Book 1: Sans Pareil/Adelphi Theatres—Curtain Up: 1806-1899

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Sans Pareil/Adelphi Theatres
Curtain Up: 1806-1899

Indexes of editors, authors, titles, actors, actresses, composers, music, song, musicians, singers, dance, entertainment, spectacle, theatre management, back stage personnel, summary counts, bar charts of titles, genres, performers and bibliography.

The Adelphi Calendar Project 1806-1900

Alfred L. Nelson and Gilbert B. Cross, General Editors
Theodore J. Seward, Jr., Systems Analyst

The Adelphi Calendar Project 1806-1900
Alfred L. Nelson and Gilbert B. Cross, General Editors
Theodore J. Seward, Jr., Systems Analyst


Copyright © 1988, 1992, 2013 and 2016 by Alfred L. Nelson, Gilbert B. Cross, Joseph Donohue.

Originally published by Greenwood Press as The Sans Pareil Theatre 1806-1819, Adelphi Theatre 1819-1850: An Index to Authors, Titles, Performers, 1988, and The Adelphi Theatre 1850-1900: An Index to Authors, Titles, Performers and Management, 1992.



The Adelphi Theatre Calendar revised, reconstructed and amplified.  Copyright © 2016, by Alfred L. Nelson, Gilbert B. Cross, Joseph Donohue.  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License, with the exception of graphics from The Clip Art Book, edited by Gerard Quinn and published by Crescent in 1990.  These images are reproduced in accord with the publisher’s note, which states "The Clip Art Book is a new compilation of illustrations that are in the public domain.  The individual illustrations are copyright free and may be reproduced without permission or payment.  However, the selection of illustrations and their layout is the copyright of the publisher, so that one page or more may not be photocopied or reproduced without first contacting the publishers."


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Index to Books

Book 1:  Sans Pareil/Adelphi Theatres—Curtain Up:  1806-1899

Book 2:  Sans Pareil/Adelphi Theatres—Seasonal Digests:  1806-1899

Book 3:  Sans Pareil/Adelphi Theatres—Seasonal Summaries:  1806-1849

Book 4:  Adelphi Theatre—Seasonal Summaries:  1850-1899

Book 5:  Sans Pareil Theatre—Daily Calendars:  1806-1818

Book 6:  Adelphi Theatre—Daily Calendars:  1819-1829

Book 7:  Adelphi Theatre—Daily Calendars:  1830-1839

Book 8:  Adelphi Theatre—Daily Calendars:  1840-1849

Book 9:  Adelphi Theatre—Daily Calendars:  1850-1859

Book 10:  Adelphi Theatre—Daily Calendars:  1860-1869

Book 11:  Adelphi Theatre—Daily Calendars:  1870-1879

Book 12:  Adelphi Theatre—Daily Calendars:  1880-1889

Book 13:  Adelphi Theatre—Daily Calendars:  1890-1899

Book 14:  Sans Pareil/Adelphi Theatres—All-Inclusive Index:  1806-1899


Index to Books v

Contents vii

List of Illustrations xii

Book 1
General Introduction xiv

Dedicated to
Alfred L. Nelson 1

Dedicated to

Franklin D. Case 2

Introduction 3

Acknowledgments 3

Project: Editors 5

Contributing Editors 6

Symbols Used in the Calendar: Repositories and Publications 7

Abbreviations Used in the Calendar: Time and Duration of Production 8

Production Credits 10

Commentary on Performers 11

Source Designations 12

Contact the Senior Editors 14

Table of Special Abbreviations

(Alphabetical list) 15

Dramatic Genres and Their Abbreviations

(Alphabetized by genre) 17

Dramatic Genres and Their Abbreviations

(Alphabetized by abbreviations) 20

Authors and Titles 22

Authors and Titles: Introduction 22

Authors: Index 24

Authors and Titles: Index 30

Actors and Actresses 124

Actors and Actresses: Introduction 124

Actors and Actresses: Index 128

Composers, Music, and Song 172

Composers, Music, and Song: Introduction 172

Composers, Music, and Song: Index 174

Musicians and Singers 244

Musicians and Singers: Introduction 244

Musicians and Singers: Index 246

Dance, Entertainment, and Spectacles 252

Dance, Entertainment, and Spectacle: Introduction 252

Dance, Entertainment, and Spectacle: Name index 256

Dance, Entertainment, and Spectacle: Dance 264

Dance, Entertainment, and Spectacle: Entertainment 312

Dance, Entertainment, and Spectacle: Spectacle 337

Theatre Management and Back Stage Personnel 371

Theatre Management and Back Stage Personnel: Introduction 371

Theatre Management and Back Stage Personnel: Alphabetical Index by Name 373

Theatre Management and Back Stage Personnel: Alphabetical Index by Function 383

Acting managers 385

Acting managers (assistant) 385

Animal trainers 385

Armaments 385

Ballet masters and mistresses 385

Box bookkeepers 385

Business managers 385

Choreographers 385

Comic business arrangers 387

Directors of music 387

Furnishings 388

Gas engineers 388

House managers 388

House managers (summer seasons) 388

Lessees 388

Lighting technicians 388

Melodrama department 388

Melodrama music arrangers 388

Musical composers and arrangers 388

Orchestra conductors and leaders 389

Pantomime business directors 390

Printers 390

Producers 390

Prompters 390

Properties (scientific) 390

Property masters and mistresses 390

Proprietors 391

Refreshment providers 391

Scene designers 391

Scene painters 392

Scenery 393

Set decorators 393

Stage directors 393

Stage door keepers 394

Stage managers 395

Stage managers (assistant) 395

Stage mechanics 395

Treasurers 396

Trick and transformation arrangers 396

Wardrobe (designers and executors) 396

Wardrobe (wigs) 397

Summary Counts by Function 399

Bar Charts 1806-1900 404

Days Open per Season 406

Genre per Season 409

New Titles per Season 411

Performances per Season 413

Average Staff per Day per Season 415

Average Titles per Day per Season 417

Female Performers per Season 419

Male Performers per Season 421

Performers per Season 423

Titles per Season 425

Percent Female per Season 427

Percent Male per Season 429

Bibliography and Iconography 431

Bibliography and Iconography: Introduction 431

Books and Other Published Materials:  Addenda 433

Books and Other Published Materials 435

Journals and Ephemera 447

Iconography 449

Full Legal Code of License 454

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