Champaigne is French drink. A a B the c an d

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1.Champaigne is ______ French drink.
A) a B) the C) an D) *
2. Oxford is ______ English university.
A) a B) an C) the D) *
3. A Mercedes is ______ German car.
A) a B) an C) the D) *’s _____ open-fire in the living room?
A) a B) some C) an D) any
5.. There are _____ big cupboards in the kitchen.
A) a B) some C) any D) *
6. Are there _____ trees and flowers in the garden?
A) a B) some C) any D) *
7. There’s _____ electric cooker.
A) an B) some C) any D) a
8. There are _____ good restaurants nearby.
A) a B) any C) some D) *
9. Upstairs there’s _____ big bathroom.
A) some B) a C) an D) any
10. Does the cottage have _____ dining room?
A) any B) an C) a D) some
11. The village of the Kingmore has _____ post office and _____ shop.
A) some / a B) some / any C) a / a D) an / a
12. Are there _____ good beaches near the cottage?
A) any B) some C) a D) the
13. “_____ there any cups?”
“Yes, ______ are.”
A) Are / there B) There / is C) This / is D) Is / this
14. “Is _____ a television?”
“Yes, there ____.”
A) this / are B) there / is C) this / is D) that / is
15. There _____ any flowers.
A) are B) is C) aren’t D) isn’t
16. It’s the best home _____ the world.
A) on B) in C) all D) at
17.There _____ an armchair.
A) any B) is C) are D) some
18. “_____ there any photos?”
“No, there _____.”
A) Are / aren’t B) Is / isn’t C) Is / aren’t D) Are/isn’t
19. There _____ magazines under the table.
A) is B) are C) some D) any
20. There _____ a post box in front of the chemist’s.
A) are B) is C) some D) any
21. How much are _____ glasses?
A) this B) they C) these D) tha
22Would you like _____ rice?
A) a B) some C) an D) any
23. Can I have _____ stamps, please?
A) a B) an C) some D) any
24. Can you give me _____ money?
A) some B) a C) any D) an
25. I usually have _____ biscuit and _____ cup of coffee at 11 a.m.
A) a/some B) some/some C) a/a D) a/any
26. He always has _____ egg for breakfast.
A) an B) a C) any D) the
27. Do you like _____ ?
A) cook B) cooking C) to cook D) cooked
28. “_____ you like some tea?”
“No, thanks.”
A) Does B) Do C) Would D) Are
29.. “_____ you _____ your teacher?”
“Yes, he is a good man.”
A) Would / like B) Do / like
C) Did / liked D) Are / like
30. Would you like _____ apple or _____ strawberries?
A) a / any B) an / some C) any / any D) a / some
31. Would you like _____ milk?
A) a B) some C) any D) an
32. Do you like _____ homework ?
A) making B) do C) doing D) does
33.A country is _____ than a city.
A) cheap B) cheaper C) cheapest D) more cheaper
34. A city is _____ than the country.
A) the most exciting B) exciting
C) more exciting D) excited
35. Your class is _____ than my class.
A) noisy B) noisiest C) noisier D) more noisy
36. Life in a country is _____ in a city.
A) slow B) slower than C) slower D) slowly
37. Brain’s car is _____ in our district.
A) fast B) faster C) the fastest D) more fast
38. Paris is _____ Madrid.
A) big than B) bigger C) bigger than D) biggest
39. Madrid is much _____.
A) cheap B) cheaper C) cheapest D) the cheapest
40. Why did you leave London? You had a _____ job.
A) better B) best C) gooder D) the best

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