B is a drama sung with the accompaniment of an orchestra

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1-variant 10 chechked and corrected

A) were supposed to come

B) came to suppose

C) supposed to have come

D) supposed to come

E) were supposed to have come

7. It seems to me that they never gave a thought to probable future problems when the plans ............... five years ago.

A) they laid down

B) were not laid down

C) to be laid down

D) had been laid down

E) were being laid down

8. As far as I'm concerned, all he's good at .............. making up the most improbable excuses anyone has ever heard.

A) his

B) presently

C) is

D) he is

E) present

9. I'm simply surprised at your lack of authority over him. Why can't you ............... him eat his dinner?

A) persuade

B) ask

C) make

D) tell

E) force

10. Have you heard the great news, Ali? The man, ............... refused your proposal last year, has been arrested for embezzlement of government funds.

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