

Bill: It’s my Auntie Ivy. She’s passed away.

Gary: Oh, sorry to hear that, mate. Were you close?

Bill: Well, I haven’t really seen her much for the last few years. She’s been living in a care home. But we used to stay with her and my Uncle Bert when we went to the seaside. They lived near Margate.

Gary: Oh, it’s really sad when someone dies. My gran died last year. I felt terrible. So, how old was your auntie?

Bill: She was 96.

Gary: Well, that’s a good age to live to, isn’t it?

Bill: Yeah, I suppose so. She was very ill at the end. She had dementia.

Gary: Ah, that’s terrible. … Well, mate, I’m really sad for you.

Bill: Thanks, mate.

Gary: Do you want another pint?

Bill: Yeah, go on. Let’s drink to the memory of my Auntie Ivy!

Gary: Let’s do that. Good idea. (Any excuse to have a drink… in England.)

Conversation 4

Jimmy: What are you doing this weekend?

Helen: Well, I’m going to a birthday party, actually.

Jimmy: Oh, yeah? Whose is that?

Helen: It’s my sister-in-law. She’s fifty.

Jimmy: Oh, is that Eddie’s sister?

Helen: Yeah, that’s right.

Jimmy: So, is it going to be a big family occasion?

Helen: Well, yeah, probably. All the cousins and the in-laws will be there. But there will also be a lot of her friends, too.

Jimmy: Oh, I like birthday parties! I had a really amazing one for my fortieth.

Helen: Really, what did you do?

Jimmy: I went to Taormina with some friends. We spent the whole weekend having fun, swimming and sunbathing. And then we had a great disco, like all 90s music.

Helen: Oh, that sounds really good! I don’t think my sister-in-law’s party will be like that. We’ll probably just have a glass of wine and a nice dinner.

Jimmy: Well, that’s not a bad way to spend the evening, is it?

Helen: Actually, do you want to come?

Jimmy: Really? Have I just been invited?

Helen: Yes! I’m inviting you.

Jimmy: What time is it?

Helen: Saturday at 6 o’clock. She lives near that new shopping centre just outside town.

Jimmy: Oh, thanks. That’ll be lovely. Er, can you pick me up?

Helen: No problem. Do you still live in that flat near the University?

Jimmy: Yeah, I’m still there.

Helen: OK, I’ll pick you up at about a quarter to six and we’ll go together.

Jimmy: Great! Oh! Do you think I should buy her a present?

Helen: Hm, that’s a nice idea. She’s quite sporty. Maybe you could get her something related to sport?

Jimmy: All right, I’ll have a look on the internet.

Helen: Good idea!

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