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Dear PluPrptr2     
Food Safety Audit: DocID – PluBusName2 – PropAddrSL
I am writing following the food safety audit undertaken at the above address on LastAuditDate25L. This audit was undertaken to assess compliance of your food businesses operations in accordance with the Food Act and Food Safety Standards.
Please find enclosed the audit checklist and audit report which summarises the audit. The audit report highlights all the areas where non-conformances were detected, of which you are required to undertake corrective measures.
A follow up audit will be carried out on ReAudit2ndDueDate29L. The items detailed in the attached audit report must be attended to by this time. Please be aware that should items deemed to be a major risk to public health be outstanding at the time of the follow up audit, an Improvement Notice may be served and additional fees will be charged.
Should you wish to discuss the audit findings or any other matter relating to food safety, please contact me on AuditorExt.

Yours sincerely


Food Safety Auditor

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