Benign Tumors of the Female Reproductive Tract

Figure 13-11 Management of pelvic masses in premenarchal

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Benign Tumors of the Female Reproductive Tract - ppt download

Figure 13-11 Management of pelvic masses in premenarchal

and adolescent girls




Prepubertal Age Group - Diagnosis and Management


Close  observation  recommended  (discuss  risk  of  ovarian  torsion  with

the child's parents.)

Recurrence rates after cyst aspiration - 50%.

Attention:  long-term  e ects  on  endocrine  functioning,  future  fertility,

preservation of ovarian tissue

Premature  surgical  therapy  -  ovarian  and  tubal  adhesions  that  can

a ect future fertility.

Close observation is recommended, although there is a risk of ovarian

torsion that must be discussed with the child's parents.

Recurrence  rates  after  cyst  aspiration  (either  ultrasonographically

guided or with laparoscopy) may be as high as 50%.

Attention must be paid to long-term e ects on endocrine functioning

as well as future fertility; preservation of ovarian tissue is a priority for

patients with benign tumors.

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Premature surgical therapy for a functional ovarian mass can result in

ovarian and tubal adhesions that can a ect future fertility.



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