Audit Sampling Prepared by Murodullo Turdiyev. Group Hba-81i Learning Objectives

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Audit Sampling. Murodullo Turdiyev

Statistical sampling defined

  • Statistical sampling: any approach to sampling that has the following characteristics:
    • Random sample selection
    • Use of probability theory to evaluate sample results, including measurement of sampling risk.
  • Major advantage of statistical sampling over non-statistical sampling methods is defensibility, thorough quantification of sampling risk.

Non-statistical sampling

  • Non-statistical sampling: sampling approaches that do not have all the characteristics of statistical sampling.
  • Major advantage of non-statistical sampling is greater application of audit experience.
  • The basic principles and essential procedures identified in ASA 530 (ISA 530) apply equally to both statistical and non-statistical sampling.

Planning and designing the sample

  • Auditor must consider:
    • Objectives of the audit test (usually related to an audit assertion of interest)
    • Population from which to sample
    • Possible use of stratification
    • Definition of the sampling unit.

Defining the audit objective and population

  • Once the audit objective is specified, such as reliance on controls or misstatement of account balance, the auditor must consider what conditions would constitute an error.
  • The auditor must ensure that the population from which the sample is to be selected is complete and appropriate to the audit objective.


  • Stratification: occurs when the auditor divides the population into a series of sub-populations, each of which has an identifying characteristic, such as dollar value.
  • Can assist with audit efficiency as it allows the auditor to reduce the sample size by reducing variability, without increasing the sampling risk.
  • Can direct auditor’s attention to areas of audit interest, especially risky or material items.

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