Azərbaycan iqtisadiyyatı Gunay Aliyeva

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Azərbaycan iqtisadiyyatı

Gunay Aliyeva


1. Azerbaijan before independence.

2. First period after the independence (1991-1994)

3. Second period after the independence (1995-2003)

4. Third period after the independence (from 2003): economic development period

5. General assessment of the transition period.

6. Azerbaijan GDP, Annual Growth Rate.

7. Inflation in Azerbaijan(1991-2017). The causes of inflation.

8. Unemployment determinants in Azerbaijan. Employment policy of goverment.

9. Privatization (3 period of privatization): the comparison between public and private sector

10. State budget. Revenues and expenses.

11. Structure of foreign debts of Azerbaijan.

12. Industry, mining industry in Azerbaijan.

13.Electricity sector in Azerbaijan.

14. Agriculture sector in Azerbaijan.

15. Tourism sector in Azerbaijan.

16. Transport and communication sectors in Azerbaijan.

17.Construction sector in Azerbaijan.

18. Service sector in Azerbaijan.

19.Absheron economic region.

20.Ganja-Gazakh economic region.

21. Sheki-Zagatala and Guba-Khachmaz economic regions.

22. Mountainous Shirvan and Lankaran economical regions.

23.Aran economical region.

24. Nakhchivan economical region.

25. Importance of three regional development programs.

26. The economic benefits of partnership with foreign oil companies.

27. The contract of century in figures.

28. Natural gas reserves and economic importance for Azerbaijan(Shahdeniz gas contract).

29. Oil export level and incomes.

30. The impact of the price increase (decrease) on the budget.

31. Oil and gas pipelines in the Black-Caspian seas region and its economic importance for Azerbaijan.

32. Baku-Supsa pipeline's contribution to economic development of Azerbaijan

33. Transport routes of Azerbaijani oil (Baku-Novorossiysk, Baku-Supsa)

34. Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline: the biggest project between Azerbaijan-Turkey-Georgia. Benefits from BTC.

35. Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipeline.

36. TANAP project and its perspective.

37. 4 stages of TANAP project.

38. The socio-economic impacts of oil-led development.

39. The main objectives of the implemented monetary policy in 2016

40. The main directions of the fiscal policy. On revenues and on expenses(2016) .

41. The exchange rate policy of Azerbaijan in 2015 and 2016 (floating exchange rate).

42. The ties with international economic organizations. The level of integration.

43.IMF and Azerbaijan.

44. World Bank and Azerbaijan.

45. EBRD and Azerbaijan.

46. IsDB and Azerbaijan.


48. CIS and Azerbaijan

49. European Union and Azerbaijan (economic relations).

50. Membership in World Trade Organization. Expected benefits and loss.

51. Foreign investments in Azerbaijan. Distribution of foreign investment.

52. The main problems for Azerbaijan, sourced from foreign investments.

53. Investment potential of Azerbaijan. Describe business environment.

54. Negative cases in investment environment.

55. Why we should invest in Azerbaijan.

56. Foreign investments in Azerbaijan’s non-oil sector.

57. Investment opportunities in agriculture sector.

58. Investment opportunities in non-oil sector.

59. Economic relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

60. Volume of trade between Azerbaijan and Turkey (major products)

61.Explain main reasons which cause the hardships of the relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

62. The advantage of Turkish investments in Azerbaijan.

63. Azerbaijan investments in Turkey.

64. Explain economic importance of a new project - 'STAR' an oil refinery factory construction(Petkim).

65. Baku-Tbilisi –Kars railway. Investment and expected revenues.

66. SWOT analysis of Azerbaijan’s economy.

67.Explain the strengths from macroeconomic perspectives.

68.The strengths from sectorial and regional perspectives.

69. Describe non-economic strengths.

70. Explain the weaknesses in macroeconomic perspectives.

71. Weaknesses in sectorial and regional perspectives.

73. Threats: economic and non-economic.

74. Describe opportunities: economic and non-economic.

75. Azerbaijan Economy in international reports. (“The Global Competitiveness Report” , Doing business in Azerbaijan)

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