Barter Fair Task Force

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Barter Fair Task Force

May 6, 2014

OCF Town Office

Meeting Minutes

Facilitator: Spirit Leatherwood and Colleen Bauman

Task Force Members Present: Spirit Leatherwood, Jon PIncus, Sue Theolass, Paxton Hoag, Amy Hand, Amanda Moore, Lucy Kingsley, Jefry Falkenstein (GoTO Meeting), Jirivil Wood (Phone)

Task Force Members Absent: Kirk Schultz, Catherine Clark

Guests: Charlie Ruff, General Manager; Robin Smith aka Sharklett, BUM; Synnovi Abrahmsen, WhiteBird volunteer

Introductions and Announcements

  • BFTF email receiving some exchange from Fair Family

  • two snail mail notices from Fair Family: Robin Cloak and Jo Autumn Brock would like to continue to participate in the BF

  • There are two interested people, a couple, in being the BF managers. They will be sending in letters of interest. They have been involved in Saturday market and one is a Crew Leader in Internal Security

Minute Approval for March and April 2014

Lucy Motions and Sue seconds that the minutes from April be approved by the BFTF.

7 yes; 0 oppose; 1 abstention

Sue Motions and Lucy seconds that the minutes from March be approved by the BFTF.

7 yes; 0 oppose; 1 abstention

Agenda Review, Amend, Approve

Some adjustments were made to the agenda to accommodate Charlie Ruff.

Board Liaison: Sue Theolass has nothing to report

Staff Reports

Charlie Ruff, General Manager: Not much to report since the last two months. Would like to discuss the SUP process as was presented to the BOD last night. Would like to see the BFTF start at 6 pm and not 7pm to ensure his participation. It is agreed that the meeting will begin at 6 pm to facilitate everyone’s involvement, including management.

Charlie’s opinion regarding having a sustainable, healthy and successful Barter Fair would be deal to have this event in the lot area; does not see the old school way of having the BF in the 8. It needs to be a variation of the old model.

The SUP will lay down the groundwork of where the BF will be located. Rural residential properties that the OCF owns, where camping takes place, could be a possibility for BF location. This could also be a slippery slope with Lane County giving camping permits on parcels purchased after the non conforming land use permits. The OCF wants to be in compliance with all governing regulations from the City, County and State.

Tom Lanfear and Charlie have been working on this SUP process for over three years and are re-envisioning the groundwork they had started with. They would like to get something approved by the county no later than September 2014. The idea is to present a base layer agreement for OCF land use that can be built upon as the foundation for the OCF long term goals.

The SUP has to consider many parts of the Fair that do not include OCF weekend: Culture Jam, Community Center and the hopes for a possible Second Event area.

Lane County grants the SUP after a lengthy process. LUBA can appeal land use decisions given by any county. LUBA is a statewide organization that rules on forest land use; which the Oregon Country Fair recently purchased private property zoned as Forest Land. So, even if we are granted the SUP, we must also consider the regulations and compliance with LUBA.

Our Lane County permit is a protected 3-day event within non-conforming land use permit. Requesting the SUP does not jeopardize our original land use permit. The only stipulation is that the Fair must continue every year.

Three factors must be considered when requesting the SUP from the Lane County:

  1. Time 2.) Zoning 3.) Regulation

The benefit to layering the OCF SUP permit is:

Better neighborhood feedback and opinions, presentation to County and Communities, timing

Where does the BF fit into the Sup process?

No expansion with a granted SUP means that the BF must fit within the footprint already available with the original land use permit. An SUP could bring back a Barter Fair on the greater landscape.

CR: We hope to have an answer for a new BF location by January 2015 at the latest w/ the hopes of the SUP passing. The BF location options may be broader with the SUP.

It is suggested that all BFTF members review locations on Monday after Fair of where BF may be located. Consider foot traffic, vehicles, services, etc… Paxton offers to use his time lapse cameras in key locations to monitor the flow on Monday.

BF Managers and Liaisons

CR: What is a BF liaison?

Spirit: The BF liaisons are task force members who can help facilitate a smooth transition when the new BF Managers are appointed. It was an idea to help create a smooth process and understanding of the BFTF; this position will eventually fade away, it is just an evolving role.

Spirit read the call out for BF Managers that was posted in the FFN news and online.

The BFTF would like to meet potential managers.

Discussion surrounds that all potential BF managers who put an application in for consideration should attend as many BFTF meetings as possible. Potential candidates should be screened by the BFTF so that the BFTF can make a recommendation to the BOD.

Charlie recommends that we: seek letters of interest, get the candidates ready nd have a Fall selection process

Discussion surrounded appropriate timing of selection process for the BF Managers and the BFTF Work Plan has a good timeline to follow for this process. It is agreed that we should choose wisely and take our time to select the best candidate for the BF Manager positions. A Meet & Greet is discussed so the BFTF can meet potential Managers to help bring them up to a level of awareness and ability to understand the scope the job. A deadline is discussed to receive candidate’s letters of interest and to continue advertising in the FFN and online for interested Fair Family to fill the BF Manager positions.

The BF Managers will have to work closely with Tony Clementi as Operations Manager. The BF Funds will come out of his budget.

We need to keep and encourage the advertising for the Barter Fair Managers position in the FFN and online through August with the new deadline included. We will request a box in the FFN as an announcement

It is agreed that we will follow the BFTF Work Plan outlined by Spirit


Lucy moves; Jon seconds Applications for the Barter Fair Managers letters of interest must be postmarked by August 18, 2014.

Unanimous vote passes motion

Flyer Distribution and Kiosk

Sub-group: Jirvil, Jefry and Paxton

Will have a flyer ready to review through the BFTF email by TF members to edit and review by the end of May. Paxton has a template already created and they will work together on this. A template will be mailed to Jirivil for her participation by snail mail.

The Flyer information may include: participation, feedback, contact information, call out for manager and deadline for application.

These flyers will be dropped off at info booth, quarter master and pre registration areas.

The Deadline for completion of the flyer is the first week of June to be available to folks when Main Camp opens.


Sub-group: Jon, Amanda, Spirit, Paxton, Jefry

Will have kiosk organization and kiosks built by the end of May. The kisoks will be in Main Camp and Registration and Sticker Booth. The kiosk may include: Contact Information; Link to Minutes; Postponement Notice from the BOD and NO BF in 2014 Signage; Enabling Motions; How to Get involved; the flyer; Call out for BF Managers and Deadline

Barer Fair Crew Possibility

Discussion surrounded creating a new crew to alleviate the stress of already exhausted crews to facilitate the Barter Fair to run smoothly. There has been resistance from operational crews regarding facilitating the Barter Fair on Monday. We need to consider what options are available to create a successful Barter Fair event within already existing crews or with the help of creating a new crew.

Sharklett: Will help facilitate a smooth transition for the Barter Fair. She and Mermaid will support the success of the BF as BUMs. Having BF Managers in place will be good because they can help facilitate smooth transition.

Lucy: There are many functions to operate with many stakeholders affected. These stakeholders need to be involved in the implementation process for the BF success. We could develop a set of people to carry out these functions, which will evolve over a couple of years, maybe transitioning into a crew. Borrowed folks to help transition from stakeholder crews will be important.

Amanda: Supports independent crew learning the process under mentorship from stakeholders. There are many teen crew graduates, fair family, and volunteers looking for placement within the Fair to participate. We could glean the expertise of the stakeholders and learn the ropes during a transition period while creating a new, functional crew whose primary focus is the BF on Monday.

Spirit suggests that Sharklett and Mermaid reach out to stakeholders now to let them know what to expect in the future with a Barter Fair in 2015. Open communication and feedback is necessary to implement now. It is critical to identify primary and secondary stakeholders.

Paxton suggests having liaisons from operational crews to work with the BF Managers to support a successful Barter Fair. The BF managers will help identify needs of the BF.

Work Plan Review

The Work Plan is reviewed and discussed with some additions and changes. The Work Plan can be readjusted in the Fall after BF Managers are selected.

Inactive Members

Discussion surrounded what to do about inactive members. Catherine Clark, aka Smilee, a BFTF member has only been present at two meetings. The BFTF members discussed how to manage adding folks to the BFTF who regularly participate as a voting member and how to regulate members who are not active from voting. Spirit has reached out to this BFTF member with some exchange. It is discussed that Sara Rich, aka Mermaid, send in a letter of interest to the BOD to be added as a voting BFTF member. The co-chairs will send a letter to Smilee to inform her of the conversation tonight. We would like her to very much be included in the discussion.

Homework Review

Kiosk Flyers and Information to be completed and reviewed by the BFTF end of May.

FFN ongoing announcement to be done ASAP seeking BF Managers with the new deadline for application.

Spirit: Send list of stakeholders to Mermaid and Sharklett; edit the Work Plan; Identify primary/secondary stakeholders; write a letter w/ Amy to Catherine regarding membership in the BFTF; Kiosk info

Jon: Build the Kiosks by end of May to have ready for positioning by opening of Main Camp; kiosk info

Paxton: Work with the Norma/FFN on creating a boxed announcement seeking BF Managers w/ new August Deadline ongoing until August FFN News; create flyer with subcommittee; send template via snail mail to Jirivl for subcommittee work; time lapse cameras on Monday set up; kiosk info

Sharklett and Mermaid: To send out stakeholder email requesting feedback and liaisons to support and implementation of the 2015 Barter Fair from affected crews (after 2014 OCF?)

Mermaid: Send in letter to be appointed as a voting BFTF member; work w/ Sharklett on creating smooth stakeholder relations;

Lucy: Bring New Business in September to the BOD for BF Manager appointment for the Barter Task Force

Sue: New Biz in September with Lucy to appoint BF Managers

Jefry: Get onto .net and FB pages the call out for letters of BF Manager interest with the new deadline; place a notice on the website and FB pages of where to locate Kiosks and get information; kiosk work; Flyer;

Amanda: Kiosk info

Jirivil: Flyer


Great job facilitating for first time Spirit; thank you; a lot done; great meeting; Would like Colleen to facilitate due to Spirits primary involvement in the BFTF; need a scribe; hard to facilitate a meeting and participate at same time; see you in the Fall

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