Callout for Young Writers and Editors dubnium: a high-energy collision of writing for young writers & editors applications close: Monday 10 March 5pm

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Callout for Young Writers and Editors


Applications close: Monday 10 March 5pm.
SA Writers Centre [SAWC] re-established the young editors project, known as Dubnium.
In mid 2012, SAWC conducted an extensive survey with South Australian emerging writers. From this survey (which garnered over eighty responses) and the subsequent industry forum, we identified that young emerging writers are hungry for professional development and publication opportunities. SAWC is addressing these needs in a number of ways with our existing resources, including establishing a successful writer in residence project for emerging writers, and we are now looking to extend these opportunities with this Dubnium project proposal.
The Dubnium project (formerly known as the dB Young Writers Project) will bring together team of six young writers in the early stages of their career (aged 18 – 26) to develop their creative and professional skills as writers and editors. These six will form an editorial group to curate SA Young Writers Month on the SAWC blog during the middle of 2014.
While fully autonomous, the editorial group will be comprehensively supported by SAWC, including administrative and project management support. They will have access to SAWC’s online audience and membership base, be given an online platform to publish creative work, receive informal and formal mentoring and guidance from the previous Dubnium group, have access to office space to work, and be provided with assistance for promotions via social media and our electronic databases, and be given letters of support and reference for the group.
Crucially, as with the previous Dubnium alumni, the group’s relationship with SAWC will not end at the end of this project. They will continue to be supported in their careers, through presenting at festivals that SAWC partners with, hosting networking events, writing articles for Southern Write, and participating fully in our program.
We believe this project will have very significant outcomes for young writers in SA, at a relatively low cost. SAWC is will be contributing significant resources as testament to the importance we place on providing young writers with the opportunities to create, publish and promote new works, to build their professional practice, and develop their careers at a local, national and international level.
‘Right now, South Australia is the only Australian state without a literary journal. This means that Dubnium represents a huge opportunity to mark out what South Australian writing can look like in 2014. It means there's a chance to build Dubnium into something that punches well beyond its weight, because it's a publication that people are genuinely waiting for. Working on Dubnium in 2011 was incredible - it's a role places you immediately in the centre of what's happening within SA's literary community, gives you the ability to actually shape and develop that community... and you'll probably find the other eds aren't too terrible, either,’ Connor O’brien’s (from the previous project) said about Dubnium.

The original Dubnium group consisted of Connor O’Brien, Ben Mylius, Simon Collinson, Prerna Ashok, Emily Heidrich and Vanessa Jones. Each has gone on to have significant opportunities in the industry, which they attribute the Dubnium project as being a major stepping stone. Connor is now the co-director of the first ever Digital Writers Festival and runs his own digital publishing platform called Tomely. Ben Mylius was a recent recipient of a Monash Award and accepted into Yale. Emily Heidrich is a speech writer for the current Lord Mayor, Simon Collinson undertook an internship at a publishing house in New York last year and Vanessa Jones is the Marketing Manager for the SA Writers Centre.
‘A solid professional confidence was instilled in my through this project which has helped me go on to achieve some rewarding things. I have since began my own digital publishing company (Tomely) and am a digital publishing consultant to a major publishing house. I am also codirector of the Digital Writers Festival digital program.
It was an extremely useful and satisfying experience that feels integral to my future career success. It was also simply stimulating to read through the work of developing writers, and in the process of editing and offering feedback to reach that moment of understanding as to why something does or doesn’t work. It helped hone my inner critic and editor and writer.
I believe that the next phase of Dubnium is crucial to help nurture the new talent in the state and provide genuine career opportunities that are difficult to find elsewhere,’ said Connor O’Brien.
‘I have made some terrific industry contacts, from other members of the Dubnium group who I stay in regular contact with and are willing to support my writing and my career wherever necessary, to SAWC board members, successful authors and other arts industry personnel.
Since officially finishing the project – I say officially because we are still an unofficial collective that assist the emerging writer industry where we can – I have written reviews for ABR and recently undertaken an internship with a prominent publisher in New York.
The skills and knowledge that I developed during the project have really helped to fast track my writing career and put me in an excellent position for a successful future in publishing.
I sincerely enjoyed every moment of this project and I cannot emphasise enough what a terrific opportunity this would be for an emerging editor and writer to be part of. It is also an excellent avenue for young writers to have their work published and even get paid for it, which is getting harder to come by these days,’ said Simon Collinson.
"Dubnium was my first ever editing gig, and it really helped kick-start my career. I learnt so much about editing and writing, met a bunch of awesome people, published some very cool work, and generally had a great time. If you have any interest – at all – in editing, or know someone who does, I strongly recommend you check it out. It's great training for working in student media, street presses, indie magazines, and pretty much any other publication you could care to name."

Media enquiries:

Vanessa Jones

Marketing Manager

SA Writers Centre

8223 7662

This project is supported by Carclew.

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The SA Writers Centre is looking for six young professionals aged 18 – 26 in the early stages of their writing or editing careers.

If selected, you will become part of the Dubnium Young Editors Group, and will curate, edit and publish other young writers’ work. Publication will initially be online, but may develop into hard copy publication.

You will receive:

· training from professional writers and editors;

· mentorship from previous Dubnium alumni;
· a $500 honorarium;
· support from SA Writers Centre staff;
You will be expected to:

· attend regular meetings to select work for publication;

· develop and implement marketing strategies to promote the group;
· develop editorial and submission guidelines for publication;
· advertise for submissions;
· undertake the editorial and curatorial process;
· work with SAWC to secure partners for hard copy publication outcomes;
· provide written feedback to all contributors;
· create, deliver and participate in an end of project event for young writers;
· work collaboratively with team members;
The project is funded until the end of June 2014. However after that time, the group will be encouraged to continue its activities and find new sources of funding. SA Writers Centre will continue to provide support to the Dubnium group. You don’t need to have been published or have prior industry experience.

You do need:

  • a passion for writing; 

  • a desire to work in the literary industry;

  • the ability to learn on your feet;

If this sounds like you, send through your most engaging 250 word pitch to us, the names and contact details of two referees, plus a single page outlining any writing, editing or other relevant work experience (even if it’s your hobby, tell us about it). It’s helpful to include any relevant links such as your blog URL, LinkedIn, Twitter, website or Facebook page that belong to you. Links only.

Direct your applications or questions to

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