Checklist for career school licensing

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Revised 5/10/2018 N.H. Department of Education

Division of Higher Education- Higher Education Commission

Office of Career School Licensing

101 Pleasant Street

Concord, N.H. 03301

(603) 271-6443 - Fax (603) 271-1953

Please note this renewal is hereby made to the Higher Education Commission for a license to conduct a private postsecondary career school under the provisions of RSA 188:G:1-10 and the N. H. Code of Administrative Rules Hedc 300, Office of Career School Licensing. Renewal application must be submitted at least 90 days before current license expires.

Schools General Information


Name of School:       Date:            

Address of School:      
Telephone Number:       Fax Number:      
Web Site:      
If applicable, accredited by:      
Type of Business: Profit:  Non-Profit:  Please provide 501 (c) 3
Date School was Founded:      

Administrative Information
Owner of School:       Owner’s Cell Phone Number:      
Owner’s E-Mail:           
Administrator of School:       Cell Phone Number:      
Administrator’s E-Mail:      

Student Information
Number of Students Enrolled Last Year:     
Enrollment that supports the financials submitted with your Renewal Application.      

Annual Gross TuitionGross tuition” means the TOTAL amount collected for tuition by the school during its most recently completed fiscal year. Please round up to the nearest dollar.
The amount of your school’s annual gross tuition is $      for the       Fiscal Year.     

The annual gross tuition times 0.0065 = $     

(A minimum of $650)
Please make check made payable to Treasurer, State of NH



  1. A statement of the institution’s purpose and mission;

  1. If applicable, a copy of the bylaws or other governing instrument; and

  1. A certificate of registration filed with the New Hampshire secretary of state.

If there are changes, include an updated organizational chart.

See form - Programs/Courses Offered

Please include a copy of the school’s enrollment agreement.

Hedc 304.05 FACULTY

  1. The school shall inform the office of career school licensing of a change of faculty along with a resume of qualifications and experience for each instructor.

Note: Please submit a list of all faculty and their roles within the school. If faculty is not previously approved, please submit an Instructor Personnel Form.

Please include required information listed below [See sample form Completion and Placement Statistics]

  1. A system which defines and measures the knowledge, skills and competencies students have acquired;

  1. In occupations requiring licensure, the number and percentage of graduates who successfully obtained such licensure;

  1. The number and percentage of students who complete or graduate from each program or course, or both; and

  1. The number and percentage of students who are working in jobs related to their training 60-90 days following completion or graduation.

Forward a hard copy, CD ROM, or USB flash drive list of student’s names, addresses and programs or courses enrolled in the previous year.

If outside library or other facilities are used, please include any written agreements for such arrangements.

Please include a copy of your floor plan, equipment, photocopies of inspection reports, certificates, or both, which show that the building is safe and sanitary, and meets all local city, county, municipal, state, and federal regulations, such as fire codes, building, hazardous materials and sanitation codes. If inspection reports, certificates, or both are not available, then a signed statement from the appropriate inspection agency shall be used in lieu of the report; and a photocopy of the lease for the space occupied, if not owned by the school.


  1. The school shall have financial resources sufficient to operate the school during the period of licensure as evidenced by annual financial statements, including operating statement and balance sheet, which details the financial condition of the school.

  1. Annual financial statements shall be prepared by school management and verified by a licensed accountant.

  1. A copy of the school’s most recent annual financial statement or owner’s federal income tax statement with all attachments shall be filed each year with the school’s licensure application.

Hedc 304.10 Insurance Carrier for Liability Insurance Coverage
(h) Insurance shall be carried to protect the school's financial interest. The amount of insurance shall be adequate to maintain the solvency of the school in case of loss by fire or other causes, and to protect it from instances of personal and public liability.
Contact Name:      

Pursuant to RSA 188-G:3, before a license is issued or renewed, a school shall submit a surety bond, an irrevocable letter of credit, or a term deposit of at least $10,000 which shall be signed, dated, and notarized by a surety bond agent and a school official. If applicable, evidence that the surety bond is of equal value to the previous school’s bond. The amount of the surety bond indemnification shall be determined by the documented indemnity tuition of the institution. You may select one of the following 3 options:
Surety Bond
RSA 188-G:3, I

I. A surety bond shall be provided by the school in an amount prescribed in this section. The obligation of the bond is that the school, its officers, agents, and employees shall faithfully perform the terms and conditions of contracts for tuition and other instructional fees entered into between the school and entity enrolling as students. The bond shall be issued by a company authorized to do business in the state of New Hampshire. The bond shall be issued in the name of the commission, and is to be used only for payment of a refund of tuition and instructional fees due to a student or potential student, and the expense of investigating and processing the claims.

II. The amount of such bond shall be based on income from tuition at 10 percent of gross tuition, with a $10,000 minimum. If a school licensed under RSA 188-G:2 should fail to provide the services required in a contract with any entity, as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction, the bond shall be forfeited, and the proceeds distributed by the director in such manner as justice and the circumstances require.
III. The bond company may not be relieved of liability on the bond unless it gives the school and the commission 90 days written notice of the company’s intent to cancel the bond. If at any time the company that issued the bond cancels or discontinues the coverage, the school’s license is revoked as a matter of law on the effective date of the cancellation or discontinuance of bond coverage, unless a replacement bond is obtained and provided to the commission.
Amount of bond (10% of gross annual tuition with a $10,000 minimum): $      
Name of Bonding Company:      
Address of Bonding Company:      
Irrevocable Letter of Credit
RSA 188-G:3, IV (a)

An irrevocable letter of credit, maintained for the licensing period as a minimum, issued by a financial institution authorized to do business in New Hampshire in an amount to be determined by the commission with the commission designated as the beneficiary. [See sample form Irrevocable Letter of Credit]

Term Deposit Account
RSA 188-G:3, IV (b)

A term deposit account held in the state treasury, payable to the commission, shall be held in trust for the benefit of students entitled thereto under this section. Said account shall be maintained for the licensing period as a minimum, in an amount determined by the commission. Any interest shall be paid annually to the appropriate school, unless the term deposit account is activated due to a school closing. Should the licensee for any reason, while not in default, discontinue operation, all moneys on deposit, including any interest, shall be released to the appropriate school subject to the approval of the commission.

Check should be made payable to: Treasurer, State of NH

Hedc 304.12 PUBLIC DISCLOSURE (CATALOG)Please submit current catalog

  1. Information shall be available in hard copy and electronically and shall include the following, as applicable:

  1. Statement of mission, ownership and control of the institution;

  1. List of officers, board, faculty, indicating program affiliation, and staff;

  1. Admission requirements, including any prerequisite training required for admission;

  1. Beginning and ending dates of each quarter, term, or semester, that includes add or drop dates, if applicable, and examination periods;

  1. Calendar of holidays and other important dates;

  1. Posting of instructor, location, and schedule of subjects being offered at the beginning of each quarter, semester or term;

  1. List and description of program, course, or both objectives, length, and curriculum offerings at each school location;

  1. Description of school’s grading system for necessary student outcomes;

  1. Withdrawal policy;

  1. Requirements for program, course, or both completion and graduation;

  1. Rates of student success, including rates of retention, graduation and other measures of success applicable to its institutional mission;

  1. Schedule of tuition, fees, and all other charges and expenses necessary for completion of the course of study;

  1. Cancellation and refund policies as defined by Hedc 307;

  1. Procedures and policies related to transfer of credit, including the statement, “limited transferability”;

  1. Where to file student complaints and where to seek redress; and

  1. Other material facts concerning the institution that are likely to affect the decision of the student to enroll therein.

Hedc 304.13 ETHICS

  1. Schools shall not falsely mislead the public as to its name, nature of business, facilities and equipment and shall not engage in fraudulent or deceitful marketing practices.

  1. A school or its representative shall not make unsubstantiated claims or guarantees regarding employment to prospective students.

I certify that all information provided is certified to be true and correct in content and policy and that I have read and understand the applicable RSA 188:G:1-10 and the N. H. Code of Administrative Rules Hedc 300, Office of Career School Licensing.

__________________________________            ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________      Applicant Signature Date

I certify that I understand my application will not be fully processed for renewal until the application package is complete.

_______________________________________ _________________________

Applicant Signature Date

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