Audible Listen and learn: Lesson 9 Sport (2)

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Audible - Listen and learn: Lesson 9 - Sport (2)

Conversation 1

Neil: Hi, mate! Where are you going?

Eric: I’ve got rugby practice.

Neil: I didn’t know you play rugby.

Eric: Yeah. I’m really into it.

Neil: Which team do you play for?

Eric: Just a local team.

Neil: So, what position do you play in?

Eric: Well I’m a prop. But sometimes I play in the second row.

Neil: Wow! I’m impressed. I should really take part in some sport, but I can’t be bothered. I used to go cycling, but I’ve never really done team sports.

Eric: Well, we’re looking for another player, actually. Why don’t you join us?

Neil: Hm, maybe, but rugby’s a bit dangerous, isn’t it?

Eric: Well, a bit. But it’s a lot more dangerous crossing the road!

Neil: Oh, You’re right there!

Conversation 2

Jean: Oh, I’ve spent so much money this month!

Mick: Really? What have you been buying?

Jean: Oh, all the sports kit for the kids. It’s the same at the start of every school year.

Mick: So, what did you get them?

Jean: Well, of course they had to have shorts, trainers and socks. And football shirts.

Mick: So, they all play football, do they?

Jean: Oh, yeah. The boys both play and my daughter wanted to be in the team as well. So, they had to have three pairs of boots as well.

Mick: Yeah, I can see how this could cost a lot.

Jean: Then we needed to get their sports bags. And they have to have the right brand. They won’t use anything if it’s got the wrong brand.

Mick: Yeah, that must add to the cost.

Jean: And then there’s the coaching and club fees. They all go to the after-school sports club and David’s wanted to start swimming as well, so we decided to get him some lessons at the pool.

Mick: Well, I’m sure it will all be worth it. Sport is a really good way to develop your mind and body.

Jean: That’s true.

Mick: And it helps you if you can be part of a team.

Jean: Yeah, that’s a good way of looking at it, I suppose. At least it keeps them out of trouble, doesn’t it?

Mick: Yeah, definitely.


Conversation 3

Len: Hi, mate! You’re looking very happy! What’s happened?

Jeff: Well, I’ve been quite lucky recently. I won quite a lot of money on the horses last week.

Len: Oh, yeah? Do you like betting, then?

Jeff: Hm, now and again. I had a hundred pounds on Silver Dancer in the 3:20 at Aintree. It was an outsider at 10-1, but I really like the name.

Len: And he won the race?

Jeff: Yeah, the favourite was Wild Willy, and Silver Dancer was just behind him – but Wild Willy fell at the last fence – and Silver Dancer crossed the line. I won a grand!

Len: Wow! That’s amazing! Did you celebrate?

Jeff: Yeah, I took the wife out for a lovely meal at Da Maurizio’s.

Len: What, that fancy Italian restaurant near the Grand Hotel?

Jeff: Yeah, that’s the one.

Len: Well, well done, mate! Congratulations!

Jeff: Thanks, mate.

Len: Have you got a tip for me, then?

Jeff: Yeah. Nelson’s Eye in the 4:10 at Haydock Park. It’s 7-1, but the trainer is the same as Silver Dancer.

Len: Oh thanks! I think I’ll put a tenner on Nelson’s Eye, then!

Jeff: OK, great!

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