Basic jumper settings for ibm deskStar ata hard Drives

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Basic jumper settings for IBM DeskStar ATA Hard Drives

Thank you for purchasing your new ATA hard drive from Other World Computing! Please 

review these jumper settings prior to installing your new hard drive into your computer. 

You may want to review more detailed information about the installation process, or 

the location and configuration of your existing internal ATA drive before proceeding. 

Your manual that came with your computer can be of assistance in both of these 


A few notes about installing an ATA hard drive into your existing system:

Your existing drive is normally configured one of two ways, Master (single drive), or 

Cable Select. You will want to determine this before installing your new drive, the easiest 

way is to remove the existing drive from your system and visually inspect it’s hard drive 

jumpers. Most hard drives have a schematic either silk screened onto the case of the 

drive, or the schematic is on a label near the jumper pins. If you have difficulty locating 

this information, visit the hard drive manufacturer’s website.

If your existing hard drive is configured as “Master”, then set your new hard drive 

to “Slave”. If your existing drive is set for “Cable Select”, then set your new drive to 

“Cable Select” also. You can change the existing jumper settings on the original drive 

to suit your needs, but we recommend following these instructions first to verify proper 

operation of the new hard drive.

Installing jumpers on the new drive is a simple process, follow the schematic to 

configure your drive.

Please note the configuration of 

the internal ATA cable already 

installed in your existing system. 

If your internal cable is configured 

differently than pictured here, 

you may want to replace it before 

installing a new hard drive to 

achieve maximum performance.

For further assistance, visit our tech center at

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