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Describe writing Tables

TEACHER- Deyanet Agayev
STUDENT- Fatima Maharramova
Lesson- Foreing Language
Subject- Describe writing Tables

Describe writing Tables

The table illustrates the proportion of national expenditure in Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey on three types of consumer items in 2002.
Overall, the category of consumer goods that all countries spent most on was food, drinks and tobacco, which was three times higher than on the other types of goods. The lowest spending could be seen in the category of leisure and education in all five countries. The outlay of Turkey was generally higher than the other four countries.
In terms of food, drinks and tobacco, Turkey spent the most at 32.14%. The expenditure of Ireland was also high (28.91%) compared to Sweden which spent the least (15,77%). Spain and Italy spent 18.80% and 16.36% respectively. On the other hand, the lowest expenditure was on leisure and education which accounted for under 5% all countries. Turkey spent most on these items at just 4.35% of their national expenditure which is around double that of Spain (1.98%),
Clothing and footwear was the third category of consumer goods and outlays for those items were between 9% in Italy and 5.40% in Sweden. The national spending in this area for the remaining countries averaged around 6.5%.
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