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Welcome and thank you for joining us tonight.
I'm ________________, and I'm a faculty member in the Human Services Department
More importantly, in terms of tonight, I am the Chapter Advisor for the ______________ of Tau Upsilon Alpha.
I would like to introduce you to some other members of the ________________Community.
(Introduce whoever is speaking as part of the ceremony


Tonight is a very special night because we are going to honor some

very special people. Each one of our honorees tonight has a dream that they believe in.

They are here because they have excelled academically.

Not only do they have beautiful dreams but each one has a beautiful heart. They are committed to the field of human services, and you will be hearing more about their commitment later in the ceremony.


In November 2006, the Board of Directors for the National Organization for Human Services approved the establishment of a national honor society, Tau Upsilon Alpha. In order to launch the society, volunteers formed an honor society advisory committee to develop bylaws and other basic components.
The team mirrored the breadth and diversity of human services because it included students, faculty, administrators, and practitioners. NOHS regions from across the country were represented.
Members created an honor society whose mission is- “to honor academic excellence; to foster life long learning, leadership and development; and to promote excellence in service to humanity.”

Human Services is a relatively new discipline made up of competent, hardworking, and committed individuals who strive for quality service delivery.

"Human services" is an extremely broad term. It encompasses many different ways of helping people, such as government programs like Headstart, nonprofit agencies like ________________, and private agencies such as ________________________. We believe that the best definition is a broad one—activities that focus on helping people in need live better lives. These activities can take many forms.

Seated here are people who want to become (insert future career titles and descriptions of populations someone may want to work with based on information provided in applications).

As you can tell, their specific goals differ. What does not differ is their commitment to helping others. Now, you will hear about their commitment in their own words.

(At this point, I use the students own words from the application to describe either future career or why they want to be in human services).

When inducted into TUA, each member receives a membership pin. The pin consists of the TUA logo which symbolizes the efforts of Human Service Professionals in their work to empower people through education and service.
The circle surrounding the figures in the center of the logo indicates the focus that Human Service professionals place on attending to the needs of the whole person and the communities in which that person interacts. The figures within the circle, in varying sizes and colors, indicate the work done with persons of all ages, abilities and ethnic groups.
Excellence in Service to Humanity is inscribed on the society banner to remind members that their membership in the organization is based on commitment to excellence in providing service to others as well as their academic achievement.
The dominating three colors used in the emblem were chosen because:

Royal Blue denotes intelligence, stability, and unity.

White symbolizes purity of thought and goodness.

Gold represents wisdom

The three Greek letters are an expression of the ideals of Human Services.

Tau meaning life,

Upsilon meaning foundation for everything that comes,

and Alpha meaning first.

Together these letters and colors indicate our desire to be all we can be as individuals and in our profession as human service workers in order to empower those we serve.

TUA endorses the code of ethics established for the Human Services field by the National Organization for Human Services. Members strive to exhibit the following ethical standards:

  1. Interact with clients as individuals with a focus on empowerment in a dignified, respectful, and compassionate manner.

  2. Ensure confidentiality and privacy.

  3. Recognize and respect multi-cultural beliefs, values, and traditions in order to give the client a sense of respect for his/her heritage and love for who he/she is.

  4. Promote self-reliance through client centeredness, by focusing on client resources and developing those resources through education and increasing self-awareness.

  5. Maintain a client-centered focus; ensure that clients are aware of their individual rights.

  6. Pursue continuing education and training in order to provide quality services to clients.


(Ask inductees to rise and repeat the pledge after me.)

As a member of Tau Upsilon Alpha National Human Services Honor Society, I do hereby solemnly promise to pursue academic excellence, to maintain high moral and ethical character and to provide excellence in service to humanity. Furthermore, I commit myself to follow the By-Laws of the Tau Upsilon Alpha Honor Society and the National Organization for Human Service’s Code of Ethics.
I proclaim you duly inducted into Tau Upsilon Alpha National Honor Society.

As I call your name, please come forward to receive your cord and pin.

Closing Remarks

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